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  • "Get a Mac" Guy is a Jailbreaker

    I'm not sure how Apple is going to feel about this.

    As it turns out, Justin Long, star of the popular "Get a Mac" TV spots from Apple, is among us. That is, he's in our "community," if you catch my drift. And while Justin's former bosses in Cupertino may not be thrilled with this revelation, Justin Long obviously isn't just playing a contemporary, cutting edge tech guy on TV. In real life, he's exactly that. And then some.

    During an appearance this week on late night TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live", Long shared a story on the program that involved a personal demonstration (iPhone and all) of a humorous SMS convo that, ultimately, revealed more - much more - than just the funny comments in the chat. During the segment (check out the video above), it was apparent that Long has a jailbroken iPhone (gasp!) as Cydia was clearly among his visible iPhone apps.

    One has to wonder if Apple would have to terminate Long's contract as a result of his "devious" jailbreaking activities - assuming, of course, that the company hadn't already pulled the plug on the "Get a Mac" TV spots. Nonetheless, it appears that the star of "Live Free or Die Hard" wants his iPhone to live as freely as possible. And its a really cool nod to the jailbreak community to see that one of Apple's most public faces is actually... one of us

    Jimmy Kimmel Live
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    1. sal_osx's Avatar
      sal_osx -
      Right on!!! Justin Long ... Viva le jailbreak !!!
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      THat was great!! madde me laugh!
    1. amfdfireinside's Avatar
      amfdfireinside -
      i still say the producer jailbroke it for the TV out ability for the rest of the sketch. That and the placement of the icons. I dont think justin long jailbroke his phone.
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      I would have been easier for them to use a program like "phoneview" or something like that so they can get the cov and send it to a computer. Not only that but thats still great publicity that a star would choose the iphone over another and then he goes on national tv with this product. Ps i hope that all made sense as i'm very hungover.
    1. exodia1010's Avatar
      exodia1010 -
      Lol, it might have been done to have TV-Out ability but it was still funny.
      +1 Viva le Jailbreak!
    1. thekid05's Avatar
      thekid05 -
      lol busted lol
    1. plumoso's Avatar
      plumoso -
      Jailbreak 4 live
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Guess this means he'll be having a loooooonnnnnng talk with stevie boy about any future commercials from apple

      Maybe Steve is also secretly a jailbreaker? I'm pretty sure he envies us jailbreakers
    1. The_13th_Plague's Avatar
      The_13th_Plague -
      Knew there was a reason I liked his movies.
    1. cb22's Avatar
      cb22 -
      everyone jailbreaks their iPhone.... it's the right thing to do!!! atleast he didn't have in-stall-ous! lmao
    1. ramicio's Avatar
      ramicio -
      He probably got the phone for free. He probably got it factory unlocked. It probably had root access from the beginning. When you are a celebrity, and you do advertising for a company, you don't just money, there are perks.
    1. T4R06's Avatar
      T4R06 -
      i cant believe you posted this video.... this might be the end of justin long's contract on apple doing some cool commercial stuff dont you know that?
    1. jetfuel495's Avatar
      jetfuel495 -
      Jailbreakers - >9,000
      Apple - 0
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      There's definitely Apple employees with jailbroken iPhones. And I'd be damn sure that Steve Jobs has one on hand to see what "new features" he can put into iOS.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      I saw this a while ago, the texts are so funny
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Great that its shown his phone is jailbroken... But I would not consider him as tech guy, it is so simple to jailbreak now my dog can do it (if I had a dog).
    1. cardinalsrule109's Avatar
      cardinalsrule109 -
      Well if you look next to Cydia, you can see the TVOut application
    1. GregTheWang's Avatar
      GregTheWang -
      Omg i was laughing my *** off the entire thing and completely forgot why i started watching it until I saw cydia at the end xD He doesn't need a contract with apple, he can do much better :P
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      lol was wondering when i would see that cydia icon lol, thats funny hes gonna disappear now we will miss you justin lol
    1. ipod touch u's Avatar
      ipod touch u -
      i guarantee atleast half of apple employees have jailbroken idevices. everyone does it!