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  • Former Apple Chief Calls Being CEO a "Mistake"

    While it's difficult to imagine anyone calling their decision to become CEO of one of the world's biggest companies a "big mistake," sometimes it happens. Case in point: former Apple Chief Executive Officer John Sculley, who at one time was instrumental in pushing out co-founder Steve Jobs in order to be the head cheese himself.

    Now, in retrospect, Sculley says it was all a big mistake. According to Sculley, it was Jobs all along who should have been crowned king at Apple to serve as CEO. Initially, Sculley was drafted from Pepsi to Apple in 1983. Despite the record growth at Apple during the first portion of Sculley's tenure, he managed to shake things up tremendously by making a number of controversial decisions, like choosing to fire company co-founder Steve Jobs in 1985.

    Ultimately, however, Sculley would lose his position as CEO after the company fell on hard times in the early 1990s.

    Coming forward in a candid new interview, Sculley is opening up like never before and admitting some pretty startling revelations, not the least of which is that Apple brought him on board despite not knowing much of anything about computers. In the interview, the former Apple chief also admits that during his tenure, "all the design ideas were clearly Steve's. The one who should really be given credit for all that stuff while I was there is really Steve."

    "My Apple experience is now ancient history and I have gone on with my life and I’m not looking for any publicity or have any ax to grind,” Sculley adds, who no longer has contact with Jobs but simply wants to set the record straight about his days at Apple.

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    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      He gets stocks and other items from Apple. That is how he gets "paid". The 1$ salary is just there. Sure he can use the Apple's private jet and helicopter anytime he wants.

      It has been known with all the things written and interviews that Jobs wants perfection. Many people say that he can be very strict but at the same time inspires them to put the best they have into what they do. Another words he is pushing people hard to do their best in order for the best vision of the product.
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      thedanny1573 -
      Note all iPhone users modmyi has now an app I dnt know how apple would let us have this app but am glad thank u for all the info and help u have provided
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      EskimoRuler -
      this is cool, lot of history behind Steve Jobs im interested in knowing
    1. freakofsociety's Avatar
      freakofsociety -
      Quote Originally Posted by mohaas05 View Post
      While Jobs was a persuasive and charismatic director for Apple, some of his employees from that time had described him as an erratic and temperamental manager.
      What's changed?
    1. vruls's Avatar
      vruls -
      Quote Originally Posted by Joseph_Prophet View Post
      he was tearing that company apart with the 'Macintosh vs. Apple II' feud, Steve Woz left the company because of it. Has no one here watched 'Pirates of Silicon Valley'? or even researched Apple online?
      Pirates of silicone valley, epic movie, deserves much more fame then it actually has, should have won oscars in my opinion :P
    1. Tyronal's Avatar
      Tyronal -
      Quote Originally Posted by tony604 View Post
      Apparently Jobs would recruit people, then ridicule and belittle them (who would have thought??). He then bought a failing animation company called Pixar. I think their first major project under his leadership was Toy Story, which did very well in the box offices. Disney bought Pixar from him to the tune of ~$200M in Disney stock, if I remember right. He's the largest individual share holder in Disney which gives him the right to be on Disney's board.

      When Apple bought neXT, he became interim CEO and was paid the huge salary of $1 per year. Apple kept him as CEO and he's still being paid the huge sum of $1 per year. I'm pretty sure he gets paid huge on bonuses based on Apple's performance, which unless you're living under a rock and don't know, has been unbelievable.
      Anyways, getting pushed out from Apple was probably the best thing that happened to him. He now keeps his upper minions close and treats them well. He's back where he belongs and is doing very well for Apple...
      A lot of "apparently's" and "I think" there. ACTUALLY, Jobs founded from scratch NeXT in 1986 and over saw the development of a new Unix based computer OS. After 10 years of development and a small release of workstations, it was noticed by Apple who went onto acquire NeXT in 1996 in the search of a new OS, and it's CEO, Steve Jobs along with it.

      Pixar actually did CGI work on many of the Star Wars movies before Toy Story. The struggle with Sculley was one of dominance because Jobs made him look incompetent, so Sculley had to force him out to save face. Jobs gave up in frustration after the board sided with Sculley. That move almost pushed Apple into bankruptcy. Microsoft actually bailed Apple out and saved it from going under. They were considering a merger.

      All the best innovators have an eccentricity about them. Where would the car industry be without Henry Ford? He was manic too.

      Jobs actually receives most of his Apple money from the dividends of all the stock he owns. All CEO's should be paid this way, not like the US banking system where they screw the system, the taxpayer and then pay themselves huge bonuses.
    1. StevenB's Avatar
      StevenB -
      Quote Originally Posted by freakofsociety View Post
      What's changed?

      The stock price. The day he left the stock was at 15.25 per share. As of 9:13 AM PST the stock price is at 309.13.

      I think he can be a total a**hole if he wants as long as the price of the company keeps climbing.
    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      Anyone who doesn't know Steve Jobs got fired or just anyone should watch the movie Pirates of Silicone Valley.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Quote Originally Posted by law111 View Post
      Anyone who doesn't know Steve Jobs got fired or just anyone should watch the movie Pirates of Silicone Valley.
      Or read the book
    1. Tyronal's Avatar
      Tyronal -
      Quote Originally Posted by law111 View Post
      Anyone who doesn't know Steve Jobs got fired or just anyone should watch the movie Pirates of Silicone Valley.
      Never let the truth get in the way of Hollywood creative license.

      (From Wiki) Sculley relieved Jobs of his duties as head of the Macintosh division. Apple's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Sculley ousted Jobs from his day-to-day role at Apple, replacing him with Jean-Louis Gassée in 1985. Later that year, Jobs began a power struggle to regain control of the company. The board of directors sided with Sculley while Jobs took a business visit to Western Europe and the Soviet Union on behalf of Apple
      After several months of being sidelined at Apple, Jobs resigned on Friday, September 13, 1985. He told the board he was leaving to set up a new computer company, and that he would be taking several Apple employees from the SuperMicro division with him.
      Anything else is just a good story. Don't believe everything you see on TV. Read a bio on Jobs, then get back to me!!
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Bloomberg is re-airing their profile of Steve Jobs tonight. You can also find the episode on their website.

    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Steve Jobs with a Power Balance Bracelet?
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
      Bloomberg is re-airing their profile of Steve Jobs tonight. You can also find the episode on their website.

      Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs - Video - Bloomberg
      That video was interesting.