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  • Nearly One-Third Of All First Generation iPhones Remain in Use

    The first generation iPhone seems so "yesterday," doesn't it? To some smartphone users among us, however, yesterday's biggest thing is still working just fine today. That's according to the findings from Admob, which suggest that nearly one-third of all first generation iPhones are still alive and well this very moment.

    While that number sounds substantial, it must be viewed in perspective of the entire mobile phone landscape. In this regard, only 2% of all iPhone OS handsets operational today are first-gen iPhones. Nonetheless, that figure translates to about 30% of the better than 6 million iPhones sold during the smartphone's first full year of release, beginning in June 2007.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's roughly 2 million "old-school" iPhones. On CNNMoney, Fortune Brainstorm Tech's Philip Elmer-DeWitt added: "If 7% of those iPhone 1Gs are driving 2% of AdMob's traffic, that suggests that nearly one in three is still ticking and visiting the Web."

    While its fun to reflect on the data still being cranked out in reference to the earliest iPhone model, it's important to keep in mind the most pertinent information gleaned from AdMob's monthly report. According to AdMob's findings, the iPhone 3GS has emerged as "the dominant device among iPhones and iPod Touches." The iPhone 3GS is responsible for generating nearly 40% of all its network's traffic last month. That represents a 30% jump since just last September.

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    1. Hayesimus's Avatar
      Hayesimus -
      I still have my original iPhone. I see people calling them 2Gs but I was told they are actually 2.5G :P

      I never wanted to upgrade because the newer ones look gross. Wider and thicker in the middle does not mean better in my book. Slimmer and streamlined is. Which is what I'm hoping to get from the next iPhone... Please let it be smaller packaging with the same sized or larger screen!

      The bulge on the back of the 3G(s) really looks dumb to me...
    1. farpoint's Avatar
      farpoint -
      some reasons for me:

      1.) I don't want a plastic phone
      2.) I like jailbreaking
      3.) I want to choose my carrier
    1. rehtaehy73's Avatar
      rehtaehy73 -
      Still have two original iPhones in this family. Agreed with everyone about the plastic 3G and 3GS, i think it's made cheap. I like the heftiness of my original 2g. Looks like the new 4g will be a good trade up. We also use tmobile so I'm counting on the dev team to jailbreak/unlock the new 4g! Love my iPhone.
    1. SquareWheel's Avatar
      SquareWheel -
      I'm in the 1st gen iPod Touch percentage.