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  • Apple Taps Michael Jackson for Ping Promotion

    First, the Beatles. Now Michael Jackson. Apple is pulling out the big musical guns to help push iTunes and Ping to new heights as 2010 winds to a close. This week it was announced that Apple has secured an exclusive track recorded by the late pop superstar to promote Ping, Apple's new music social networking service available through iTunes.

    The song in question is a tune called "Much Too Soon" and it's available - for one week only - exclusively through Ping, Apple's new brainchild that has generated a luke-warm reception among many iTunes users. The forthcoming album "Michael" will also contain "Much Too Soon," written during Jackson's production of "Thriller," the best selling album in history first released in 1982. The song was personally penned by Michael Jackson and produced with the help of John McClain. For Apple, however, the nearly 30-year old song is more relevant than ever, as interest in Ping has soared this week in light of the song's release.

    "Michael," which serves up new songs from the late King of Pop, won't be released in until December 14th. According to the official announcement on Michael Jackson's website, "Much Too Soon" was always one of Michael's personal favorites. Michael "would pull it back out of the vaults for each subsequent album project but never found the right home for it; on the new album it finds its place as the bittersweet closing to the stellar collection."

    Michael Jackson's official website
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      Why would you even bother with iTunes and their BS when you can easily got to a third party site and get any music you want.I.E demonoid or even the bottom of the barrel like Frostwire or even less Is limewire.
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      The title of this thread was a fail so I sent it to failblog
      Yea thats what I thought(not sure if you thought about it the same way as me) but the title sounds like apple had s3x with MJ for his music.....(tap)

      well im off to tap my mom....for food.