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  • Security Threat Reported in FaceTime for Mac Beta

    Yesterday morning in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs introduced a sweeping list of updates and new products at the company's "Back to Mac" event. One of the most talked about revelations is the new FaceTime application for Mac OS X, which allows Mac users to engage in video chat conversations with one another, as well as users of the iPhone 4 and iPod touch. FaceTime functionality for Macs is now available via apple.com in a beta release. "I think people are going to like this based on the requests we've gotten," Jobs said.

    Well, that was yesterday. And while there are certainly many who are already enjoying the FaceTime expansion, all has not been smooth sailing (which, one should expect anyway with something still in beta). The reported concern? FaceTime for Mac beta makes it possible for users to change their iTunes password... without first re-entering their current password. As a result, some Apple fans and critics are crying foul and arguing that the beta program presents a very real security threat.

    As it stands, the new password would still have to follow the criteria of an iTunes password (at least 8 characters, a number, etc.), but if someone gains access to your computer without your knowledge, they could effectively change your password with very little to stop them. Although there is, by no means, widespread panic over this security glitch, there is concern and all FaceTime for Mac users are encouraged to exercise caution until the bugs leave the beta.

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    1. fourplay's Avatar
      fourplay -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      Oh no! Someone is going to break into my house and not steal my computer... but use my Facetime BETA and change my iTunes password! *Runs home to put extra locks on my doors*

      Edit: If you see someone on a Mac in a coffee shop get up to get their latte refilled sneak over and change their password real quick!

      This "security" concern is retarded.
      hahah +1
    1. mADMAN8's Avatar
      mADMAN8 -
      Stop Arguing, I NEED HELP!

      I downloaded it. How does my wife call my phone form the facetime on the macbook to the face time on my iphone 4. 4.1 I mean, she puts in my cell number and it rings for hours, but my phone does not ring. Nothing happens on my phone, so when I try to do facetime from my phone to her, Using the email address it says facetime didnt work. I have used it in calls with other people before so it's not that it itself isnt working. I used MiTime and Push helped me make sure it works.

      Common guys, security, smecurity. Are any of you mac users? I doubt it, if you were, your mac would already have a few passwords before it even got to facetime app. 2nd, mac users dont leave their macs anywhere or let people touch them. We are all QUITE snobby lol
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      My Mac FaceTime works from Mac to Mac I'm in TX USA, I tried calling to iPhone 4 friends but they didn't answer maybe cause it's a beta?
    1. dotFIVE's Avatar
      dotFIVE -
      Apple has patched the issue now. You guys don't have to keep one eye open, staring at your Mac, when you go to sleep at night.