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  • iChat Features Hidden Within iPhone OS 4.0

    Numerous sources are now confirming that there are some hidden iChat features and commands found inside of iPhone OS 4.0 that could be a clear sign that we may see a iPhone/iPod iChat app from Apple.

    By watching some of the processes running on the new firmware, an process by the name of iChatAgent was found running in the background along with some additional iChat code. Could this be video calling? Or will it only come with iPhone 4G? Both the code and a separate tip to 9to5Mac have also referenced an Apple-run site that, along with three internal sites, are likely being used to host and test video on the iPhone. An unconfirmed but thorough insider maintained that the site is waiting for a "jingle" from the iChat app itself to initialize the feature; without information about the app's presence and connection quality it won't do anything.

    9 to 5 Mac has also shown references within the SDK to features such as moderators, chat rooms, encrypted video conferences, and more. Digging even further, the same notification noises that the desktop iChat application uses, can actually be found in the SDK as well.

    They even found what they believe to be an Apple iPhone Video Chat server at the following address:

    Trying to connect to it will however not get you anything since it would be meant to work with iChat on the iPhone.

    Of course, we saw some similar video chat hints from good ol iPhone 3.2 which were soon pulled from Apple. So who knows, this could all just be a misunderstanding form the devs and Apple's inability to inform developers of what they have to work with. Or it could be the real thing. We'll find out soon enough I'm sure.

    On another note, you might be asking "Big Deal! Who Uses iChat Anyways?". While iChat does require a mobile me account, Apple has recently announced that it is now adding "Aliases" to MobileMe user accounts. This means that a MobileMe user can create up to 5 different email accounts. This should open the door for more users starting to use iChat. iChat works incredibly well on the Mac, so I'd love to see it on the iPhone OS.

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    1. jadenyuki678's Avatar
      jadenyuki678 -
      cant wait til the next iphone comes out
    1. blondfire's Avatar
      blondfire -
      Quote Originally Posted by blkeagle1 View Post
      You can use iChat with an aim account too. Not just MobileMe.
      you can also use GOOGLE, JABBER, AIM as well...
    1. BOB of Boise's Avatar
      BOB of Boise -
      Who cares about iChat? I'm sure even if the next iPhone has a user facing camera, they'll let developers use it too. So that means Skype would probably soon use that too. And Skype is free.
    1. dvn821's Avatar
      dvn821 -
      If Apple got this for the iPhone, no other cellphone competitor would touch Apple.
    1. remag49's Avatar
      remag49 -
      cool i can't wait till this feature works
    1. greeniemax's Avatar
      greeniemax -
      If you just try to see how background apps work in 4.0 you'll see what iChat services are doing there.

      No third party apps can stay in memory, they are terminated and saved as memory snapshot as soon as you press home button.

      Then how would other background services work? They work using built in Apple services that are running in the background and are optimized to run as services.

      The foreground app will pass on information like title, connectivity, protocol and other VOIP settings to the background service and would terminate normally, from there on iPhone's internal services will take up the charge and do everything needed for that service to keep on working and alive, even the normal running apps now have to use Apples built in service for this process, thus voice quality now only depends on compression all optimization has to be done on Apple OS side.

      It still doesn't allow background services for developers, same goes for every other service, background location works the same way, the developer has to make a web service on their server about receiving location, specifically sent by iPhone OS 4.0, this is how Loopit would be able to track you.

      This isn't real multitasking at all, its just a way to fake multitasking when it doesn't even exist, but it'll do the job for now till we could get better mobile processor that could actually handle true multitasking without lagging out.