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    Although I had mentioned this app in our Weekly App Update, I felt it deserved a little more attention and a breakdown of what it does. We've seen a few multi-tasking management apps such as Pro Switcher and MultiFl0w, and now up to the plate is Circuitous. Circuitous is an custom app switcher that shows currently open applications in a handy dock on the right side of the iPhone or iPod screen where you can launch or terminate apps.

    Of course, like the current Multitasking apps, this one will also allow you to switch between them. Using the Activator methods as usual, you can set up "previous" and "next" controls for the app switching.

    I particularly like the Dock feature for current apps open. Just seems very "appleish" to me. The whole app is very smooth and clean. A+ in my books.

    With a recent update since our last post, brings a few additional features.

    New in v.1.1:
    New Features: Tap and hold icon to reorder, or slide out until the icon dims to quit that app, shows free memory on the bottom of the dock, double tap dock to free up more memory, options for badges, icon labels, app animation, left and right handed, become homescreen, the x on the icons, and ability to launch from lockscreen. Also moved down the dock to more in the middle.
    • Badges On Icons
    • More Options in Settings
    • Tap and hold an icon to reorder apps
    • Tap and hold an icon and then slide out until the icon dims to quit the app
    • When dock is up slide to left or right on the screen to cycle through open apps
    • Tap and hold outside of dock when initiated until the top apps icon pops up, then drag the icon to the dock to background that app

    After installing, load the settings app and configure your preferred dock activation method.

    Best of all, this app is FREE. You can download it with Rock or Cydia.

    ModMyi.com | Circuitous

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    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Yikes! Gave it a little over a day of use. This morning I put my iPhone through heavy use (after a full overnight recharge) playing a few games, watching YouTube videos and surfing the mobile web (my normal use). With Circuitous running I used it probably twice to keep a few apps running in the background for no more than about five minutes. The rest of the time my Phone app was running. Depleted my battery life 80% in just under two hours. I normally get at least four hours sometimes five (if I am lucky) with heavy use.

      Going to have to remove it. Such a shame.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      It was slaying my battery as well. This is a very cool feature and I hated to remove it.
    1. DisneyRicky's Avatar
      DisneyRicky -
      Springboard crashes a lot!
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Quote Originally Posted by Disneyricky View Post
      Springboard crashes a lot!
      what else is new =/ developers releasing their buggy software without their "beta" disclaimers...
    1. lfc_'s Avatar
      lfc_ -
      gr damn battery drain. guess i wont bother with it, kirikae still wins then
    1. nani_pra's Avatar
      nani_pra -
    1. hapishyguy's Avatar
      hapishyguy -
      how do we uninstall this. Its not in springboard.
    1. SuperflyJimmy's Avatar
      SuperflyJimmy -
      This was a very cool program to take over from Kirikae, but the battery drainage is just too much.

      I'll definitely check out the next upgrade.
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      I'm not so sure it's Circuitous per se. I think the new update to Activator has something to do with this. I uninstalled the latest Activator and the battery work was fine. Of course, Circuitous would not work with the older Activator. Just sharing info.
    1. sunbeam83's Avatar
      sunbeam83 -
      hey has this latest update been out for a while? its really ace, favourites works really well... i'm liking it a lot so far!
    1. zamansimba's Avatar
      zamansimba -
      Anybody here having icons in the dock to be off centre with the new update?
    1. liveify's Avatar
      liveify -
      With this last update my iphone has been going into springboard safe mode half the time I try to open the dock
    1. zamansimba's Avatar
      zamansimba -
      Nvm my above post, it seems its a problem exclusive to the 'Dulce' theme. The icons glow must have confused the dock's placement of icons
    1. sunbeam83's Avatar
      sunbeam83 -
      seems i can't free up as much memory as before... does this mean that circuitous is actually consuming about 10mb ram more than it used to?

      i could free up around 63mb before this latest update... although i notice the lib update happened simultaneously... but anyway i can only free up around 50mb now
    1. 01grander's Avatar
      01grander -
      I'm sticking with Kirikae
    1. sunbeam83's Avatar
      sunbeam83 -
      have to retract my previous 'issue' and put it down to me not understanding what the difference between freeing memory once, twice or thrice actually is.

      Does anyone know the difference beyond it being self evident?
    1. zamansimba's Avatar
      zamansimba -
      Quote Originally Posted by sunbeam83 View Post
      have to retract my previous 'issue' and put it down to me not understanding what the difference between freeing memory once, twice or thrice actually is.

      Does anyone know the difference beyond it being self evident?
      depending on your max RAM and curent free RAM, it is the number of ram freeing 'cycles' done

      one ram freeing cycle releases ard 8-15.

      i have an ipod touch 3g with max ram of 256. max free ram is ard 180. So if im on 160 free RAM i can do 2 cycles(twice) to free to 180. If i free thrice it would simply respring.

      But if im on 140/150, i can confidently free thrice without it respringing.