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  • LePhone Prepared for Battle Against the iPhone in China

    It's been on the horizon for quite some time, but this month, Lenovo's sophisticated smartphone, LePhone, will officially begin to duke it out in China against the iPhone, which hasn't been on the market very long in the world's most populous nation. But according to Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo Group, "I am convinced that Lenovo's latest smartphone, LePhone, will be a success in the Chinese market."

    China Daily is hyping the Chinese arrival of LePhone as the smartphone that could truly blow the iPhone out of the water. Evidence given to support such suggestions includes the fact that many prominent service and content suppliers are showing strong support for the LePhone. Such supportive groups include Baidu Inc, Alibaba Group and Tencent Inc.

    The first generation LePhone is based on Google Inc's Android operating system and runs on the 3G standard used by China Unicom. China Daily says the device will be in stores beginning May 17th. Lenovo's chief says that his company is also developing "several" versions of LePhone - two of which will be for China's other 3G standards - CDMA2000 by China Telecom and TD-SCDMA by China Mobile. The other versions, however, won't be introduced for some time.

    In case you're wondering, the online order price for LePhone is $425 - or 2,899 yuan. The iPhone, though reduced in price in recent weeks, still runs a pretty penny in China - one of the major reasons why Apple's revolutionary smartphone is yet to resonate in the world's biggest mobile community as it has elsewhere.
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    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      Havent used anything post motorola droid myself. So i cant speak for the newer ones.

      But the droid sucked
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      Way to make an article about the LePhone not about the LePhone.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      That phone look nice and the name sound sexy. I hope that phone will make it to the US market.
    1. the french bum's Avatar
      the french bum -
      I'd rather get raped with voltrons blazing sword than use a phone running android.
    1. 2006yamahaR6's Avatar
      2006yamahaR6 -
      I was reading through the thread waiting for someone to call bull**** on all the incredibly accurate stats people are quoting right and left

      also I'd like to mention that I agree that "most" people dont know the difference between android and an iphone and are generally morons. Case in point> I was carryin around my friend's Nexus One and I put it down on a table was literally been asked this:

      "wow thats an interesting case for your iPhone - where did you get it?"

      so I told the guy I got it for free when I signed a 2 year contract with verizon and bought my iPhone from them

      with that said, i think the argument going on here over the better phone is fruitless because of one thing -> "better phone" is an extremely relative statement and its use differs from person to person. Personally, I use an iPhone, but i'll tell you what - the iPhone is a mediocre piece of hardware especially compared to a lot of phones being released today, but what makes it better than them in my eyes is the incredibly extensive support - through guys like the DevTeam, GeoHot, and everyone else who helped us circumvent Steve Job's controlfreak bull****

      Quote Originally Posted by dillonsmith9147 View Post
      Did you know that 73.5% of all statisitics are made up on the spot?
      Did you know that only the people who don't know squat about electronics are gonna be happy with the iphone, and im pretty sure a big majority of iphone users have them jailbroke so you know, iOS may have its perks but apple is on its demise if it doesnt start working to get the people back it only had before android was created.
      Also did you know you used the words "did you know" to many effin times.
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      Quote Originally Posted by the french bum View Post
      I'd rather get raped with voltrons blazing sword than use a phone running android.
      are you sure..LOL!!! that blazing sword is quite big!!!!

    1. thomax00's Avatar
      thomax00 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lolcats1 View Post
      Lephone > than the iphone. i've been looking at OS 4.0, and the more popular iphone hardware rumors.

      they just don't stand up to the droid incredible, and all these new waves android phones.

      did you know that android is number 2 in the smartphone population, and apple has dropped to third?

      RIP apple supremacy.

      Those are all good, and somewhat relevant stats. And it is good to see that with the monopolizing tendencies from Apple there is still some healthy competition from the Google, .... Lenovo.

      However, it is also obvious to me that your iPhone doesn't currently have a dual-boot, running Android with all the nitty gritty features that make the Android phone really serious contenders.

      You should look up PlanetBeing and see Android in action for yourself.
    1. the french bum's Avatar
      the french bum -
      You can't compare googles market share to Apples in a conventional way. Taking into account Apple has 1 model and there are countless phones running android.

      However, customer satisfaction with the phone (not the provider) is something different all together. I've never met anyone that had buyers remorse with an iPhone.

      On the flip side of that coin, I know many people who bought the Droid and hate the damn thing.
    1. headcheese's Avatar
      headcheese -
      MAXTOR- you know you can JB 3.1.3 now, right?

      :oints and luahgs::

      points and laughs even HA
    1. maxtor's Avatar
      maxtor -
      Quote Originally Posted by camperchuck View Post
      omg your stupid, you cant even speak english. STFU please.
      why do you think I am stupid ?
      just because I speak 2 other languages beside my mother's tongue?
      Can you speak any other language beside your mother's tongue?

      Quote Originally Posted by xtreme84 View Post
      looks like a case to house the phone that can be removed and used as a bluetooth keypad. Different

      sounds like you just dont know how to use the phone, firmware has nothing to do with you not being able to do anything with it
      are you sure ?

      Can you jailbreak and unlock my iphone with 3.1.3 firmware so I can use it with any other carrier?

      please do not make stupid comments because I know what I am talking even if I did not write good English.

      I said Iphone is good phone and have nothing against iphone but I am just angry on apple policy.

      Quote Originally Posted by eZStaR View Post
      Made up on the spot? Look up some of the facts if just wrote. Even check out some of my other posts explaining all this. And like i've mentioned like 299293 times in 2 other posts, #1 reason why people jailbreak is for free apps. #2 for customization/enhancing.
      Jailbreaking doesn't mean they made you jailbreak because the iPhone doesn't offer anything. If I was rich, I would buy every app and not jailbreak. I do not care much about customization because long term it ruins your battery. If the iPhone had the capability to customize springboard + icons. There would be no reason to jailbreak pretty much, but like i said above "If I were rich."

      Agreed, I bet he cannot even jailbreak his iPhone, not to mention downgrade his firmware. Don't even know if he has seen a iPhone/itouch's capabilities. He's probably one of those people who jump one one of those new Android bandwagons. "Oh Im going to be getting a Evo because it has best specs." "Oh I will too." Lol.
      No offense but I actually laughed at his post about him saying how he needs a phone that can do wifi/picture taking and all that stuff which the 3Gs can do perfectly. Plus im pretty sure he didn't read my post at all or any of the facts written. Oh well.
      I know what capabilities can offer iphone but only if is not jailed.
      I said I am mad just because my iphone is jailed and for me is like a piece of plastic toy that can not offer me any services.
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      You simply can't kill something that was done first by Apple. It just isn't possible in this day and age.
    1. camperchuck's Avatar
      camperchuck -
      your an enabler. that whats wrong with the world today. you can stfu too. im not your buddy guy.

      i aints tryin to gets baned from dis here website yall can PM me if yalls wants to knows how is reely feelin. bro

      sorry i contributed to the destruction of this topic. i shall stfu too.

      Quote Originally Posted by paganizonda83 View Post
      Considering that this is an INTERNATIONALLY known website, there is a good chance that English is not his first language. Good try buddy on the insult though, buddy

      By the way, try not to jump down other's throats about their improper use of the English language until you first master the words "you're" and "your".
    1. soderberg's Avatar
      soderberg -
      first Nexus One, now Lephone...who will be the next one?