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  • How to Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 3.0 - PwnageTool
    This guide teaches you how to jailbreak your iPhone 2G/3G (NOT 3GS) on the 3.0 firmware using Pwnage Tool 3.0 by the iPhone Dev Team. ONLY WORKS FOR OS X.

    You can unlock your iPhone 3G AFTER following this guide by using UltraSn0w. Directions on that are here. If you want to unlock your iPhone 2G while Jailbreaking follow this guide. Anyways, lets continue.

    Before getting started, you'll need to download a few things:

    Pwnage Tool 3.0 - MMi Member Download | RapidShare | torrent

    3.0 iPhone Firmware iPhone 3G Direct from Apple (iPhone 2G Firmware is here)

    Note: Safari does not download the .ipsw files correctly - it decompresses them as soon as they're downloaded. We don't want that. Use Firefox to download the .ipsw, not Safari. Or you can ctrl+click the decompressed folder & click the compress button.

    Alright, now that you've downloaded all that, lets continue.

    Connect your iPhone to iTunes.

    I recommend you sync up first so you get your contacts, photos, mail, etc current.

    Note: restoring will remove any and all Jailbreak app settings and WinterBoard themes. bhz has a decent guide on how to back all that up here if you'd like. Otherwise, you can just redownload them.

    Once you've downloaded the 3.0 firmware and placed it anywhere (I just put mine on my desktop) (or in your Applications folder) you can open Pwnage Tool by double-clicking the icon.

    You may have OS X ask you about opening an app from the internet, don't worry about it - click Open.

    Hit OK on the Copyright screen that pops up.

    Since we're going to be jailbreaking our 3G iPhone, click that image on the left so the green checkbox comes up, and the hit the blue arrow button in the bottom right to move on.

    On the next screen, Pwnage Tool will look for the 3.0 .ipsw file. It should find it automatically (again, mine was on my desktop), and list it there. It will take about a minute to find it. Click it and hit the blue arrow in the bottom right to move on.

    Note: If you want a larger main partition (for installing Cydia apps and themes, etc), click the Expert mode and then the General icon, and increase your parition size.

    Pwnage Tool will then let you know its going to create an .ipsw file.

    Next, you'll be asked if you have a contract that would activate normally through iTunes - this is AT&T only in the US, or any other carrier outside the US that is a legit iPhone carrier who you bought the iPhone through. ''IF'' you have a legit contract with iTunes (e.g, you have AT&T or an approved iPhone carrier in another country) - say yes.

    Once you've answered those q's, Pwnage Tool will begin creating your .ipsw. This screen should be up around 5 minutes or so.

    Halfway through the creation of the .ipsw, OS X will ask you for your password. This is required for Pwnage Tool to build the custom firmware, go ahead and input your password and hit OK.

    Pwnage Tool will ask if your iPhone has been previously pwned (and still is). If you aren't sure, just hit No, that's fine. If you know for sure its been pwned and still is, hit Yes, but make sure it really is.

    Once complete, Pwnage Tool will let you know to quit Pwnage Tool, put your iPhone in Recovery mode (OR DFU MODE if you've never pwned), start iTunes, and restore with the custom firmware bundle it just created.

    Now, pull up iTunes. You should see the following message:

    Hit OK. Now, this is important - where it says Restore in iTunes, hold down the ''option'' key on your keyboard and press ''Restore'' in iTunes while holding it down.

    Note: Its very important you hold down the option key while pressing Restore. Don't forget that.

    Assuming you did that correctly, a window should pop up asking you which .ipsw file you'd like to restore from. Select the one we just created with Pwnage Tool. If you left it default, it should be sitting on your desktop and be named iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Custom_Restore.ipsw or something similar. Hit Open.

    iTunes will now run through its typical flurry of windows and notifications while updating the firmware.

    During this time, you'll see the nifty new progress bar on your iPhone as it restores.

    If everything went correctly, you'll see the window stating your iPhone was restored to factory settings (heh, not quite, iTunes , and you can then hit OK.

    Wait for iTunes to see the iPhone before disconnecting.

    If you'd like, you can now restore from the backup you made of your iPhone before, to get all your contacts, mail accounts, and photos back. You might wanna clear off some photos/videos/music if you had it near full to make room for AppStore and Cydia apps now.

    Congrats! That's it! You're now ready to go on iPhone firmware 3.0.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 3.0 - PwnageTool started by Cody Overcash View original post
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    1. Beardo82's Avatar
      Beardo82 -
      was at 2.21 and i'm currently sitting at the stock 3.0 fw

      So should I give redsnow a try then? Is there a tutorial or help with that one?
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      3.9?? never heard of it, do you mean 3.0 or 3.0.1??
      Any way here is a link that will have everything you need. Or here for just redsn0w then you can unlock if needed with ultrasn0w.

