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  • Apple Fan Sinbad Gives Funny Keynote at MacWorld Expo

    MMi Live @ MacWorld

    Longtime Mac addict and funnyman Sinbad gave the keynote address at this year’s MacWorld Expo. The expo organizers wanted the keynote to be a little different this year and I think they did just that. Because Sinbad has been coming to MacWorld since 1991, he knew how to talk to the crowd. His Mac-centric humor struck just the right tone for the event and he kept the laughs coming throughout his appearance.

    Sinbad started out telling us how his first Mac was the 128k but he quickly upgraded it to 512k as soon as he got it. He had some great advice for converting PC users to the Mac, simply sit down and work on a project. They’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to actually get a project done without having to bother with the technical difficulties that PC users face regularly. You won’t have to say anything to change their minds, they’ll just go out and get a Mac right away.

    When asked what feature he wanted to see in the next iPhone model he replied “reception!” That got a big laugh from the audience. He talked about the next iPhone killer, iPad killer, the whatever killer. He then asked what will the next Android killer be? “Who cares?”

    During the Q & A I raised my hand and asked him if he had jailbroken his iPhone. He replied no that he hadn’t because he wanted his phone to work. It was a funny moment. Sinbad is obviously not a fan of jailbreaking. I wasn’t a big deal though because he was so funny and entertaining to watch on stage.

    Sinbad was a great choice for this year’s MacWorld Expo keynote address. Not only was he a joy to watch onstage, but his knowledge of all things Apple was quite impressive. I dare say that he probably knew more about Apple than most of the people in the audience. Hopefully, they will post the address in its entirety, it’s worth a look. As soon as it becomes available I’ll be sure to update this post with a link.
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    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Quote Originally Posted by JLick View Post
      I bet around 95% of jailbreakers jailbreak for winterboard lol?
      Yup. Not me though. I just manually replace a few images to customize.

      I love how someone said I was talking out my ***. One problem is when you open a folder, the theme's wallpaper goes black. Another is there's no wallpaper zooming animation when you open/close an app. Another is when you open the task switcher it appears above the wallpaper when it's opening up. Another is some of the other animations shutter (opening/closing an app or folder). Another is the 10 or 20 megs of RAM I would rather have than a theme (I haven't really even found any good anyway, let alone with the screwed up animations). It's these subtle things that make the look of iOS great, why would I want to take it away for "customization", especially when I can replace a lot of files by myself? I have a pretty well-themed lockscreen and folders.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Sinbad - I remember watching his HBO special and I was in tears laughing. I love that guy. I haven't seen him in anything for a long time, I wonder if he's still the goofy Sinbad I remember, or if he's slowed with age...
    1. joneseyy21's Avatar
      joneseyy21 -
      Quote Originally Posted by NSXrebel View Post
      How are you unlocked on 4.2.1?? I thought 4.2.1 was also a tethered jailbreak??

      I'm on 4.1, jailbroken.
      Yeah dude here really needs to explain. Because I thought I was in the loop. but if he's right then I'm following the wrong people on twitter