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  • Notification and Multitasking Improvements, Thank You Cydia

    It's no secret the iOS multi-tasking and notification functions need to be updated by Apple. However, thanks to Cydia, jailbreak users don't have to sit on their laurels and wait for the snail-paced Apple to update these functions on their iPhones.

    Physwitch ($2 in the BigBoss repository), tackles the issue of multitasking by allowing users to switch between running apps by hitting the up and down volume keys. You can then activate the selected app by hitting both volume keys at once. Hopefully something like this eventually finds its way into future iterations of iOS.

    Notifications are a completely different beast. Constantly having to launch each app to clear the notifications can be a real pain. Sadly, there is no fix for this. However, until Apple or someone else comes up with a soltution, the least we can do is be allowed to customize the look of these insipid boxes. AlertArtist ($.99 in the BigBoss repository), allows users to customize the color, font, border, and shadow of the notification alert boxes. Not quite an elegant notification solution like this fan made concept, but it will entertain me in the meantime.

    Source: 9to5Mac, Cydia
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    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      I dunno about y'all but pressing both volume buttons at the same time is an EXTREMELY cumbersome task, at least it is on 3GS phones. Double-click Home and swipe and tap works fine for me.

      Although I do like the idea shown in that possible iOS 5 or unreleased iOS 4.x.x. that shows multitasking as displaying small images of 9 apps at a time on the entire screen. I like that better than just seeing a row of icons at the bottom.
    1. sLevin1fo's Avatar
      sLevin1fo -
      Just bought my first app and it was Physwitch! Very clean and it works very well for me.
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      Notified Pro with grip theme much?

      There was another notification cydia app recently but I forget and it isn't as good.

      Even lockinfo. Common there's been notification apps to fix apples sh*t since 3.0 came out. the Grip cydia app was the greatest.

      Oh and I like to use my volume buttons for VOLUME thank you very much. Unless I'm in the camera app. Then I let snaptap or snappy take over (forget the name).

      Multifl0w is mucho bettero.

      But seriously notification champ hands down goes to notified pro. I got it setup with swipe down from statusbar as acyivator method for the notification bar and popup blocker to block apples annoying default popups and the grip theme to make the popups look grip style and add more features like autohide after 10 seconds.

      Then I got lockinfo on the LS for a quick overview of all my notifications and mail, phone calls, text messages, ect and I got the weather plugin.

      This staff writer is a n00b
    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      I'm not a fan of multiflow, but multicleaner is a great, clean, highly customisable and native iOS looking multitasking interface.[/QUOTE]

      Multicleaner just modifies the multitasking... It isnt a new interface, it just makes the native iOS one work better
    1. <(O)> Device's Avatar
      <(O)> Device -
      Very cool I'll have to check this out
    1. Gitsy's Avatar
      Gitsy -
      Notifiedpro kills alerts from popping up ... It is a must
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Multiflow is a solid purchase. MultiCleaner looks promising as well.

      Someone should do a review/ comparison of these two apps.
    1. The_13th_Plague's Avatar
      The_13th_Plague -
      MultiCleaner if you want to enhance the existing app switcher/closer. I have mine set to bring in the native app switcher when I slide up, and to quit all apps when I shake my phone. This saves my home button from a ton of abuse!

      Multifl0w if you want really good looking (tiles your open apps) app switcher/closer. Never had much luck closing apps out with the "x" though.

    1. Megaorange's Avatar
      Megaorange -
      I use multiflow

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    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
      That concept video looks amazing! iOS would have the best multitasking UI if that was the new one (not physwitcher the one near the end)! He needs to patent that and sell it to Apple
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      AlertArtist is the easiest way to customize alerts. Physwitch is pretty cool if you want to switch apps while you're using your device with your right hand. Multifl0w I ought to say is one of the things worth jailbreaking for and is pretty neat. But I use Dock for multitasking because Multifl0w can be slow when closing apps.
    1. smuj29's Avatar
      smuj29 -
      ive use multifl0w for a long time and seen this, and liked the concept however my Backgrounder is configured perfectly and still so many apps wont background with this tweak multiflow functioned perfect with no problems but this is breaking me, anyone with same problem...
    1. goodgod2's Avatar
      goodgod2 -
      Physwitch has so many fail.... pressing both button is hard enough as it.... then to switch app you either press up or down, and you only see one app at a time LIKE WTF...so what if you have like 10 or more app open? it take 10 clck just to get to your app?
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      just bought physwitch and love it
    1. mr117's Avatar
      mr117 -
      AlertArtist is quite nice, and worth a buck.

      As for the other, I have multitasking turned off in Springtomize and simply use SBSettings>Processes to kill apps that sneak through. I use Backgrounder when I want an app to actually stay active in the background. I want to control what apps are open and running.
    1. Jazevedo's Avatar
      Jazevedo -
      Thanks you guys in the forum. I just got multiflow and alertartist - both are awesome!
    1. OiPhoneMyiPhone's Avatar
      OiPhoneMyiPhone -
      This looks cool but Multiflow blows doors on it. At least that's my opinion. Multiflow lets you see EVERY app you have open all at once instead of having to flip thru them one at a time plus what if, like myself, you have the 'CameraButtons' app that allows you to take pictures & start/stop video using the volume buttons? Which is an awesome app because you keep from smudging up the screen by touching it less and is much more stable when taking one-handed pictures.
    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      Notified Pro with Grip is what I use for notifications. It's got many options to customize the notification window and doesn't get in the way as Apple's popup does.
    1. ziger's Avatar
      ziger -
      MobileNotifier does a nice job of consolidating all of this within Apples framework. All the notifications get collected and displayed when you go to app switch (doubletap home). Very neat, and free to boot.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Alert Artist, I bought it and I forgot to reinstall it, after my last jailbreak, thanks for remind me.