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  • Planetbeing: Android OS Now Running on the iPhone 3G

    David Wong, the "hobbyist hacker" much more widely recognized as "planetbeing," has posted a blog proclaiming Andoid's arrival on the iPhone 3G. Despite the admission that the port is "slightly more rough" than its predecessor (Android on first-generation iPhone port), Wong says this accomplishment is significant for no shortage of reasons, not the least of which is that it represents an "important milestone for the more DIY-minded owners of the millions of iPhone 3G devices that are out there."

    You can almost read the excitement in Wong's voice as he penned word that he has successfully made Google's Android OS run on the iPhone 3G, a feat that, without question, will engender more than a few ridiculously cool possibilities for the iPhone 3G - like using the Android OS to surf the web or exploring an entirely new world of apps. And while Wong praises the notion of "do-it-yourself," don't worry. You won't necessarily have to go it alone to make Android run on your iPhone 3G.

    you'll have your chance in a couple of days when the packaged binaries and instructions for the 3G are posted.
    In the midst of announcing the development, it was also noted that a host of tweaks were made to the first port. For example, the Wi-Fi driver "has been fleshed out with all the Android-specific extensions." Additionally, an Android icon has been slapped on the boot menu for easy access. And while audio support is yet to arrive, Wang assures his readers that this issue will be resolved next, as the "groundwork" has been laid. According to Wang, audio support on the 3G should be forthcoming in a matter of days.

    Indeed, the iPhone 3G is now running Android. To see Wong's video of the epic achievement, check out his blog.

    Image via planetbeing
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    1. xgus69's Avatar
      xgus69 -
      i cant freaking wait lol
    1. back9player's Avatar
      back9player -
      it's called having both on one damn phone... what's there not to get? for f sake.
    1. swehbe's Avatar
      swehbe -
      This is neat, Google staff can now buy iphones lol! can't wait to have it on my 3GS, just for the fun of installing it.
      Apple fanboys who hate Android should look at it in a different way, they have the first phone capable of dual booting 2 of the hottest mobile OS around!
    1. Markanthony3211's Avatar
      Markanthony3211 -
      This is great! I like diversity.
    1. dast1g's Avatar
      dast1g -
      Really can't see the point in this
    1. zeeque's Avatar
      zeeque -
      well the question is will android os can unlock the iphone locked to specific carriers?
    1. extremzocker's Avatar
      extremzocker -
      can this talk to the baseband and make calls etc?
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Oh sweeet! I knew this was coming...This is music to my ears...!
      Planetbeing is the man!!!!
      Hope the 4G is next
      and that would mean true freedom
    1. ikesmasher's Avatar
      ikesmasher -
      hopefully, ipod touch will come sometime in the future. but great job planetbeing!
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sakyr View Post
      Its not about wanting Android more than the iPhone its all about dual booting and fonctionality. Same reason I dual boot Mac OS X and Windows on my PC, they both have app or fonctionality i need.

      So same thing goes for Android on iPhone why buy a second device when I can run both on the same and enjoy apps and software from both without having 2 devices.

      About your Android never running perfectly. i remember hearing the same for Mac on pc a few years back and now its running perfect a most systems.

      Im not saying Android on iPhone is gonna be perfect in a few days, but in a few months to a year probably yes. Gotta have faith im the devs working hard on these kind of project.
      BRAVO BRAVO took the words right outta my mouth. Exactly what i was thing because i Dual boot windows and mac osx! And i have parallels which is what i use most of the time because i can just use my 4 finger multitouch swipe to switch between OS's.
    1. leonpeeon's Avatar
      leonpeeon -
      Quote Originally Posted by paganizonda83 View Post
      Could you please list your key points as to why the iPhone and it's OS is so superior to the "rip-off" Android phones and their OS?

      I don't see the logic people like you appear to use. Just because Apple was the first to capitalize on a minimalistic touch-screen design, that means nobody else should be aple to offer similar products for fear of being labeled as rip-offs? Should they put 20 pointless and unnecessary buttons around the screen and the sides so as to make it appear even more different than the iPhone?

      As far as the OS goes, I admire your wholehearted support of an OS that you feel is so great that you went as far as to jailbreak your ipod touch.
      I agree.
      As I like to say, Apple showed everyone how it should be done, back with the 1st gen iPhone. But since then, others learned and started doing it better.
      I have an iPhone, love it, and going to replace it.

      Oh, and to that other guy.... calm down, fanboy. Well, you asked for it.
    1. Zehlek's Avatar
      Zehlek -
      I hope they make it for 3GS
    1. boxxa's Avatar
      boxxa -

      Not only is this awesome to have android running on the iPhone but they also made it so you can dual boot. Way to go and can not wait to see this release. Still got a ways to go but really impressive how far they are.
    1. JA.3's Avatar
      JA.3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lv_vl View Post
      Reminds me of "running Mac on PC" type of hack. Yes, it sounds and looks cool, but not that usable on a daily basis.
      I use my Mac on PC on a daily basis without a single problem. It runs so well, that I removed the Windows partition.
    1. dazzastark's Avatar
      dazzastark -
      Next stop: 3GS

      Can't wait!!
    1. techrider62's Avatar
      techrider62 -
      Android 2.1 rules!
    1. garbs's Avatar
      garbs -
      Am I the only one that wishes he ported webOS instead?
    1. youngunn's Avatar
      youngunn -
      Quote Originally Posted by garbs View Post
      Am I the only one that wishes he ported webOS instead?
      thatd be a feat.
    1. garbs's Avatar
      garbs -
      I'd think it'd be even easier than Android simply because it's so strongly based on linux, not to mention the fact that the hardware in the Pre is very similar to the iPhone's.
    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      Quote Originally Posted by lv_vl View Post
      I don't get it. Why not get Android phone at the first place?

      Reminds me of "running Mac on PC" type of hack. Yes, it sounds and looks cool, but not that usable on a daily basis.

      Exactly. Anybody wants to elaborate?
      Just like when the iphone first came out guys.....don't act like you didn't pay .99 for the Zippo lighter app to show your friends how your phone has a lighter app......same difference just to show off and make a cool point. You know you're going to be trying it, so don't lay back and bash someone that thinks outside the box. I have friends that love the look and processing power of a mac but still have windows dual-loaded on their iMacs....if it runs clean then why not have some fun with it? Think about the youtube videos you can make now mimicking the droid commercial but with an iphone in hand....i love it!