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  • Texas Hold'em For iPhone - THTouch

    Live via the modmyi.com installer repo this highly anticipated app is finally out as a beta for the public to enjoy!

    Developer lws has been working long and hard on THTouch for awhile now and has finally reached the point where he feels people can play it. It looks great and gameplay so far is smooth.

    The controls take a couple of moments to remember but lws has built in a nice menu to remind you. If you forget the controls just tap the question mark in the bottom right corner and a nice control reference screen appears.

    The controls are as follows:
    • Swipe Left - Deal
    • Swipe Up - Bet/Confirm
    • Swipe Right - Call
    • Swipe Down - Abort/Fold
    • Double Tap to check when you have the option

    Gameplay is Texas Hold'em with no surprises -- just how I like it. The controls listed above control the app and game comfortably with no issues that I could find during my testing.

    A small thing that I find especially pleasing is how betting functions during gameplay. To start betting just swipe up when it is your turn. Your hand smoothly slides out the bottom of the screen revealing your chips and how much money you have. This allows for maximum use of the screen and then more, and is very slick looking. Simply tap the chips you want to bet. If you screw up your bet just swipe down to reset. Once you have bet the amount you want swipe up to place bet.

    Once the hand is done the winner(s) are announced near the center of the screen with how much they won. Also a donate button appears in the right hand bottom corner. Be careful not to hit the donate button on accident as it will close the game and open up safari with a donation page. Of course if you like this app feel free to donate to lws for his great work!

    Look I won

    Feel free to post any bugs directly to lws or via his email in the app description in installer. He only asks that you be as specific as possible with any bug reports.

    Check out lws's site here:

    sorry bout that, install works now just refresh the modmyi source


    version 0.29 6/11/08 11:24pm

    from lws:
    - fixed freeze when only all in players were left
    - almost got all-in completely right (there are occasionally all-in
    players betting 0 chips... haven't found it yet, but I will)
    - a friend asked to create a new card back. I thought it was fun and
    added it for this version, feel free to tell me what you think about
    it... I think, it's not the final candidate. I'm taking suggestions.
    - burn cards are now animated and moving next to the stack instead of
    just disappearing unseen
    - i don't remember the rest

    - it sometimes has issues with some animations now, sometimes forgetting
    to remove the arrows from the players or such... I'm quite sure it's
    some timer problem. I'll have to reduce timer usage and find another
    version 0.28e 6/10/08 11:39pm

    from lws:
    the changes are:

    - hopefully fixed game crashes

    - what appears as freezes is just a missing release of the controls,
    should happen only with some all-in situations, as this is not fully
    fixed yet

    - hopefully fixed stopping animations. might not be the final solution,
    I'll look into how to make the AI calculations in a separate thread, as
    it seams they totally block the animations in case they start before the
    animation finished

    - fixed pot splitting (no sidepots as of yet)

    - minor other stuff that I and the downloader noticed. like for example
    the number of the finishing place counting down every round.

    I hope you can play longer sessions now, possibly not till the very end
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    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Amazing application! Glad we are the ones hosting it! Keep up the great work lws!
    1. BIbooo's Avatar
      BIbooo -
      Very nice , and stylesh

      Thanks for the ppl who spend all the effort in it

      thow , is a bit complicated to controle

      and its a bet buggy BTW ,
      'i won a round and its just keeps accumilating funds on me and other 2 players at the same time '
    1. jentybhullar's Avatar
      jentybhullar -
      woooow thnx man
    1. Lebanese Hacker's Avatar
      Lebanese Hacker -
      I was a beta tester and countles hours of work have been put to develop this fab. app!
      Enjoy and I speak for everyone when i say Thanks Pit!!
    1. Hellbuster's Avatar
      Hellbuster -
      Thx, its working now.

      This is one of the best games for the iphone!
    1. itzikkal's Avatar
      itzikkal -
      thnx you are the best !!!!!
    1. ubik's Avatar
      ubik -
      its a very nice game! but its kinda slow on my phone :S
    1. Eight08's Avatar
      Eight08 -
      I was really looking forward to this app! I love TH, this app will be very addictive for a lot of hold'em fans/players. But for now I'll need to hold off. The app is buggy, almost unplayable for me. I can get thru maybe two hands before lockup. I've given it more then enough time but it never recovers, lt'll lockup.

      I'm betting that this app will run flawlessly on 2.0! Wasn't this created with the SDK?
    1. danieldereus's Avatar
      danieldereus -
      thx a little problems when it was released but now it's working perfect a little bug that it sometimes shuts down but really this is the best app ever except for installer
      oh the controls are great btw so simpel glad you dont have to control it with little buttons
    1. frank1123's Avatar
      frank1123 -
      wow, awesome app! props to lws!
    1. lws's Avatar
      lws -
      I made the mistake to add pot splitting and some other stuff last night, when I maybe was a little bit too tired. Thus it is flawed and introduces some new problems that shouldn't be there.
      Well, I'm going to fix the bugs, continuing right when I come back from the lake.

      (... gone swimming!)
    1. burtthaman's Avatar
      burtthaman -
      Heh, it's funny how late night is when the most coding gets done... yet it's also the worst time to do it . Thanks for your hard work and enjoy the lake (I know here in the Chi we are already enjoying Lake Michigan)

      Also... I WANT 2.0 AND iPhone 3G!!!! TODAY!!!
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      whoo hoo! installing...
    1. Alperovich's Avatar
      Alperovich -
      awesome app!! i wonder if it'll be possible in the future to play live with ppl using this app, that would be sweet. i do wanna add the AI does seem pretty decent.
    1. Kyduckman's Avatar
      Kyduckman -
      Ok I had modmyi as a source and didn't see thtouch. So I deleted it and then added it. What am I missing, looking under all packages. I tried it with www and witout. Do I need to update to the new installer 3.11?

      Added new installer and still not showing up!
    1. the sr5's Avatar
      the sr5 -
      would they're ever be any way to make an online edge/3g muliplayer mode game by porting into another server like they did on myspace? that would be cool
    1. BolivarAquino's Avatar
      BolivarAquino -
      Mine doens't work...IT STAYS ON THE GREEN SCREEN!!! what can I do?
    1. Apple iPie's Avatar
      Apple iPie -
      Wow! Cool app! Using it right now! Always dreamed of iPhone poker!
    1. Kyduckman's Avatar
      Kyduckman -
      I found it, didn't have /installer.xml in my sources.
    1. liquidcool's Avatar
      liquidcool -
      great i have been waiting for a hold'em app