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  • [NEW] 3G Unrestrictor for 3G & 3GS - (Replaces TrickerThreeG & VoIPover3G )

    [App is now available via Cydia for $2.00.]

    "3G Unrestrictor" is an iPhone application (for iPhone3G & the NEW 3GS!!!) which allows you to go around the iPhone's limitations while on 3G/EDGE. It allows those things by tricking applications into believing they are on WiFi, even though they are on 3G or EDGE. 3G Unrestrictor is the premium successor of the popular VoIPover3G app for the iPhone.

    You can for example while on 3G/EDGE/GRPS:

    Make free calls using VoIP software like Skype, Fring, Truphone and others
    Watch TV with SlingPlayer
    Watch high quality YouTube Videos, just like on WiFi
    Download apps bigger than 10MB
    Download podcasts bigger than 10MB

    Verified applications:

    iTunes Store

    PICTURE LINK #1: 3G Unrestrictor - Screenshots

    PICTURE LINK #2: 3G Unrestrictor - Usage instructions

    DEVS LINK: 3G Unrestrictor
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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      3GUnrestrictor uses nothing - but it does mean that apps that otherwise would only use WiFi can (and do) now use data - hence the need for an unlimited data plan.

      I'm not sure what point you are trying to make?
    1. tsatryan's Avatar
      tsatryan -
      Agree totally. My point (and I thought I had one! ) is that no one should think that installing and having 3G Unrestrictor on their iPhone is going to use data. It doesn't use data. It just allows other apps to use data, and it only does that if you set up the specific app to do so.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      This has been a very long convo to come to the conclusion that we are both arguing the same thing
      I think kirkie1's point was that if you do use this you will end up using lots of data because you can! Not because this app in itself uses data.
      Isn't the internet wonderful? It allows you to misunderstand someone and have wonderful conversations when you are both saying the same thing without realising it....
    1. tsatryan's Avatar
      tsatryan -
      wise words, oh mr. confucious!
    1. highlight's Avatar
      highlight -
      guys nood need help here.

      I recently got my brand new 3.1.2 32G 3GS and jailbroke it with blackra1n with no problem whatsoever. But after I installed 3G unrestricter the phone hang on the itunes screen for the first reboot. My itunes then said the phone is in recovery mode. 3G unrestrictor installed both the app and the mobile substrate for me. Any idea on how I can solve this? Thanks.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Had you rebooted before you installed 3G Unrestrictor? The newer 3GS needs to be JB each time you boot.
    1. manny09's Avatar
      manny09 -
      This is for UK users or anyone that can help me, doh!!

      I have just got the sky mobile app which is only available through wifi, how do I set it up so that it works through 3g unrestrictor? Because im having trouble using the app when I have 3g coverage, which I thought was the point of this whole app!!

      Have sky mobile app makers found a way around blocking 3g unrestrictor? Please help Kind Sirs or lasses!!
    1. Don Andres's Avatar
      Don Andres -
      I installed 3G Unrestrictor today and it works great with outgoing Skype calls over 3G. It doesn't work for incoming calls though. Anybody have the same problem? Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks.
    1. ed0044's Avatar
      ed0044 -
      i have 3G Unrestictor and love it, BUT i wanna re jailbreak my Phone, will i have to pay again for the app??
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
    1. Kally's Avatar
      Kally -
      I just installed 3G Unrestrictor and need some clarification. I know that this application tricks the phone into thinking it is on WiFi - no problem there.

      My question is when I turn off my WiFi and attempt to call my home with Skype I get a pop up that tells me I need credits to complete this call. If the iphone is being tricked into thinking it's on Wifi who would I need Skype credits - I thought that was the whole purpose of it.

      Can you please clarify this for me or maybe it didn't install properly - really don't know.

      I'd really like some help or advise on this issue - does anyone know??