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  • Canadians Catching Up with Live TV on the iPhone

    Canadian mobile carrier Bell has thrilled iPhone owners in Canada with the release of Bell Mobile TV, a new app letting Canadian viewers tune in on their mobile device to a plethora of TV channels. Included among them: CBC Newsworld, MTV, Muchmusic, Treehouse and The Weather Network. Most importantly for Canadian hockey fans, however, is live coverage of NHL games. And, yes, that includes coverage from the Vancouver Olympics.

    Naturally, there are some less than ideal components to this arrangement for many, including that the app will only work on a 3G network - no WiFi compatibility. In addition, if you're going to get the app, you need be running iPhone 3.0 or later, and, of course, already a Bell subscriber. The app, which is free, just became available for download over the weekend.

    With the demand for live TV growing at a rapid pace, Nokia today similarly introduced what some call an"iPhone-worthy" app dubbed "Sky Mobile TV: Live sports on the move." As simple as it sounds, with the mobile TV app, Sky customers (with certain Nokia handsets) are now able to view Sky Sports live on their mobile devices.

    Meanwhile, broadcast television and cable networks continue to bleed ad revenue as the mobile realm for live television viewing seems to expand on a daily basis. It's something we were reminded of earlier this month with AT&T's much-awaited announcement that its 3G network will now support the SlingPlayer Mobile TV app.

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    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      why dont we have that, or better yet, what happened to the rumored hulu app?
    1. SquareWheel's Avatar
      SquareWheel -
      Quote Originally Posted by glendoor View Post
      thats the final straw; im moving to canada now
      Smart man.
    1. pacco's Avatar
      pacco -
      A friend of mine has a bell iphone, I have a Rogers iphone with slingplayer installed. His belltv was way better quality then my sling. I hope rogers jumps on this bandwagon. It definitly sucks that it only runs on 3g, my guess is its their way of authenticating that you are a bell subscriber. Its not even a one time authentication, you cannot switch it to wifi even after you have ran it on the 3g. Its pretty slick.
    1. imthewhiterabbit's Avatar
      imthewhiterabbit -
      Quote Originally Posted by steve-z17 View Post
      We whooped 'em last night in hockey! Stream that over your iPhone! BAM!
      Yeah... well, who whopped' who in the finals? ... I'm just sayin...
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      nadeem1414 -
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