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  • Apple Secures Patent for High Tactile 'Magic' Glove Design

    Although gloves customized for use with touchscreen devices are nothing new, there's something quite "magical" about what could become the most popular high tactile gloves on the market. At least, that's what Apple is probably hoping for.

    According to our friends at Patently Apple, the folks in Cupertino have won a patent for a new "Magic Glove System," the design for which also surfaced this week at the US Patent and Trademark Office. If you're curious as to how these gloves will improve upon those currently available on the market, that much isn't yet clear. Although since the word "magic" is involved, these must be superior to the competition, right?

    Regardless, anyone who lives in a cold climate and owns and operates an iDevice in the winter knows the significant frustration born of wearing gloves while trying to enjoy your nearest iPhone, iPod, or iPad. As a result, Apple has apparently invested in a workaround for this dilemma, the outcome of which will likely be an Apple-sanctioned and Apple-branded pair of absurdly expensive gloves optimized for use with any touchscreen Apple product in inclement weather.

    If you're interested in reading the intricate ins and outs of a "glove system" that utilizes immensely elaborate descriptions of a remarkably simple design - one that is grossly similar to competing products already available - be sure to check out the complete rundown from Patently Apple before "Magic Gloves" turn up in an Apple store near you.

    Patently Apple
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    1. b3nelson's Avatar
      b3nelson -
      There is already a simple answer with out "magic gloves" that is available if you want to put in a little effort - which I have already done on my snowboarding gloves all you need is some metallic thread and start threading it in the tips of the fingers in your gloves - after that you have all the continuity you will need to operate your iPhone with your gloves on
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
      That thing was boss for it's time.
      Except that... it didn't work. At all. The concept was good. Execution was poor.
    1. 240v's Avatar
      240v -
      Magic Mouse, Magic Gloves, whats next??
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by 240v View Post
      Magic Mouse, Magic Gloves, whats next??
      Magic MindReader
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Magic Defibrillator
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      Circa 2007, The North Face E-Tip glove. I've had mine for about a year and a half. The metallic threads on the left index finger are starting to fray, but they work great. And in this lovely Chicago weather, it sure beats bare skin. I guess if it snowed more often in San Jose, they would have thought of this earlier. But, honestly, none of these guys go to Reno?

      There's other options too: Best iPhone Gloves For Winter | Top iPhone Resource
    1. texasfatboy's Avatar
      texasfatboy -
      There are styluses available for the iphone. I sell them all the time for $14 each plus shipping. Why buy a glove