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  • iPhone 4.0 Beta FAQ

    Some popular questions are:

    1. How do I get Beta 4.0!? How much should I PAY for a Dev spot?

    You must first download 4.0 Beta via a torrent file or from the Apple Dev portal. (Search on google)
    You must have access to a dev account. (This forum has Users selling Dev spots. Also see Ebay)
    Anyone can buy a Dev account for $99.00 and they can then add 100 devices
    Prices for Dev spots seem to be a reasonable $5 to $10 donation.

    2. What is a UDID and How do I find it?

    A UDID is each iPhone's Unique Device ID (40 hex characters)
    To find it:
    You connect your iPhone to itunes

    Click on the actual serial numbers for your iPhone in iTunes summary page:
    Serial Number:*9xxxxxxxxxx (11 digits)

    When you click the serial numbers it will change to identifier:
    Identifier (UDID):*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.... (40 digits)

    2. Is 4.0 Beta or a real release and when is it being released to the public?

    4.0 is a Beta release for developers to incorporate support for the new capabilities of 4.0 into their software

    The legitimacy of using 4.0 is kind of shady. While apple does allow developers to seed their apps to "testers" who don't have to be developers, apple agreed to allow developers too add up to 100 devices to their lists as to collect crash log info and make debugging much easier.

    Apple do not support or recommend updating at this time (If you are not a developer or tester for a developer). It will not void your warranty but will leave you with a unjailbreakable OS. If you try to update without being on a dev list you may not be able to activate your phone, but some people have managed to circumvent this.

    3. If I upgrade my 3G/3GS phone to 4.0 will it still be unlocked?

    No, and there will not be official Dev Team support for 4.0 jailbreak/unlock until the official 4.0 release.

    4. I upgraded my phone to 4.0 and can't make calls how do I install ultrasn0w or blackrain?

    Due to there not being support for Jailbreaking/Unlocking Installing ultrasn0w or blackra1n is NOT possible.

    5. How do I downgrade the baseband?

    Downgrading the Baseband is NOT Possible.
    Users must wait for the Dev Team to release an Unlock to use other GSM carriers on 4.0.

    6. How do I Unlock/Jailbreak Beta 4.0?

    You cannot Unlock/Jailbreak until the official release for 4.0 comes out and the Dev Team post their update. Beta jailbreaks may come out but will not have official support.

    7. I installed 4.0 Beta on my phone and iTunes won't activate my phone... Help!

    You must have access to a dev account. (This forum has Users selling Dev spots. Also see Ebay)
    Anyone can buy a Dev account for $99.00 and they can then add 100 devices

    8. How do I downgrade from Beta 4.0 to 3.X.X?

    From member rishidhar: I can confirm that I was able to downgrade my Iphone 3GS from 4.0 beta to 3.1.3 (since I did not save my SHSH files) by going to DFU mode and restoring the old firmware using the new ITunes 9.2, The restore fails half way when it tries to downgrade the baseband (which we know does not work). After the restore fails, it puts your phone on the recovery mode loop, to get out of this, I just ran blackra1n when it was on the recovery mode screen, this led to the screen going blank. Keep the sleep/wake and home button pressed until apple logo shows up and it should take you to your home screen eventually. I am currently on 3.1.3 with the new base-band 5.13.03. Hope this helps all the user's on modmyi.com.

    Apple is still signing 3.1.3 so you do not need any special shsh on file to get back to this firmware on a 3GS. Regular 3G users should be able to go back to 3.1.2 as needed.

    9. Does 4.0 Beta upgrade the baseband?

    Yes. There are reports of 5.13.01 out in the wild. It's possible future betas will further upgrade the baseband so no one will be working on an unlock until the final/official release.

    10. Will this Beta version expire?

    Yes. Apple traditionally releases several beta versions before the final public release. Older Beta versions will expire very soon after the replacement is released and you will be forced to upgrade to the most current beta.

    11. Why do I get an error when I install 4.0 beta on windows?

    As of today, April 9, only Mac users can install this onto their iPhone. Windows users will have to wait until Apple fixes the issue.
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    1. godsrainbow1984's Avatar
      godsrainbow1984 -
      I still cannot get my picture to save as background for homescreen. It only shows on the lockscreen. Is it because I'm on a 3G?

      I also noticed when I tried to add a new number to a current contact it won't let me
    1. hila47's Avatar
      hila47 -
      Godsrainbow, we had the same problem. You made restore from backup on itunes? It's making problems. We have your bugs and we had to restore 4.0 again. And dont make restore from backup.
    1. godsrainbow1984's Avatar
      godsrainbow1984 -
      Oh ok, yea I restored in Itunes then got Itunes to boot the backup files
    1. AdamK's Avatar
      AdamK -
      Hey, i've got a problem, anyone able to help..

      i followed the iPhone 4.0 guide for windows.. using the virtual machine..
      I get to the "preparing iPhone for restore" part.. but the usb connection switches back to my windows OS when preparing instead of going straight back to the MAC OS virtual machine, if you understand? Causes it to crash!

      Really annoying.. any ideas how to conquer this?
    1. BOMEISTER2000's Avatar
      BOMEISTER2000 -
      to fix wallpaper problems dont set it in pictures but in wallpaper option in settings... has anyone here had a problem with camera roll... mine doesent appear in pictures and camera crashes evry time i take a picture
    1. Strivelli's Avatar
      Strivelli -
      Umm.. You should actually get them from me, I mean, i have 70 slots filled with more than happy customers... And I am providing all IPSWs for download and updates as they are released.. Would you trust a guy that thinks the Unique Device Identifier in your iDevice is called a UUID... Clearly another person who shelled out a hundo to get the beta.. IO, are you working on any apps? Are your devs testing them for you?
    1. cjzielie's Avatar
      cjzielie -
      so whats up then , i have jailbroke 3.1.2 3gs and want to get 4.0, will i be able to get all betas and is this all buggy and ******. send me a message either of you
    1. kevin3688's Avatar
      kevin3688 -
      I can help people who want to try

    1. killerpops2345's Avatar
      killerpops2345 -
      Has anyone thought of the possibility of Apple shutting down iTunes accounts of jailbroken iPhones the way Xbox Live does to modded consoles using the new Game Center app?