      You will have to update your iTunes to 8.2 or 8.2.1. Stay away from iTunes 9.0 for now.
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      Where does it say 3.9?
    1. Beardo82's Avatar
      Beardo82 -
      LOL It was a typo.... I went back right away and edited!
      Thanks, I'm downloading redsn0w right now!
      Question: I downloaded the newest iTunes cuz I thought I read something about someone upgrading their iTunes back on page 5 or 6 or something, so I went for it!
      Should I downgrade before I try this redsno0w? How would I if I had to?
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      So right now you have iTunes 9?
      Why don't you try on that and see how it goes.. or if you have another computer with itunes 8.2 still.
      If it doesn't work then downgrade.
    1. Beardo82's Avatar
      Beardo82 -
      I gave it a whirl with 9.whatever, and it worked!
      Thank you sooooo much (esp blkcadi).... I can't believe I've been working on this for the past 2 hours and it really should have been a 20 minute fix/job!
      3.0 Jailbroken wooooot, now I just gotta install ultrasn0w, right?
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      Yup, do you know how do do that?
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      lol. blkcadi's da bomb
      like.. tick tick...
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by Beardo82 View Post
      I gave it a whirl with 9.whatever, and it worked!
      Thank you sooooo much (esp blkcadi).... I can't believe I've been working on this for the past 2 hours and it really should have been a 20 minute fix/job!
      3.0 Jailbroken wooooot, now I just gotta install ultrasn0w, right?
      You only need UltraSn0w if you want to unlock.
    1. bigdog5142's Avatar
      bigdog5142 -
      Worked like a charm for me! Thanks for letting us know!!!
    1. Peteraziz07's Avatar
      Peteraziz07 -
      OHhhh man could some one please help me i think i am kind mast up here
      i got new 3gs and i never jailbreak it at 3.0 and i updated to 3.1 on itunes without jailbreak and now i cant even downgrade or jailbreak it can someone help me plzzzzzzz i am going nuts here i tried everything
      plx email me at [email protected] if u can help me plzz
      i will thank every one for trying to help
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      No need for the multiple posts here

      We told you already you need to be patient an wait for a solution. For the time being there is nothing you can do.
    1. iliketj's Avatar
      iliketj -
      Everytime I try to run PWNage 3.0 it starts to build a package and then the program quits for no reason. I am using a G4 powerbook with 10.5, any idea on what I am doing wrong or on how to fix it. Also, is there any unlock for the 3G yet?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Pwnage 3.0? You should be using pwnage 3.13
      The 3G can be unlocked so long as you don't update the BB beyong 04.26.08
    1. ddrock's Avatar
      ddrock -
      I can't do it!! The file is a .dmg and when I click it to open it, it redirects me to a web page where it starts downloading again!!! What can I do???
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      What file have you downloaded from where and what type of Mac is it that can't run a .dmg?
    1. Ted's Avatar
      Ted -
      I screwed up I had the jailbreak for the 3G 3.0 it worked perfect but after a few months I downloaded FauntSwap and crap happend every thing worked but Cydia wouldnt boot up nothing else crashed though. I had updated already to 3.1 befor I Jailbroke but I used firmware 3.0 and Redsn0w .08 it worked perfect! Now to fix the problem I restored as a new iphone but the same process did not work this time whats going on ? Did I have a jailbroke app not all the way removed so residew programs still exisited not allowing me to restore. When I restore holding the shift then pushing restore I have the option to select the 3.0 firmware like I did before it starts to restore and half way through it tells me ERROR could not restore!!! Even though I have installed the 3.1 I use the 3.0 like the Dev Team tells you to did I forget somthing? Does some one know???? DATED Wed. Oct.7
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Do a DFU restore.
    1. nocturn's Avatar
      nocturn -

      i have the same problem with "one or more items have special permissions and cannot be copied... blahblah". i have no answer yet as i have only proceeded as far as continuing to copy it to the HD. i let elle49 know if anything turns out. as far as i have read, pwn has/had (i will some further confirmation to whether this issue has been resolved) a problem with OS X, PPC. pwn only works for intel based machines. can't say that i'm happy with that to be honest.

      The reason i haven't found out if pwnage crashes or not is because i'm trying to find out the correct instructions for upgrading the iphone which has already been BJ and unlocked.

      so basically i qikpwn'd my phone earlier this year from o2 contract. To tell you the truth i'm still trying to convince myself of the upgrade's worth. all the features that have been released with 3.0 i was already using on 2.2.1. i think there noticeable speed difference's with the upgrade and i don't really want to left behind, just in case it causes problem later on.

      - so could any confirm what to do when your phone is already JB'd and unlocked, to get it to the latest update
      - i have fuzzyband , and although i was on BL 06.04 the hack apparently flashed perfectly fine.
      - from my current understanding if i DL ultrasn0w, i can upgrade to 3.0 and then pwn to 3.1.2 from that point onward
      - could you put an answer to whether the performance is or isn't improved
      - generally, the mian reason for this especially as i'm 2.2.1, and i should bring my phone FW indate with all changes as they happen. so not to leave my phone buried in some shadow'd OS age that cannot be repaired or retrieved.
      - have improvements been made to pwn to work with PPC, 10.4.+, or is the work round still ultrasn0w and then pwn?

      help appreciated
    1. andrew's Avatar
      andrew -
      I followed this no success, pwnge tool hangs and crashes,