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  • sn0wbreeze Jailbreaks iPhone OS 3.1.3 : blacksn0w & ultrasn0w Can Still Unlock

    UPDATE 3: iH8sn0w has fixed sn0wbreeze with its update to v1.4. The program is now compatible with old bootrom iPhone 3GS read our guide for more info and download links:

    UPDATE 2: iH8sn0w has removed his sn0wbreeze download until it is fixed for the iPhone 3GS. We'll update again when a fixed version is released . . .

    Cash UPDATE: I'm telling you now, don't bother with this right now. #1 3.1.3 isn't worth it. #2 sn0wbreeze isn't as finished as it should have been before they released it. Many of you will ignore our advice and do wtvr anyways so I WILL get a guide up, if I find a trick to making sn0wbreeze work! If I do make a guide, it WILL NOT be for the iPhone 3GS, after many repeated tries with different .ipsw files made with sn0wbreeze I am fairly convinced that sn0wbreeze is not compatible with 3GS 3.1.3 firmware.

    Well folks, that didn't take long at all. We now have the ability to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone on the new OS 3.1.3 only days after it's release. We have two options for different basebands, 04.26.08 and 05.11.07.

    Sn0wbreeze 3.1.3 can jailbreak iPhone 2G, 3G and iPhone 3GS (old bootrom only) on iPhone OS 3.1.3. (Guide to follow.) It also jailbreaks the iPod Touch 1G and iPod Touch 2G (model number not starting with MC). Baseband 04.26.08 can be unlocked using Ultrasn0w. If your baseband is 05.11.07, GeoHot's blacksn0w will work just the same as it did before. (That was released last year )

    For those of you that have never used any of these programs, please head over to our guides section. Note: We have NOT tested this method. Be smart. Don't do this unless you absolutely have to, or if you want to test and inform others of your success/failure stores Again, THIS IS FOR OLD BOOTROMS OF THE 3GS. If you have jailbroken 3.1.2 previously and the jailbreak was untethered you have the old bootrom. If you have a newer 3GS, just stay away.

    Cash EDIT/

    A couple notes. iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2G users check your model number Settings -> General -> About. If it starts with MC don't try any 3.1.3 jailbreak.

    Next, for those of you that do not know, sn0wbreeze is a custom .ipsw creator for Windows much like the dev team's pwnagetool is for Mac. There are things you need to be aware of because of this. First of all grab the correct firmware for your device. Making a custom .ipsw for the wrong device will do you no good. Second the custom 3.1.3 firmware you create with sn0wbreeze is restored to your device via iTunes. Do not use DFU mode, normal recovery mode should be sufficient. Last and most important YOU CAN NOT restore the custom .ipsw that sn0wbreeze makes on to your device unless you device is ALREADY jailbroken. If you aren't jailbroken then jailbreak your current firmware (under 3.1.3) using the software of your choice (redsn0w, balckra1n, pwnagetool, wtvr), then create the custom 3.1.3 .ipsw with sn0wbird, then restore it on to your device using normal recovery mode and iTunes.

    After you have restored your custom 3.1.3 firmware on to your device you can unlock. iPhone 2G users search for bootneuter in cydia. Users with baseband 04.26.08 search for ultrasn0w in cydia. Baseband 05.11.07 users add the repo blackra1n.com to Cydia and search for blacksn0w.

    I have not tried this jailbreak yet so try at your own risk. We'll get a guide up asap assuming everything is working fine (read in 6 hrs when I wake up).

    /Cash EDIT

    Official 3.1.3 Firmware directly from Apple:
    Download iPhone 3.1.3 firmware for iPhone 2G
    Download iPhone 3.1.3 firmware for iPhone 3G
    Download iPhone 3.1.3 firmware for iPhone 3GS
    Download 3.1.3 firmware for iPod Touch 1G
    Download 3.1.3 firmware for iPod Touch 2G

    Download .NET Framework 3.5 (required to run Sn0wbreeze)

    Sn0wbreeze downloads all pulled. IF you find a download, don't use it. We will make a new news post if/when the program is fixed.

