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  • Android on the iPhone 3G - Progress Report

    planetbeing recently let us know he had Android dual booting on the iPhone 2G (the original). He has now posted a picture showing progress on the 3G. The image shows an iPhone 3G booting into a BusyBox / Buildroot shell, and shows WiFi working.

    BusyBox is a tiny binary which combines small optimized versions of many common UNIX utilities into one package, which let's the developer interact with the device without having a full GUI environment operating.

    He's able to talk to the baseband, although only through the debugging channel at the moment. This means calls can be made.

    The to-do list is small now:
    I'd still like to get the WM8991 codec working for it in openiboot (shouldn't be much trouble since there's a datasheet), just so we can iron out any quirks before testing it inside the kernel. We also need a new multi-touch driver (they've upgraded from Zephyr to Zephyr2). After that, we'll have a working port of Android.
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    1. UnknownToaster's Avatar
      UnknownToaster -
      Whether you like Android or not, you have to admit, this is a very neat project. Its not another HOW MANY ICONS CAN I HAVE ON 1 DOCK tweak. This is a lot bigger. This is the start of something great. Who knows what can come of this.

      Besides, there wouldn't be a jailbroken community if we weren't restricted by Apple. By booting Android, our restrictions are loosened. I have never tried Android but it interests me a lot. I would love to run it on my ipod. Unfortunatelty I only have an iTouch 1g and I don't know how interested they are in porting android to it. Especially because of the lack of buttons but of course for a guy who did all this I'm sure he could find a better way like an inline menu or something. I'd love to have Android on my iTouch because of the sheer amount of win this is, because of the clear possibilities it gives us, and just the ability to have something else for a change. I would love to have it but I probably won't get it but I'm willing to live with that.
    1. dellandc's Avatar
      dellandc -
      COME ON
    1. UnknownToaster's Avatar
      UnknownToaster -
      Planetbeing is done with multitouch.
      You can quit crying now.
    1. mitchell209's Avatar
      mitchell209 -
      Looking great so far. I always did like planetbeing.

      Hoping somebody will be able to get Android functioning on the 3GS. Once that happens, I will once again love my iPhone.
    1. stryker10's Avatar
      stryker10 -
      "I'd pay to see a video of someone bringing an iPhone running Android into an Apple store and asking for help."
      lmao!me too, I would Totaly do That Except I am Friends with some of the apple employess lamo I would Be like Umm Its been acting weird latley.After I left It in a bar last Night.Oh yeah I also Forgot to mention That I Sal Grey powell too And he was Highly Wasted. Ha ha I think it would Be halirous TO do That."umm IS it still under warinti"?