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  • Apple Reportedly Shopping Around for Improved iPhone Ambient Light Sensors

    Apple is said to be displeased with the present light sensor found in the iPhone 4. As a result, the company is believed to be actively shopping for a new component supplier for the part in question. At this time, it isn't clear if a deal could be reached to deliver a higher-caliber sensor in the iPhone 5 before the product launch is scheduled. But it looks like the component upgrade is, indeed, coming.

    According to DigiTimes, Capella Microsystems is now in talks with Apple to potentially provided a better quality ambient light sensor for future hardware upgrades. Capella, notes the report, currently ships better than one million ambient-light sensors to HTC on a monthly basis.

    Capella... has reportedly delivered its products to Apple for verification as the ambient-light sensors currently used by the iPhone 4 have been criticized for some problems.
    For Capella, working with Apple would be a tremendous boon for the company - and at an ideal time. Capella's shares, which are listed on Taiwan's OTC market, "suffered a major setback recently as sentiment for the stock was blunted by its decreased first-quarter gross margin," the report adds.

    The same investigation noted that Apple is also widely expected to use iML's programmable Gamma buffers for the iPad. iML, which is headquartered in the US but maintains production facilities in Asia, "has seen the penetration rate of its programmable Gamma buffers growing in Taiwan and Korea" and clearly has Apple's attention for the time being.

    Source: DigiTimes
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      Apple should take a long hard look at what at anandtech has found in his testing of the ambient sensor and the brightness scale they use when adjusting the display. Both are wildly innaccurate and have been since the first iPhone. Hopefully this deal will improve that because every iPhone I've had does a very poor job at adjusting itself in all light conditions.
      Yup. Totally agree.

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