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  • Steve Jobs Tried to Bring Ninja Stars Onto Plane: Report

    [UPDATE: the geniuses at NMA.tv have created a highly informative video simulation of the event, added below]

    Steve Jobs is known for his temper, but apparently he's sometimes armed and dangerous as well. According to a report in a Japanese tabloid, airport officials told Jobs he couldn't bring the ninja throwing stars he had in his bag through the security checkpoint. The incensed CEO supposedly threw the shuriken in the garbage and told the security officers that he'll never visit Japan again. An Apple spokesman says that "the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction," adding that Jobs "hopes to visit Japan again soon."

    SPA!, a weekly magazine with a history of publishing controversial stories and manga, claims that security at Kansai International Airport near Osaka, had detected the weapons inside Jobs's carry-on bag in July as he was returning home to the U.S. from a family vacation in Kyoto. Citing unidentified sources at the airport and the transportation ministry, the story goes that Jobs blew up at security officials, complaining that he was going home via private jet, and that it would make no sense for him to try and hijack his own plane. However, the argument made no difference to the security, who are responsible for making sure that no weapons go into the secure area. For all they knew, it could have been a fake Steve Jobs, planning an attack. Eventually, Jobs threw the stars away while security watched, and groused that this was his last trip to japan.

    According to Bloomberg, a spokesman at Kansai Airport did confirm that a passenger had indeed attempted to board a private plane in July and had been stopped for having shuriken in his baggage. The spokesperson would not identify the traveler, citing the airport's privacy policy. An Apple spokesman told the Wall Street Journal's John Paczkowski that "Steve did visit Japan this summer for a vacation in Kyoto, but the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction. Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon.”


    Source: Apple 2.0
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    1. LamboFan's Avatar
      LamboFan -
      Lol, I wouldn't be surprised at all if our favorite man in the business did it ! Hahahha
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      I was there. Somebody dropped a spoon and Steve Jobs killed the whole town.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Do SJ and Chuck Noris hang out? If so I would watch out.
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      I rank this one alongside the same article I see about Opera giving birth to a 9 legged robot called Droid that ran out of power in it's battery after 5 min.
    1. EskimoRuler's Avatar
      EskimoRuler -
      He's mad because they were prototypes for the upcoming iNinja Stars. There going to be in black and white, but the white ones most likely won't be released
    1. johnr9412's Avatar
      johnr9412 -
      At the iPhone 4 free case announcement press conference(held mid July) didn't he say he'd been in Hawaii for a while and was gonna stay and work on the problem a while(in the US)?
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      I don't want to live in a world where a man can't bring ninja stars onto his own plane.
    1. Halten77's Avatar
      Halten77 -
      I wonder what new strategic move Jobs is planning out.... Seems interesting. End iDevice distribution in Japan?! Nah.....
    1. Spickle/Spackle's Avatar
      Spickle/Spackle -
      I hear there's a new app that can get you through security check points even if you have shurikens in possession.
    1. tsatryan's Avatar
      tsatryan -
      This is "news" because...? Because it happened? It didn't. Because Apple's Steve Jobs was involved? He wasn't. Because this affects our "i" devices? It doesn't. So, we are now reporting as "news" things that are false tabloid material?
    1. mytran80's Avatar
      mytran80 -
      These funny rumors are the stuff of legend. 2000 years from now, when the "Order of the Core" controls the puppet regimes in half of Europe , Steve Jobs will be seen as some sort of phantom warrior demigod that stalked the Earth and could control technology with his mind, along with his trusted concubine Lady GaGa, and their arch nemesis: The Beatles. Who knows how pop culture will be interpreted then
    1. njp316's Avatar
      njp316 -
      I knew it! those black turtlenecks just scream NINJA
    1. Aznjonathan23's Avatar
      Aznjonathan23 -
      Reason why u cannt bring weapons onto ur own plane is if everyone was allowed to do that, then terrorists would buy weapons and their own planes and when they have the weapons, they would transfer weapons from one terrorist to another.
    1. 66darkfire's Avatar
      66darkfire -