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  • Opera Mini Approved for App Store; Already Available in Some Countries

    Many of us never thought we'd see the day when a third-party web browser would hit the App Store, especially considering Apple's previous app rejections due to "duplicating functionality" already on the phone. However, Apple finally approved the app today, and it already seems to be hitting UK App Stores and should be in the US store in a matter of hours.

    The Opera Mini browser for iPhone has been anticipated for quite a while now, and for good reason: in terms of speed, Opera is the clear-cut winner. When you request a site with Opera on your phone, Opera's very own servers get the request to go to the site, download it, compress it, then send it to your iPhone, both lessening the bandwidth used as well as making the loading of the site much (up to 5x!) quicker. However, the browser does not ship with some well-known Apple-established flourishes, like pinch-to-zoom, and it also appears that Opera hand-coded their very own UI view, as there is no rubberbanding, and the scroll bar on the side acts a little differently. Also, you may notice iPhone-formatted (mobile) sites rendering slightly differently than they should, but considering it is only day 1, some of these things are bound to be worked out.

    Maybe someday we'll see a MobileSubstrate extension to set Opera as the default web browser!

    UPDATE: It's in the US store now, go grab it.
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    1. QWood13's Avatar
      QWood13 -
      Opera for iPhone is AWESOME I love how you needn't double tap to zoom in this time
    1. blind56's Avatar
      blind56 -
      Anyone else having trouble trying to change the web sites featured in Speed Dial?
      I'll hold onto a site (eg. CNN) and the proper menu will come up, with the options of Clear and Edit(or something similar), but as soon as I move my finger to try to access the menu, it dissapears. And if I try to use a second finger to try to use the menu, it doesn't respond.

      Overall though, I find it really fast and pretty responsive, the compression helps a ton, especially on the iPhone. Still a couple bugs to work out, and hopefully a ton of Cydia mods to help make this a better browser, at least, until Firefox Mobile comes out.
    1. holdemdogg's Avatar
      holdemdogg -
      I used this in windows mobile for years. Just downloaded to my 3gs and its fast as hell!!!!!
    1. remag49's Avatar
      remag49 -
      already lovin' it
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      doesn't work at school for me because they block proxies. Too bad because the wifi there is dang slow!
    1. leo94's Avatar
      leo94 -
      I love the design and how fast it is!!! BUT im affraid to login on facebook or email as it sends this information to opera servers...hope firefox is gonna be at apple store...
    1. vekkth's Avatar
      vekkth -
      amazing browser, very fast, not perfect with rendering but who needs ideal rendering when you are on the run.

      would also request JB to make it default browser, copy/pasting links from mail is not fun.