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  • Nearly One-Third Of All First Generation iPhones Remain in Use

    The first generation iPhone seems so "yesterday," doesn't it? To some smartphone users among us, however, yesterday's biggest thing is still working just fine today. That's according to the findings from Admob, which suggest that nearly one-third of all first generation iPhones are still alive and well this very moment.

    While that number sounds substantial, it must be viewed in perspective of the entire mobile phone landscape. In this regard, only 2% of all iPhone OS handsets operational today are first-gen iPhones. Nonetheless, that figure translates to about 30% of the better than 6 million iPhones sold during the smartphone's first full year of release, beginning in June 2007.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's roughly 2 million "old-school" iPhones. On CNNMoney, Fortune Brainstorm Tech's Philip Elmer-DeWitt added: "If 7% of those iPhone 1Gs are driving 2% of AdMob's traffic, that suggests that nearly one in three is still ticking and visiting the Web."

    While its fun to reflect on the data still being cranked out in reference to the earliest iPhone model, it's important to keep in mind the most pertinent information gleaned from AdMob's monthly report. According to AdMob's findings, the iPhone 3GS has emerged as "the dominant device among iPhones and iPod Touches." The iPhone 3GS is responsible for generating nearly 40% of all its network's traffic last month. That represents a 30% jump since just last September.

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    1. slbenficaboy's Avatar
      slbenficaboy -
      To think that 2% is that many people....
    1. WTFDANG <3's Avatar
      WTFDANG <3 -
      Yeah I just read this off of yahoo. Kind of weird that people actually haven't upgraded
    1. iphowned's Avatar
      iphowned -
      I haven't upgraded =/
    1. jdyates's Avatar
      jdyates -
      iPod Touch 2G's in second place? w00t!
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      yep!!! 2g user here.....waiting for 4g iphone that is if it can be jailbroken otherwise I'll stick with my good'ol 2g iphone.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      I'm sure a lot of these are on T-Mobile. These customers have no reason to upgrade since they will only get Edge anyways.
    1. rickybobby's Avatar
      rickybobby -
      I just cant wait for the new iphone i didnt really like the first iphone. My 3g is still my baby but cant wait for more speed from the new one,my upgrade has been ready for two months.
    1. Fall3N iZ DoWn's Avatar
      Fall3N iZ DoWn -
      I upgraded...but in a completely different way. After the battery stopped working I bought a zune. I don't know about other people but I refused to upgrade until apple did an upgrade that was actually good, not something half assed that should have already been on the 1st gen.
    1. britcan's Avatar
      britcan -
      Im still using 2g. Why upgrade to 3g
    1. Clem-Clone's Avatar
      Clem-Clone -
      Quote Originally Posted by WTFDANG <3 View Post
      Yeah I just read this off of yahoo. Kind of weird that people actually haven't upgraded
      I upgraded to the 3Gs, gave my 3G to the wife, who then took the SIM out of her 1G, and gave it to my daughter, who upgraded from the lousy LG.
      Now the daughter is the envy of her crowd.
      Upgrades for all.
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      Yes, because why would you pay all that money and use the iPod Touch? Its like buying a BMW without leather seats! Why not spend just a pinch more (less if you are upgrading) and get an iPod + Phone?

      And it is reasonable that a substantial amount of the 2G iPhones are still out there - the users are comprised of those that use the phone as just a phone, those that bought old 2G's from those of us that upgraded, those that are not yet up for an upgrade, or those that just don't have the money to get a new expensive phone.

      With a little know how... you can sell your old phone, upgrade with AT&T, and get the newest iPhone and actually have money left over! Thats what I did!

    1. jordan04's Avatar
      jordan04 -
      I still use my iPhone 2G as a regular phone but I've dead pixels and scratches :-/
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      I want to know how much traffic is from unknown iPhone's searching the web
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Quote Originally Posted by WTFDANG <3 View Post
      Yeah I just read this off of yahoo. Kind of weird that people actually haven't upgraded
      My friend has an iPhone 2G. And he's upgrading this summer to the iPhone HD. For $200. Not $600.
    1. Slocko's Avatar
      Slocko -
      2G is still an awesome phone. It's slow but that is relative.
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      Yeah, I've never understood why people slag the 2G. It's better made than the 3G, has a more powerful wifi antenna, and is easily modded. In the vast parts of the world (and even the US) that don't have a 3G network, it is a better phone than the 3G. I skipped the 3G and upgraded from 2G to 3GS, which in my view was a much more worthwhile upgrade. Now, while my 3GS awaits the new jailbreak, I am back using my old 2G. It's like an old friend-- I cut my JB teeth on it, and it is modded in just about every way possible--truly customized just as I would like it. I'll probably always keep as a testing platform.
    1. micha224's Avatar
      micha224 -
      I still use my iTouch 1g. everything game runs on it so i don't gonna upgrade
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      So what happened with the rest of the phones? I know many have irreparable problems, but most people tend to sell/give away their iPhones. I don't think anyone in their right mind would just put it in the trash after upgrading. Which leads me to believe these statistics are way off. I mean 2%? These forums still has plenty of 2G users and I'm sure it's more than that.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Proud owner of 2G original iPhone and feel the 3G was a curved plastic outcry for a cheap iPhone.
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      I'm currently trying to get my old one working for my dad (jailbroken and unlocked for a long time), but it was on the 2.2 firmware. I did the reset/wipe the phone completely on it and now it isn't recognized in iTunes on any computer I've tried. It was working and making calls before that, and was charging though really slowly. Now it won't charge and after putting in DFU won't boot/restart/show the iTunes connection anymore. So if I can get it to work somehow there will be one more running around in the wild!