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  • Report: Apple's AT&T Deal is Done

    A new report this morning has everyone talking about a suspected break in AT&T's five year exclusivity agreement with Apple. As a result, the prominent advertising firm Landor & Associates has reportedly been hired by Verizon to launch an ad campaign for the next gen iPhone.

    One of the primary reasons yours truly has opted to put forward this story is because, unlike most un-sourced rumors that seem to just appear from thin air to take root in the blogosphere, this particular story comes from our friends at CrunchGear, who have evidently gleaned their info from those within the advertising industry.

    It should be noted, however, that Landor & Associates has been doing business with Verizon since Apple reportedly began its exclusive agreement with AT&T in 2007. According to the report, the ad firm is now "hard at work preparing for the iPhone HD launch."

    So why the sudden (potential) shift to Verizon territory? Possibly because the iPhone is beginning to lose market share to its closest competitors and Apple sees the need to expand its coverage in order to remain the dominant force in smartphones. An NPD Group report shows that the iPhone has been bumped to third place by competing devices running Google's Android OS.

    John Biggs of CrunchGear maintains that this rumor "very nearly confirms a Verizon launch of the iPhone"... possibly as eary as late summer 2010.
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    1. elite_jounin's Avatar
      elite_jounin -
      Quote Originally Posted by plnkeye21 View Post
      So two days ago you run an article "did AT&T screw Verizon out of the iPhone?" that claims the deal is for 5 years from 2007. Now you're running an article that says Verizon is getting an iPhone this year. Honestly, dude make up your mind and stop confusing people. First off there's not a single fact in this article other than Verizon hiring an ad group. Second off, does this article mean your last article was garbage? You can't run an article two days later negating a previous article.

      And BTW other than giant iPhone stands at AT&T stores, I've never seen an AT&T ad that promotes the iPhone. All their commercials are Apple commercials.
      I have nothing more to say then...GOOD POINT
    1. chris4851's Avatar
      chris4851 -
      Verizon is goign to get the iPhone no doubt but NO ONE except the higer ups know this. Both companies will spread rumors so that they can maintain and gain new customers.

    1. GeoffreyS's Avatar
      GeoffreyS -
      Re..............tard.............ed!! I hated verizon when I had them! The iPhone BETTER be able to be unlocked to T-Mobile if this AT$T crap is going to end!

      Verizon is just rediculously expensive and their employees hate all their customers. T-mobile has comparable coverage (only I DON'T roam for half the frikken state like I did with verizon!) and they're WAAAAAY more affordable.

      What a waste.
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      How about you watch your tone or I can show you the door.
      Just stating my opinion.. I love this site and people like Paulie always seem to have great articles and interesting news, but it never fails.. every time I see an article with no real content and is either a repeat of something that's been said 100x or a complete rumor based on nothing, there's Messany's name. Not trying to be a jerk, just not sure why he feels the need to post these things.
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      The only thing I found worthwhile about this article was the image. Do you think the site could integrate a "chattering teeth" rumor mill rating system for articles based on how much or little factual information they contain? That way on the main page I can see for example 5/5 chattering teeth below the headline for articles such as this and know to just continue scrolling down the page?
    1. soderberg's Avatar
      soderberg -
      Quote Originally Posted by playeron87 View Post
      So verizon will sell iphone is just rumor