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    As has been rumored for the past 24 hours, Apple today announced that they had obtained rights to the Beatles' music catalog on the iTunes Store. Apple has had a teaser on their home page since early yesterday with the legend "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget." Eyebrows were raised by the apparent reference to "Another Day," a Paul McCartney song from his solo record "Ram" that was written during the Beatles' "Let it Be" sessions. Other hopeful rumors - such as the long-awaited streaming iTunes or all-you-can-eat music subscriptions - didn't pan out.

    Steve Jobs had been trying to make a deal with the Beatles' corporate entity Apple Corps Ltd. many times before, but negotiations have always broken down. The two sides have been suing back and forth since way back in 1978, when the Beatles alleged that Apple Computer infringed the band's trademark in the name and logo of Apple Corps. Apple settled in 1981 for an undisclosed amount, and agreed they wouldn't compete in the music business. However, in 1989 Apple Corps sued again, claiming that the music production capabilities of Macs violated the deal, and again in 2003 over the iTunes Store. Finally, Apple just bought up all the trademarks in question and licensed them back to Apple Corps.

    The Beatles are still huge sellers forty-plus years after breaking up. They have sold more than 177 million albums in the US alone, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. Songs from all 13 albums are now available on the iTunes Store, along with a box set for $149.
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    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      this changed my life how? i didn't know the beatles weren't on itunes..
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      This thread is absolutely depressing. You all hyped yourselves over a splash page that was put just yesterday, for a day. That's it, didn't even have a real countdown. Wasn't announced in any other way. Websites (such as this one) took the obvious sensationalist approach and hypes the hell out of literally nothing and suddenly since it's not everything you wanted, Apple is a troll that wasted marketing only because of "some band".

      Again, all of this over a splash page. As for the actual announcement, I can't reiterate enough how big of a deal it is. Even if youre not a fan of The Beatles, it's hard not to see their influence everywhere. And now they're finally in a digital format in the biggest music store.

      Do you find it pointless when a movie gets re-released in blu ray because you already have it on DVD? Or VHS? Apple has been wanting The Beatles in their store for YEARS.

      Every Apple announcement/keynote for the last 5 years has had "Beatles in iTunes!" rumor tagged to it. And here today it finally comes true, and it somehow is a negative thing? Get real.
    1. unlockingsky's Avatar
      unlockingsky -
      Quote Originally Posted by zoso10 View Post
      Anybody still bummed ACDC still isn't on iTunes?
      jobs never like acdc. don't expect that to be on itunes. you can expect his favorite songs on itunes. lol
    1. GarThomas's Avatar
      GarThomas -
      What a bunch of bs lol great marketing though.
    1. Atomi's Avatar
      Atomi -
      This is like a big middle finger from Apple...
    1. DukeNukem's Avatar
      DukeNukem -
      By the way, mp3sparks.com have had The Beatles for years.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sub zero View Post
      am i the only one who doesnt care or pays for music in itunes lol

      oh....and who the **** are the beatles.....
      I have about 15,000 songs and i haven't bought any of them. People seriously pay $1.00 for a song?
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Quote Originally Posted by DukeNukem View Post
      By the way, mp3sparks.com have had The Beatles for years.
      Yeah but if you've checked the legal scene it wasn't available online.
      Quote Originally Posted by punjabi212 View Post
      I have about 15,000 songs and i haven't bought any of them. People seriously pay $1.00 for a song?
      People seriously need to stop advocating piracy on these forums or anywhere else. Do you use installo- you should know what I'm talking about if you do. This site is so anti-piracy it censors it out. Stop advocating or sympathizing for it here.
    1. flash66's Avatar
      flash66 -
      OMG! I'm 44 and they're still before my time to really be a fan.
      Most people in my opinion that would really appreciate this day to never forget, are too old for the digital age, and don't even know an mp3 from a pregnant cow. Better yet, possible Alzheimer's, and already forgot before the day even began!

      Now Today, John Lennon to give a "live" keynote speech of the Beatles on iTunes, and it's history with Apple.... Now that would be a day not to forget! Someone in Cupertino, please put a post it with "kick me!" on Steve Jobs back for today!

      When he asks, "What was that for??!?" tell him because we need firmware updates, not Ringo frikin Star!

      Still, I'm happy for Apple. Just not that big of a deal, when my Ipad sucks wind on it's present firmware, compared to my i4..........
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      "It's been a long and winding road" SJ
    1. MuseFan288's Avatar
      MuseFan288 -
      wow. way overhyped. why do they believe everyone likes the beatles. I personally don't and know many people that don't. I thought it was going to be a revolutionary new product. This was more hyped than more of their products.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      Quote Originally Posted by punjabi212 View Post
      I have about 15,000 songs and i haven't bought any of them. People seriously pay $1.00 for a song?
      Congratlations, you're a thief. Why are you telling this as a good thing?
    1. monkey87's Avatar
      monkey87 -
      I think free tacos at jack in the box is more of a memorable event since everyone already has had every beatles album for years. Thanks for nothing steve...
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -
    1. FliP76's Avatar
      FliP76 -
      This is as disappointing as not getting MMS every update back in the day, what a bummer. I am a Beatles fan but since they have been around for a million years I already have EVERY ALBUM! weeeee! and I dont even have an iAnything anymore, or use iTunes... what am i even doing here...

      I already forgot about today, and its not even over...
    1. aplifoneusr's Avatar
      aplifoneusr -
      Quote Originally Posted by punjabi212 View Post
      I have about 15,000 songs and i haven't bought any of them. People seriously pay $1.00 for a song?
      Seriously people admit that they have 15,000 stolen songs....it's one thing to have them but it's plain stupidity to admit it on a public forum.....good note for any law enforcement that may search around on here.

    1. elite_jounin's Avatar
      elite_jounin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rob2G View Post
      Couldn't this just have been revealed with a commercial?
      I strongly second this!
    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -

    1. DukeNukem's Avatar
      DukeNukem -
      According to WikiPedia "On May 20, 2008, the RIAA dropped all copyright infringement charges against AllOfMP3.com." AllofMP3 is now MP3Sparks.
    1. B-Cat's Avatar
      B-Cat -
      I couldn't give an iCr*p about this anti-climax of an over hyped up waste of time