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  • Prosecutors Want Apple Manager to Give Back $1 Million in Kickbacks

    Paul Devine may need to empty his pockets. The global supply manager for Apple who was charged with taking substantial financial kickbacks in return for sensitive company information, Devine is now hearing from prosecutors for the U.S. government that the time may be drawing near to return the fat wads of cash he collected from his "side venture."

    Although Devine has pleaded not guilty, Apple says their former employee abused his security clearance privileges and sold knowledge to overseas suppliers, the result of which was Apple being at a disadvantage when negotiating with those particular companies. In addition to federal prosecutors hitting Devine with charges of wire fraud, kickbacks and money laundering, Apple is also pursuing a civil suit against Devine.

    Devine gave the suppliers of iPhone and iPod accessories confidential data that helped them win better contracts from Cupertino, California-based Apple in exchange for payments, according to the indictment. Each count of wire fraud, wire- fraud conspiracy, and money laundering carries a 20-year prison sentence, prosecutors said.
    Incredibly, prosecutors are having a difficult time tracing the transfers of funds proving many of the allegations against Devine. As a result, more time is needed according to Bloomberg for prosecutors to analyze the activities logged on Devine's seized computers, As it stands, however, prosecutors are actively seeking that Devine cough up the $950,000 in kickbacks they've traced back to Devine.

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      I alway love it when people bring IRAQ into it, or their war stories, not know actually how many veterans (or current service members) are on this site. I have spent 6 Months in Afghanistan and over a year in IRAQ so what is your point? Freedom of speech?

      I got your comment CynicalDriver and i for one chuckled when i read it. I knew you were not serious when you wrote that. Some people need to get off their high horses and join the rest of us down here.

      And hopefully this person that was selling intelligence to china gets prosecuted and get what they deserve. We all have to work hard and honest for our money, why should he be any different.
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      for $950k ill do anything you tell me to!!!!
      I'm kind of in the same boat, but if what I was being told to say or do was unethical, it would never float on my ocean.