    Join in on IRC for more information
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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I'm hoping you mean you tried to install BlackSn0w not BlackRa1n (now that would be really stupid!)

      Since Sn0wbreeze bricked so many people's phone's as BlackSn0w is not compatible with 3.13 even with BB 05.11.07, some people have adapted BlackSn0w to work with it.
      Look for BlackSn0w RC2.

      Why on earth did you want to 'upgrade' to 3.13 in the first place and what on earth possessed you to us eSn0wBreeze?
    1. namrepus_ohm's Avatar
      namrepus_ohm -
      i just followed the instructions in this link Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 with Sn0wbreeze | Redmond Pie then this one for the unlock Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 3G 3GS with blacksn0w | Redmond Pie then i download blacksnow then my iphone hanged up... any idea on how can restore or make it work again?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Redmondpie does publish a load of rubbish at times.
      Why on earth did you want to do that?
      Like I say, if you can find BlackSn0w RC2 it should work after you've restored using your custom FW.
    1. namrepus_ohm's Avatar
      namrepus_ohm -
      i have to restore my iphone coz im having problems with the themes i have installed before... my problem now is that im stuck in the black screen with the snowbreeze logo and itunes didnt recognize my iphone when i connect it to my pc.... do you have some idea on how can i restore it? thanks for your time....
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Put the phone in DFU mode (google it - iClarified has instructions) then restore to your custom FW or to pain 3.12
      3.13 is a pointless upgrade for the 3G.
    1. namrepus_ohm's Avatar
      namrepus_ohm -
      ok thanks! ill try it...thanks again!
    1. loham1's Avatar
      loham1 -
      Hey guys,
      Ok so I have an iphone 3gs jailbroken and unlocked with blackra1n which was running on firmware 3.1.2! I have never had the reboot problem as its been unteethered and been usng this phone since december.For some reason all of a sudden it went off. When it came back on it kept getting stuck at the iphone logo. I tried to do a restore to 3.1.2 and of course apple won't let it work!
      SO I done some research and read about the loop problem. I got irecovery to work and even got to the irecovery prompt. However when I do printenv, nothing comes up!
      When I run the whole:
      auto-boot true
      /exit or reboot or fsboot

      It reboots but goes back into the loop again. I don’t think I have the cydia shsh thing so I really don't know what’s going on. I can't restore it to 3.1.3 cos otherwise I won't be able to unlock it.

      Can anyone help me? I don't know how it managed to get into this loop and for now it seems I can't get it out! It's driving me crazy and now I have no phone!

      Please please help!!!!!!

      Also I forgot to mention,
      because this iphone 3gs used to use the old unteethered jailbreak , is it worth trying the snowbreeze jailbreak (http://www.redmondpie.com/sn0wbreeze...3gs-3.1.3/)and blackra1ning?

      Tis is only if I have no other option!
    1. namrepus_ohm's Avatar
      namrepus_ohm -
      i dont know if the restore in DFU mode will work on 3GS but it work on my 3G a few hours ago... big thanks to confucious!
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      iPhone users sn0wbreeze will ask you if you want the pwnd .IPSW to be activated. If you have your iPhone on a legitament carrier and activate via iTunes click no. If you unlock your phone in order to use it on your carrier click yes.

      hi guys im on this step here - if i want my phone to be unlocked what do i choose yes or no? im on att but only for the time being, im looking to sell this phone "unlocked" to someone
    1. porshh951's Avatar
      porshh951 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bobright View Post

      hi guys im on this step here - if i want my phone to be unlocked what do i choose yes or no? im on att but only for the time being, im looking to sell this phone "unlocked" to someone
      I'm in the exact same boat.
    1. dek udi's Avatar
      dek udi -
      i have a message when using spirit:
      FATAL(__LINE__): Assertion failed (dl.c:198): 0 == (AMDeviceStartService(dev, service, &it, NULL)) (but it was -402653091)
      whats wrong with this??