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  • Apple Cries Itself a River Over iPhone Leak

    If you haven't already determined from the fallout from the 4th gen iPhone leak and subsequent legal fiasco, Apple is more than just angry about "Gizmodo-gate." Apple is also "injured" and still reeling from "huge" losses incurred from the iPhone debacle. As my MMI colleague Paul covered in great detail on Friday, a San Mateo judge has unsealed documents connected to the lost/stolen prototype iPhone. And apart from the case details chronicled in the documents, many noticed something else in the papers and discussed it widely across the blogosphere this weekend: Apple complains a lot.

    "Whine, whine, whine" is what some perceive Apple to be doing on a perpetual basis in the wake of the leak. In the documents, Apple uses strong language to assert how "immensely damaging" the fiasco proved to be for the company. A representative for Apple was quoted saying the following:

    "By publishing details about the phone and its features, sales of current Apple products are hurt wherein people that [sic] would have otherwise purchased a currently existing Apple product would wait for the next item to be released, thereby hurting overall sales and negatively effecting [sic] Apple's earnings."
    Hurt Apple's earnings? It's an argument that's difficult for some to swallow, particularly given the daily barrage of headlines in recent days about how the iPhone has steadily overtaken the great majority of its competitors and effectively squashed their chances of becoming the "iPhone killer." In fact, a great many industry analysts even argue that the scandal was "helpful" to Apple because of the awareness and hype it has generated in current and future iPhone models. And if you've read anything about Apple's earnings in recent quarters, does it look like Cupertino is poised to suffer any real damages to the runaway train that is Apple's revenue express?

    Strangely enough, of all the things Apple has done that could understandably rub people the wrong way, these "complaints" have apparently done more to annoy some Apple fans than just about anything else Cupertino has done lately.

    Even when it comes to the tech giants among us, nobody likes a whiner.
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    1. MPS3's Avatar
      MPS3 -
      i hate apple
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I like a whiner
    1. texan's Avatar
      texan -
      Just release the 4gen iphone, and see how fast they make their money back!! Stop whining and start mass producing!!
    1. verse's Avatar
      verse -
      they do cry alot for small things theyre rich stop crying
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      I think people who read tech blogs already were going to wait for the new iPhone. Most people have not heard about this leak and will go ahead and buy the current model.
    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      When is this story going to go away? Does anyone really care? Is this just being post because there is nothing to report?
    1. clarky8's Avatar
      clarky8 -
      I love the iPhone and will buy the 4g but I wish they would shut up about the lrak
    1. k.nitsua's Avatar
      k.nitsua -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      I think people who read tech blogs already were going to wait for the new iPhone. Most people have not heard about this leak and will go ahead and buy the current model.
      I know someone who was actually waiting for the iPhone HD... couldn't wait any longer... and just bought a 3Gs the other day, lol.

      Also, people I know how DON'T read tech blogs knew about the leak. It was weird hearing "Gizmodo" on Fox News early in the morning.

      What's next? ModMyi on CNN? Come on guys, let's get us some leaks!

      But yeah, you're right... a MAJORITY of people (who don't read tech blogs, or watch the news, aka the average american) don't know about the leak.

      Impatient or ignorant... Apple still gets revenue.
    1. RelentlessDan's Avatar
      RelentlessDan -
      nobody likes a whiner, but every man likes a moaner

      sorry, it had to be said.
    1. lexquiles's Avatar
      lexquiles -
      As to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger "Stop Whining"
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Can Apple for once just STFU??? Serves them right that the leak happened!! They've been ripping us off for these past years by releasing crap and leaving out the features we want the most, and each frigging time, touting their junk as 'the most advanced bulls**t!!!

      I hope they suffer immense loss by no one buying their existing crap iphones until the 4G is released...

      Oh crap...they'll just overprice the 4G in order to recoup their 'presummed loss'...and guess who foots the bill?? We the consumers...

      Apple should just do us all a favour and release the damn phone...my contract's already run out and I'm running out of patience with the waiting
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      Cant wait to see how Apples keynote goes. Will they act like nothing happened?
    1. jdm.accord's Avatar
      jdm.accord -
      Sorry, but Apple is right in their argument and its just good business. I don't think they need more money and I'm certainly not a fan of how they deliberately hold features from phones so they can give us "new" stuff a year later, but they do have a point. Any good company would have done this. I think its good business practice (for them, their shareholders, etc.) :shrugs:
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      So let me get this straight--Apple's upset because they couldn't screw over the last few 3G S buyers by revealing a new phone a month later?

      You know why I love this place? It's an Apple-centric community that isn't afraid to rip on Apple when it's perfectly appropriate.

      On a side note..."Gizmodo-gate?" Is that a Watergate reference?

    1. dalep's Avatar
      dalep -
      So you lurk on an Apple forum to say so... pillock
    1. Pitbull2o08's Avatar
      Pitbull2o08 -
      Even if it does hurt their profit this quarter, doesn't mean that the people not buying an iphone now won't buy it later, which will inevitably increase profit for next quarter. So the annual total profit would still be the same. am i right?
    1. darkrom's Avatar
      darkrom -
      I'm gunna be blunt because most people seem to shy away from saying this so instead of biting your tongue just press thanks if you agree to this.

      Apple's products are what they are and love them or hate them it's up to you. One thing is a fact. They as a business are a bunch of whiny *******. Steve jobs is an egomaniac who won't address the consumers and does everything according to "his visions". If Apple pulled its head out of its own *** for long enough to care what people want they would be a MUCH better company all around. Instead of keeping the iphone "the way steve envisions it" if they allowed themes maybe even 1% of the customer base would not jailbreak. Maybe if they allowed other simple things like backgrounding (which i use DAILY on ALL apps...once again not just the ones THEY want backgrounded) maybe another 1-2% of people wouldn't jailbreak. These 1% numbers add up. These are all people forced to jailbreak due to pathetic trivial restrictions. Now that you've FORCED us to jailbreak do you really find it shocking that people pirate apps? You brought it on yourself. You keep pushing people back and they will snap back like a rubber band in the other direction.

      Apple's products are not involved in this post. The point is as a company and as people in general they are nothing but ******* who can't stop crying about everything.

      I wish there was some way to show this exact post to Steve Jobs. Given a chance to talk to him directly I would gladly explain why his closed mindedness and fascist way of trying to monopolize all technology will eventually bite him in the ***. I don't care how many millions the company makes this year, Apple's business practices and closed minds ARE hurting the progression of technology.
    1. ewokcwalk's Avatar
      ewokcwalk -
      you should email him a link.. hah
    1. darkrom's Avatar
      darkrom -
      Quote Originally Posted by ewokcwalk View Post
      you should email him a link.. hah
      Someone else do it and I'll be glad to have a very thorough debate with him for the public to see.
    1. szfebje's Avatar
      szfebje -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      I think people who read tech blogs already were going to wait for the new iPhone. Most people have not heard about this leak and will go ahead and buy the current model.
      false, every single time that there was an iPhone 4th Gen leak, iPhone leak was the number 1 trending topic on yahoo, and i'm pretty sure that it's not because of people who frequently read tech blogs