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  • Apple Hides All iPad Shipping Records

    Apple's secrecy about the its products is already well-known. However, the company has gone to even greater lengths to hide all details about the components that go into its equipment. According to a report by Trade Privacy, a trade data protection company, Apple has gone so far as to conceal all of its ocean freight import records concerning the iPad from public view. Reportedly, they are the first electronics manufacturer to keep its import data secret.

    Ttwo years ago, media reports predicted the arrival of the iPhone 3G before it had been announced based on data from Import Genius, which analyzed shipping records to determine unpublished details about the product. The development of the iPhone 3G was carefully shrouded in secrecy, with security so intense at Apple's Taiwanese partner that a worker jumped off a building following an investigation of a missing iPhone prototype. The worker had been subjected to a harsh interrogation by company security - including solitary confinement and a search of his home - and it was alleged that he may have been beaten.

    Nearly a billion records filed with the US Customs Service have been made public through the Freedom of Information Act, Trade Privacy says. This has given companies like ImportGenius and Panjiva a whole new business in collecting and analyzing those records, and selling them to competitors or the media. In 2008, after ImportGenius.com accurately predicted the arrival of Apple’s iPhone by monitoring the company’s import shipments, Apple took action to conceal their records from the public and their trade data is currently inaccessible from U.S. Customs.

    Some websites, like Panjiva.com, go beyond selling records and analyze company’s importing trends, selling the evaluations to manufacturers, banks and financial analysts. “It is alarming, critical trade secrets such as manufacturer sources, quantity of goods, product descriptions, destinations, and product arrival dates are now accessible to anyone in just a few clicks on-line,” says Andrew Park, the CEO of Trade Privacy. Somewhat amusingly, however, Trade Privacy publishes the import records of giants like Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Sony on their website, which also advertises data protection services to hide such records from public view.
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    1. FiLLYBoii's Avatar
      FiLLYBoii -
      Is it really nessesary?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      That is how all security firms do business. You expose an exploit and then charge the company to close the door on the vulnerability. Same here, expose import records and then charge millions to seal them...
    1. Bluprint's Avatar
      Bluprint -
      It's like they running a drug trade.. ^^ look at Nore breaking it down
    1. thebearisradd's Avatar
      thebearisradd -
      Why bother with hiding your products like this? It will be seen one way or another. And as far as competition goes, Apple has a good following so even if HP, or any computer manufacturer for that matter, were to get details and make a better product, Apples following will still purchase.

      The whole idea of this seems a bit ridiculous, to say the least.
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      All that this secrecy does is make those really keen on knowing to go to the extra lengths to find these things out, and also Apple spends extra on security which would not have been the case if they hadn't started towing the secrecy line!
      Then again, I wouldn't blame Apple too much cos of industrial espionage and the potential damage inherent...
    1. dast1g's Avatar
      dast1g -
      Souljaboy just said on twitter he got his .... Thought they weren't shipping until march??
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -
      Well...it's souljaboy. Lol he gets it before us I guess
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      lol is that even legal? and if it is, why are they keeping it secret if in one month or so they'll be released?
    1. ubundit's Avatar
      ubundit -
      Nothing to be hided, we all know what it look like......big deal.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      I have mine already! You guys don't have yours?..
    1. viettho's Avatar
      viettho -
      Quote Originally Posted by steve-z17 View Post
      I have mine already! You guys don't have yours?..
      I got mine too, I shrunk it a little smaller than its original.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      goood...so people don't steal them
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      its good buisness
    1. Luppin's Avatar
      Luppin -
      So theoretically Apple could be shipping thousands upon thousands of tons of cocaine and US Customs wouldn't know?
    1. romeo_herman's Avatar
      romeo_herman -
      Apple scare somebody steal its again.....
    1. ALIEN1974's Avatar
      ALIEN1974 -
    1. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
      PWNsyst3m -
      That was a delayed laugh. Lol