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  • "Get a Mac" Guy is a Jailbreaker

    I'm not sure how Apple is going to feel about this.

    As it turns out, Justin Long, star of the popular "Get a Mac" TV spots from Apple, is among us. That is, he's in our "community," if you catch my drift. And while Justin's former bosses in Cupertino may not be thrilled with this revelation, Justin Long obviously isn't just playing a contemporary, cutting edge tech guy on TV. In real life, he's exactly that. And then some.

    During an appearance this week on late night TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live", Long shared a story on the program that involved a personal demonstration (iPhone and all) of a humorous SMS convo that, ultimately, revealed more - much more - than just the funny comments in the chat. During the segment (check out the video above), it was apparent that Long has a jailbroken iPhone (gasp!) as Cydia was clearly among his visible iPhone apps.

    One has to wonder if Apple would have to terminate Long's contract as a result of his "devious" jailbreaking activities - assuming, of course, that the company hadn't already pulled the plug on the "Get a Mac" TV spots. Nonetheless, it appears that the star of "Live Free or Die Hard" wants his iPhone to live as freely as possible. And its a really cool nod to the jailbreak community to see that one of Apple's most public faces is actually... one of us

    Jimmy Kimmel Live
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    1. greek.guy's Avatar
      greek.guy -
      that is hilarious
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      only an idiot would not jailbreak any device that they own. if i could i would jailbreak my own wife too.
    1. Bluemoldycheeze88's Avatar
      Bluemoldycheeze88 -
      PWNED Again Apple

      Jailbreakers 2 Apple 0

      I bet you steve jobs use MyWi to tether and tells att to shove their 2gb plan.
    1. viperfan91's Avatar
      viperfan91 -
      I wonder if I can get ahold of him for a "Get a Jailbreak" commercial? LMAO!

      Just incase someone doesn't have the time to watch the whole video or maybe just doesn't care for the rest, here is the screenshot:

    1. nvrbnacmp's Avatar
      nvrbnacmp -
      the texts are hilarious...
    1. geoffe's Avatar
      geoffe -
      Suddenly I have more respect for the guy...
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      I'm glad it was just cydia and not **********. That would have been bad
    1. truncj's Avatar
      truncj -
      Quote Originally Posted by cardinalsrule109 View Post
      Well if you look next to Cydia, you can see the TVOut application
      I noticed that too. TVOut is the only option. I'm glad they took a practical approach to displaying it on the tv... <3 Cydia
    1. junnyboy11's Avatar
      junnyboy11 -
      Apple shuld face the fact that jailbreaking is the way forward i bet even stve jobs has jailbreak but wont admit it
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by T4R06 View Post
      i cant believe you posted this video.... this might be the end of justin long's contract on apple doing some cool commercial stuff dont you know that?
      Another reason why 9 year olds should not be allowed to use the internet
    1. ALIEN1974's Avatar
      ALIEN1974 -
      The video was all hilarious,but I really laught at the end when I saw Cydia in that BIG screen...

      Quote Originally Posted by iLaw-One View Post

      Maybe Steve is also secretly a jailbreaker?
      You can bet on they,he has to...
    1. iRoach74's Avatar
      iRoach74 -
      like steve job's iphone isnt jailbroken...?
    1. Eagleye's Avatar
      Eagleye -
      Quote Originally Posted by cardinalsrule109 View Post
      Well if you look next to Cydia, you can see the TVOut application
      I noticed that too. I dont think he jailbroke his device... It was most likely the crew who set this up. Either way, jailbroken is yet again proven to be dependable and quite handy. Pretty cool tho... and those texts are OMG SOOOO funE! LMAO LOL ROFL!........ jk.
    1. Lighto's Avatar
      Lighto -
      I just lmfao
    1. sabresfan08's Avatar
      sabresfan08 -
      He isn't under contract with Apple anymore for the commercials.
    1. AUSTIN3:16's Avatar
      AUSTIN3:16 -
      I guess his Apple Care is voided now! lol
    1. p1mpdog1's Avatar
      p1mpdog1 -
      That was funny and I love the end on the springboard CYDIA in all its glory!!! Watch now apple will can him for that, or can they it is now legal?
    1. Souljaboy Izy's Avatar
      Souljaboy Izy -
      lmpo and rotf glad he has interest in the jailbreak community but GOD DAMB that video is hilerious
    1. streamline's Avatar
      streamline -
      Commenting on an Internet forum is the last thing I would do if I'm hungover you must not have drank that much

      He doesn't need one. He can just go out and buy a few when he wants to
    1. khangul's Avatar
      khangul -
      There are updates needed to be installed!