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  • Police Raid Gizmodo Editor Jason Chenís Home

    Apple takes its leaks very seriously.

    Just ask Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen. From the sound of it, authorities did everything but send a SWAT team flying in through Chen's living room windows as the consequences of Gizmodo's controversial acquisition of the new iPhone continue to amass.

    According to court documents obtained and published online, a search and seizure warrant was issued for Chen's residence. As a result, Chen's pad was raided by California's Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team. Four of Chen's computers and two servers were taken into custody. In all, some two dozen pieces of electronic equipment - like hard drives, digital cameras, 4 laptops... etc. - were taken. Chen's own account of the ordeal reveals that police had "broken down" his front door. Upon returning, Chen was also searched by police himself - you know, just in case, Chen had another stolen - I mean "lost" - iPhone on his person.

    Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker Media LLC, says the search warrant was invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code. Darbyshire is playing a language game with the law and suggesting that a reporter's "notes, outtakes, photographs, tapes or other data of whatever sort" cannot be subjected to a police search and seizure.

    Chen, who was not home at the time of the authorities arrival, returned to his residence just as officials were cataloging the goods taken from Chen's residence. California law holds that a search warrant can be served between 7am and 10pm.

    The real question now is whether Chen will be afforded the same legal protections reserved for journalists. Bloggers, after all, may be treated differently in the eyes of the law, which would then make the confiscation of Chen's computers and servers legal by search warrant. Chen, after all, works fulltime for Gawker Media, but he does so from home.

    Who knew that coughing up $5000 for a lost iPhone at a local bar would lead to so much trouble?

    It should be noted, however, that despite erroneous reports elsewhere, Chen was not arrested and taken to prison. In other words, Mr. Chen isn't in need of a "jailbreak."
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    1. Caligula's Avatar
      Caligula -
      Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
      what the fudge i cant believe there doing all this there acting like he has a vault full of other apple missing devices. i would sue the hell out of them and steve jobs after all of this. they got their phone back prior to him sicking the cops on Jason thats foul. I can see if he refused to give them back there stuff but hell he contacted them asking them if it was theres and if they wanted it back. Apple is being douchebags as usual
      I know this is the Internet, but man, learn how to use there, their and they're.
    1. Waleed786's Avatar
      Waleed786 -
      Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
      Is this the douche that showed the iPhone 4G?
      I don't like him, ruined the surprise for everyone and the fact that he didn't tell the hardware specs
      he's a douchebag because he spent $5000.00 to go and show us the iphone 4g? What kind of surprise are you looking for? It's not a surprise birthday party..it's a phone. And it's not like he shoved the iphone into your face, if you didn't want to see it you didn't have to click the link to the news. You voluntarily decided to see the pics.

      Also, its not like the hardware specs are engraved on the back of the iphone, how the heck was he suppose to know it?? He couldn't even get into the phone itself.

      And I agree, apple took it too far...but not far enough for me to boycott iphones
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Okay maybe i missed something did they say if they actually got the iPhone back

      Also is it really a total lost of $5000, dont you get some money once you get a certain amount of hits on youtube?
    1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
      1shuttle1 -
      This really goes to show how money can buy anything. The police are obviously for sale. Not to mention that this will put them in the news. Or maybe a district attorney or judge signing the warrant for some good old fashion face time on the local news. What a bunch of losers all fueled by the chance they might get on national news for this.

      So much stinks about this. I now refuse to buy Apple first gen products because of how much they purposely leave out to get you to buy another a year later. Now I may never buy another product period. How anyone can condone this is beyond me. This action is meant to send out a message to anyone who does not play by crAPPLE's rules. F*ck Steve Jobs. And buy some new clothes, your I'm just one of the people look doesn't work when you send in the police after someone. You are corporate America at its worse. So put a suit on ahole.

      Pissed off Apple product user.
    1. JonnyBoy333's Avatar
      JonnyBoy333 -
      Too far Mr. Jobs. I could see a lawsuit for the protection of intellectual property but a full on house raid... for what..to take back the information that is now available to everyone with a computer around the world?!...silliness..
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      What I want to know is how we got to the point where a big corporation is allowed to supercede the law because they're pissed off? This article makes it sound like there might be some legal precedence for what happened but under California law bloggers seem to be covered under 1524(g) as stipulated by O'Grady v Superior Court. This illegal search and seizure would have never happened if we stop allowing giant companies to control our laws and our well being. It seems once you make enough money in the United States, you can decide what is law. it's not right regardless of what anybody thinks about Jason Chen
    1. PM5K's Avatar
      PM5K -
      Actually you do get money for having hits on YouTube.

      I can't believe anyone still think this was a publicity stunt, if it was it's a BAD-PUBLICITY stunt because that's what they are getting.

      I can only hope the authorities are trying to track down the guy that sold the phone, he's the one that without a doubt committed a crime.
    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      I hope Chen will sue Apple for losses.
    1. Luppin's Avatar
      Luppin -
      And here I was thinking that Microsoft was the big bad evil monopolistic corporation. This is complete and total lunacy, how the **** (pardon my french) does having an iPhone that literally has NO MSRP warrant a ******* raid on someone's home? If I was building a super secret prototype of my own and one my partners got drunk and left it at a bar, I doubt the police would jump at the chance to break down someone's door about it, especially AFTER it was returned. This is really way too far, I'm glad that I've never bought an Apple product besides my 3G and 3GS and definitely do not plan on buying anymore. **** off Apple, you're bunch of hypocritical douche-bags, so much for your 1984 ad.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Give me that iPhone. I can let you hide out at my house.
    1. JA.3's Avatar
      JA.3 -
      Am I the only one who doesn't see anything wrong with this?

      He bought a stolen/lost iPhone for $5,000. Grand Larceny anyone?
    1. carlos916's Avatar
      carlos916 -
      wut a bunch of BS.. i hope he sues them back for raping his house!.. fukn cork suckrs!
    1. nave3d's Avatar
      nave3d -
      So... Looks like im getting the HTC HD3 in november then.. If the leaked specs are real.
    1. ro0oney's Avatar
      ro0oney -
      they described what he did as a felony?
      noway, apple went far this time.
    1. domeyeahaight's Avatar
      domeyeahaight -
      Chen/Gizmodo pulled a dirty *** move by revealing that to everyone. It is unethical. Like a little kid who was told a secret they ran and told the world.

      You think apple does not have 100930294 of patents and legal **** surrounding their intellectual properties? They are not superseding the law, just exercising rights granted. Sure they could have fired the dude who "lost" the phone. They did not exercise that right though.

      Chen revealed apples beautiful secret to the world. That is a huge douche move. F apple??!? NO. F Gizmodo bros. F Chen he deserved it. Play dirty.

      Hopefully they delete all information related to the iphone 4g from his equipment. That should at least be done.
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      shakes head in disbelief, OMG, amazing.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -

      He gets like this every time he gets any power. He was fired the first time for screwing up the company. History is about to repeat itself.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post

      He gets like this every time he gets any power. He was fired the first time for screwing up the company. History is about to repeat itself.
      So that would mean Apple will go to the point of falling off the earth then buy SJ's next company to save it again with the help of Microsoft's money?
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      he should have put a mask on and revealed it or blurred his face, he kinda ask for it ya know!! why put your face out there he could have still revealed it.
    1. Riviera's Avatar
      Riviera -
      Quote Originally Posted by ddonuts4 View Post
      isnt that actually illegal?
      I guess it is legal. It's a court order.