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  • Five iPhone Accessories That Still Keep Us Waiting

    This week in the Washington Post, a Tech Crunch piece by Greg Kumparak was highlighted that reminds us of just how much the iPhone has left us hanging - at least in terms of five iPhone accessories many of us are still waiting for.

    Partly for the sake of inspiring would be hardware-makers and partly because we just like to think about this sort of stuff, we’ve come up with a list of five iPhone accessories we’re not-so-patiently waiting for.
    Although we could easily supplement this list with additional would-be accessories, for now, this is a good start.

    A Detachable Physical Keyboard

    I know, I know... the iPhone isn't supposed to have a physical keyboard. But with the BlackBerry and Droid renewing the mobile consumer's love affair with a keyboard, a detachable physical keyboard should have been added to our accessory menu a long time ago.

    It’s almost ridiculous that this one hasn’t been made yet – and that even when it is, support will likely be so limited that it’ll suck something fierce.

    Mobile gaming could ultimately provide Apple an opportunity to trounce other mobile gaming specialists. But the iPhone is going to need a gamepad to get over the hump and capture ripe opportunities.

    The iPhone platform has already proven itself to be an incredible stage for on-the-go gaming. Graphics? Check. Tons (and tons and tons) of games? Check! Awesome controls? Che .. er, wait, nope.
    Universal Remote

    The universal remote should not even be a term that remains in our collective vernacular. Yet, sadly, it does. And although Apple would only have to imbue the iPod Touch with an RF/IR transmitter, don't hold your breath for that development any time soon.

    Apple’s not about to do that – but in the mean time, a third party could get the ball rolling. Build a transmitter into a dongle or a case, throw together a user-customizable remote application for sharing control layouts and codes, and bam! You’ve got a remote for every controllable device in the world, in your pocket at all times.
    Dog Training Tools

    Although I could argue for even more useful accessories than this particular gripe lobbies for, the need for improved dog training tools is real and should be addressed in some fashion.

    Let an RF transmitter communicate with whatever training tools might be in place (such as a citronella spray collar, for example), but slap in a high frequency loudspeaker to emulate a dog whistle whenever the collars are back at home.
    pinCredit Card Payments

    This is another no brainer. Although, as the article points out, mobile payments are by no means as popular in the US as they are in other countries, the iPhone should have been tweaked by now to address what will certainly develop into a universal commonality.

    American Express or Mastercard could make a case (or a dongle) that has an RFID built in, just like your credit card – but with the benefit of software tie-ins, the RFID could be erased/locked on the fly. Just swiping the case wouldn’t work – but once you’ve hopped into the Pay app and punched in your pin, your case acts as a credit card for 30 seconds.
    Of course, we could go on and on about what else we want from our iPhone. But you've got to start somewhere. Would your top five wish-list differ much from the above?

    Image via Tech Crunch
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    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
      Quote Originally Posted by markass321 View Post
      are there really still iphone owners that want a physical keyboard? I will never want another cell phone that has one.
    1. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
      Rokesomesmeefer -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
      O.k, I have to disagree with the article, several of these are currently available, or will be soon:

      Keyboard (Available Now):
      iPhone Keyboard - iTwinge
      Pff, really?! Come on, that thing is clearly just a layover that lines up with the on-screen keys, and only when you are typing in portrait mode - don't even think about flipping the phone sideways. Plus, every time you want to do something that requires the use of the now hidden half of your screen, you have to pull it off. All this hassle for $29.99?!?! FAIL.

      Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
      Universal Remote (Available now):
      There are various Apps available on the App store that use a device that connects to your wifi network and will send out IR signals and make the iPhone a universal remote, take a look at:
      Bobby Universal Remote
      RedEye (The App is free, but you still need the device of course)

      They all have instructions on how to get such a device as well.
      That's great... if you only plan to control devices in a single room. Who wants to have to lug around an IR transmitter that has to be connected to a wireless network to use? A nice snug case that has the IR transmitter and dock connector built in would be ideal.

      Edit: Logitech would be best poised to make such a universal remote case. They could adapt the Harmony Remote software into an iPhone app, making device setup a breeze.
    1. The_Maclover's Avatar
      The_Maclover -
      hum... i like most the non-physical keyboard but the physical one takes less place on the screen (Zero)...
    1. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
      Rokesomesmeefer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mbeck0265 View Post
      My personal opinion is that the only real thing that the Iphone is missing is a Flash for the camera , Dog training tools are we really serious about that? C-MON MAN !!!
      Flash is definitely needed. There's already one available by FastMac, but for 80 bucks they need to at least make it look nice - FastMac | Product - iPhone External Battery Pack.

      There's also the SnaptureFlash, but it's not readily available (gotta join a waiting list, have they even shipped any in the last year?) - SnaptureLabs - SnaptureFlash.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      6 months later, none of these are out