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  • No Software Update for Current Apple TV Owners

    With all the excitement yesterday surrounding new products from Apple, some were left wondering whether current Apple TV owners would get a software update of their own. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no, at least not for now.

    Current Apple TV owners will be able to use their units the way they always have, by buying content from the iTunes store and syncing it to their Apple TVís. Older Apple TVís still have one advantage that the newest model lacks, however, that is the ability to buy content from iTunes directly without need of host computers to house purchases.

    Content on the new Apple TV is rental-only. This means that if you own a new Apple TV device but not a PC, you can only rent content from the iTunes store. This probably will not be an issue for most customers but it will limit its appeal for some users.

    Apple TV has been a hobby for the company since it was released in 2006. There is much competition in the field of set-top media players right now, and Apple hopes to gain market share with this new device. With offerings from Google, Boxee and others waiting in the wings, this should be an exciting holiday shopping season. Has Apple has struck gold this time around? Personally I know what I want for Christmas this year.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. NozzyEz's Avatar
      NozzyEz -
      I want this! Only problem is, it's not supported in Denmark

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    1. pnicelovnyc's Avatar
      pnicelovnyc -
      as much i would love to upgrade, but being a previous appletv owner i won't for a few reason, u can only connect via HDMI to ur televison, with my older model i have a choice of HDMI or competent. my 160GB HD is ok for now, i already use my mac mini to host all my movies, music & tv shows & use appletv to stream it & save on HD space on my appletv HD.

      like a previous person said on here, i would love an upgrade for netflix & i believe it should play ok since i have boxee on mine & it steams very well.
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      Rentals only? F that in the A. I'm a "downloader" of multimedia and I don't rent. Until I can stream ANY file I want (I can live with PC side live transcoding)I think I'll hold off on this device.
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      If you cant update the last model then I guess they will do the same when the next one comes out. How lame.

      Will this stream movies from a network drive? I got a Netgear Stora full of movies and would like a nice interface to stream it to my TV. For some stupid reason a banned xbox360 cant play AVIs. No reason to get a new xbox360 as it still plays copied games so no loss there.
    1. CrunchDude's Avatar
      CrunchDude -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigorangekitty View Post
      Why would I buy this? I have 2 appleTV's with ATV flash, and stream from a 1TB external hard drive connected to a Macbook. I see no incentive to buy this. Anyone?
      My sentiments exactly.

      I can stream and sync anything I want to my Apple TV. I'll probably still get it because let's face it, that new Apple TV is one gorgeous and sexy little piece of art.