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  • iPhone OS 4.0 Features Leaked. Update to Support Multitasking Apps.

    Last week we talked about iPhone OS 4.0 on the verge of release. Today we talked the possibility of iPhone OS 4.0 being announced next week at the godly Apple event along with the supposed tablet mac. Today we get word from Boy Genius about some leaked iPhone OS 4.0 features, the most promising, in my mind, is the ability to multitask. BG also claims that features may include multi-touch support OS-wide, UI changes, and some new contact and calendar sync options.

    • There will be multi-touch gestures OS-wide. (Would make sense for that as the rumored OS for the iTablet is close if not the same as the iPhone)
    • “A few new ways” to run applications in the background — multitasking.
    • Many graphical and UI changes to make navigating through the OS easier and more efficient. We haven’t had this broken down, but we can only hope for improved notifications, a refreshed homescreen, etc.
    • The update will supposedly be available for only the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but will “put them ahead in the smartphone market because it will make them more like full-fledged computers” more than any other phone to date. Everyone is “really excited.”
    • The last piece of information is the most vague, but apparently there will be some brand new syncing ability for the contacts and calendar applications.
    We are all well aware of other smartphones having the ability to multitask. We are also aware of various options on the jailbreak front that provide the ability to multitask as well. So this feature isn't particularly a new idea, but nonetheless, I would love to have to have apple supported multitasking. Hopefully such ability will bring a plethora of options such as instant notifications from apps running that aren't on the screen, push notifications that still run while an app is open, etc.

    However, I will also admit, that it's sad seeing some of these updates come to the iPhone after all the work that developers have put in to bring these features to use before Apple could wrap their head around it. As with the 3.0 update, I can see many apps being obsolete due to new features.

    It's been rumored that iPhone OS 4.0 would also be what they use to run the tablet, but dear god, I hope that's not the case. I might have to cry a little bit. I for one, don't want a super-sized iPhone.

    Of course, with the trends Apple has recently been following, Boy Genius says that the update won't be available to first generation users. This I can believe as Apple seems to have finally stopped committing to supporting all their products. Nonetheless, I for one am excited for next week. How about you?

    [Source & Image: BoyGenius]
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    1. adsonjustin's Avatar
      adsonjustin -
    1. imagineThiss's Avatar
      imagineThiss -
      I cant wait.. i just hope wont be hard to jailbreak..
    1. Stealth1029's Avatar
      Stealth1029 -
      Like with all the other updates, I'll be holding off on this one until a jailbreak solution is released. I'm curious as to how apple will implement the multi-tasking though.
    1. piston597's Avatar
      piston597 -
      Thats sucks for 2g users, miss out on the fun, so I guess its safe to assume next year 3g users will be dropped? and then 3gs and so forth?
    1. rockjohn's Avatar
      rockjohn -
      super excited for next week
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      Does anyone else find it strange that Apple comes up with these "groundbreaking" features after the jailbreak community does? Installer spawned the App Store, Clippy spawned copy n paste, Swirly brought MMS finally, and now that the jailbreak community has proSwitcher and categories Apple is going to implement them? Is there anyone but me that feels Apple secretly loves jailbreak and just sits back and waits for cool jailbroken features so they can edit the code and make it more Apple-esque? Apple is lucky the iPhone has the following it does when all they do is provide it with updates that should have been there in the previous version. Without jailbreak, I know I would not have the iPhone anymore and im sure a lot of you here wouldn't either.

      With that, bring on 4.0!!!!
    1. GhStRdR2k's Avatar
      GhStRdR2k -
      I too will wait for 4.0 to be jailbroken first. But we are we gonna get some Flash support for Safari?
    1. jbdc41's Avatar
      jbdc41 -
      I'm going to go ahead and assume that since the 3G hardware is nearly identical to the 2G hardware, any update available for it will also be available, unofficially, for the 2G
    1. teexcue's Avatar
      teexcue -
      C'mon, at least credit Gizmodo for the original article/quote.
    1. xxfr0stbytexx's Avatar
      xxfr0stbytexx -
      i agree with you, apple can do all this when 3gs was released but they didn't cause they can afford to do it cause people will always buy the new thing.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Can't Wait!
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      ^Same here, I wouldn't have had an iPhone 2G when it came out if it wasn't for jalibreaking and unlocking.

      Then again, currently I'm not jailbroken as for some reason my iPhone stops working properly with O2 so bring on 4.0 with full Bluetooth support(hopefully)!!
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      I love 2g more than my 3g
    1. Tkensei's Avatar
      Tkensei -
      I'm excited about the multitasking but i will wait for jailbreak and unlock
    1. iPhone3G[S]'s Avatar
      iPhone3G[S] -
      FYI. that image is fake, noticed that detail was left out...
    1. mrmikey05's Avatar
      mrmikey05 -
      Man, I can't wait for it. I hope they have theming available bc all other Regular phone have it.

      Btw, I know this is off topic but, do any of you think the iPhone 4G will be subsidize again this year to $299?
    1. djnikk's Avatar
      djnikk -
      I seriously doubt 4.0 release before summer.
    1. dbizzy1's Avatar
      dbizzy1 -
      As long as there is full Bluetooth and flash support then everything will be cool...after the jailbreak of course.
    1. niqolas619's Avatar
      niqolas619 -
      Wow, I don't think I've ever been this underwhelmed. None of the alleged features here are going to make me un-jailbreak my phone. So what if Apple is now going to 'support' multitasking - it works fine on my 3G and anytime I have a question, I just hit up google.

      The main thing with this update has gotta be Apple trying to get another leg up on the jailbreaking community. I don't have the blind confidence that so many others on here seem to have for the inevitability of jailbreaking always outsmarting Apple, but I do know that my phone works "fine" as is so I am not interested in anything Apple wants to update to.