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  • Korean iPhone 4 WiMAX Solution: The Egg Sleeve

    The iPhone 4's namesake can spell a lot of confusion for the novice gadgeteer. The inclusion of the 4 may cause the less knowledgeable to assume it has 4G network capabilities, like a number of it's 4G Android competitors. Korean Telecom (KT) eliminated any confusion, and subsequent disappointment, for their customers today with the release of it's new WiMax capable sleeve the "Egg."

    KT's Egg Sleeve allows the iPhone 4 to utilize their WiMax network and includes a 1500mA expansion battery that offers an additional five hours of WiMax surfing goodness. The case adds 68g to iPhones weight and just over 17mm to its thickness. It's definitely not the smallest case/sleeve, but the prospect of a Mophie Juice-like case that adds WiMax functionality is enticing. Unfortunately, the case is only available in South Korea for 128,000 Won (about $120).

    However, United States dwelling folk can still purchase mobile 4G wifi hotspots from their respective provider. It's not quite as elegant of a solution, but I can't imagine it taking too long before we see a similar 4G case here in the States. The only hold up is the lack of 4G coverage in the U.S. KT blankets 85% of South Korea with WiMax coverage, a testament to their dedication to wireless networks and the smaller footprint of the country itself.

    Sources: Akihabranews, Korean Telecom
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    1. Snozberries's Avatar
      Snozberries -
      Quote Originally Posted by Phillip Swanson View Post

      KT blankets 85% of South Korea with WiMax coverage, a testament to their dedication to wireless networks and the smaller footprint of the country itself.
      just when you thought you were a leading tech country... sheesh.
    1. center_99_99's Avatar
      center_99_99 -
      This is a pretty cool invention, but with the lack of 4g coverage would be a no go for me.
    1. norfskate's Avatar
      norfskate -
      It doesn't look like it would add 17mm's to the phone?

      It looks like it would be 17mm including the phone.

    1. PhantomPhoenix's Avatar
      PhantomPhoenix -
      Wow. It's with an apostrophe means "it is" and is a contraction. The possessive of its is just its. No apostrophe. I took this site as serious journalism jeeze..

      Anyway this is cool but since there's no 4G in America and I have a feeling we'll be seeing it later rather than sooner, there won't be an American egg most likely.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      This would be nice for an iPod Touch.
    1. Hossinator96's Avatar
      Hossinator96 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
      This would be nice for an iPod Touch.
      thats what im saying! sprint has the zte peel but it doesnt work for ipod 4g
    1. kewty01's Avatar
      kewty01 -
      what's the difference between this and the CLEAR 4G?...
    1. koreanmasters99's Avatar
      koreanmasters99 -
      tried the clearwire 4g/3g...hotspot..
      Wimax gadget...
      i have to say, you don't 4g in most area.
      the sales rep claim that it covers my area.
      so i bought it, pay the $$$$
      but when I get home, all i get is 3g...
      no 4g..unless I'm willing to move 5 blocks away.
    1. aidanski's Avatar
      aidanski -
      Also damn, I would love Wi-Max in the uk.
    1. sub zero's Avatar
      sub zero -
      We get wimax in the UK!?!?
    1. ty22's Avatar
      ty22 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sub zero View Post
      We get wimax in the UK!?!?
      I'm pretty sure there isn't. And trust me, you don't want it. It sucks. LTE all the way.
    1. Estoque's Avatar
      Estoque -

      another photos from the korean carrier KT.

      It`s official image with installo*s in it.

      In korea don`t have an apple store so carrier have an separated a/s regulation for iphone.

      Their a/s regulation is 'If you jailbrake iphone there is no warranty.'

      It`s so funny to see the installo*s in official image.
    1. norfskate's Avatar
      norfskate -
      I hate **********,

      it's the only thing I would change about jailbreaking

    1. norfskate's Avatar
      norfskate -
      Oh wow! Installious gets blanked out like a swear word on here!