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  • MMi's Staff Picks: Our Most Used Apps List

    Today is a special little feature. I've gathered some of the best and most used app recommendations from the MMi Staff, and here is what we consider to be worthy of almost always being installed on our iDevices, dubbed as our "Most Used Apps".

    Here is how I will do this. After asking each of the staff members their top picks, I will list the apps from the most common first, and then I'll show each staff member's top picks.

    Here are the top 5 Apps that are installed on at least 3/5 of all of MMi Staff's devices. Don't foget to let us know what apps YOU use most, and share your experiences.

    1. MyWi 4.0
    Jailbroken iDevice Required

    Hand's down the most common app found on the staff's iDevices, is MyWi 4.0. From the developers of Rock, comes the one of the most fascinating apps available for a jailbroken iDevice. MyWi is more than just a tethering enabler. MyWi creates a WiFi HotSpot with a press of a finger! Wherever you are - you can connect your laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone's Data via WiFi. MyWi has tethering support to iOS 4, and works with all jailbroken iPhones (including 2G/3G/3GS/4) and the iPad on 3.1.2 or later.

    Available in Rock for $19.99.

    If your looking for data tethering but don't need the WiFi hotspot features and just need basic usb cable tethering, check out TetherMe for only $1.99, but keep in mind it doesn't have nearly the power that MyWi gives you.

    2. InfiniFolders
    Jailbroken iDevice Required

    Since the release of iOS 4, this is probably one of the best tweaks you could ask for with the addition of folders. Normally you are limited to how many apps you can put inside a folder on iOS 4, but with the help of @Chpwn, InfiniFolders lets you put as many apps as you wish, inside of a folder, thus giving it the name inifnifolders.

    This tweak is available via Cydia for $1.99.

    3. WiFi Sync
    Jailbroken iDevice Required

    Coming in at third place, for the most common app found on the MMi Staff's iDevices, is WiFi Sync. Wi-Fi Sync enables wireless syncing with iTunes at the tap of a button. No USB Cable required. Sync from the anywhere within your WiFi range. You will be required to install 3rd party software on your PC/Mac but it's really simple.

    Available from the Cydia Store for $9.99. More Info On WiFi Sync

    4. Air Sharing & Air Display
    Available in the App Store (link)

    Another app that trended across our iDevices was Air Sharing and Air Display. Air Display lets you use your iPad as a secondary monitor. Simply position your iPad next to your computer, launch the apps, and just like that you've got another monitor. Air Display is $9.99 on iTunes.

    Air Sharing allows you to manage documents on the go. With Air Sharing, you can easily mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a Wi-Fi drive on your Mac/PC/Linux system or simply connect from any computer's web browser. Your also able to actually view and email documents as email attachments. This is great for anyone collaborating or using a central place to store frequently used documents. Air Sharing HD is available for iPad as well. Air Sharing is available on iTunes for $2.99 for iPhone and $9.99 for iPad.

    5. Tlert
    Jailbroken iDevice Required

    Tlert is an integrated MMS/SMS Texting add-on. It does not replace your Messages app, but rather enhances it while keeping everything extremely tidy and non intrusive. Tlert, like other quick reply applications, allows you to reply and compose from any app.

    Do yourself a favor and check out Tlert on Rock for $6.99.

    There you have it folks. Here is the top most used apps that each of the staff members listed. I'll try and do more features like this in the future.

    Cody Overcash aka cash7c3
    • InfiniFolders
    • Wi-Fi sync
    • urbanspoon
    • Air Sharing (HD) & Air Display
    • TWC Max+ & TWC
    • Hulu Plus
    • iBooks
    • MyWi 4.0

    Kyle Matthews
    • MyWi 4
    • Infinifolders
    • Tlert
    • iSSH
    • Words With Friends
    • Angry Birds
    • iFile
    • Pro HDR
    • Camera+
    • Twittelator

    Michael Essany
    • InfiniFolders
    • Wi-Fi sync
    • Air Sharing (HD) & Air Display
    • iBooks
    • MyWi 4.0
    • Dropbox
    • Dragon Dictation
    • Windows Live Messenger
    • Traffic View 2010
    • Todo

    Nick Hesson
    • InfiniFolders
    • MyWi 4.0
    • Tlert
    • Air Sharing
    • WiFi Sync
    • Winterboard
    • Veency
    • LockInfo
    • FourSquare
    • SimplyTweet
    • 5 Icon Dock

    Paul Acciavatti
    • N/A
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    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      Quote Originally Posted by ROFLwaffle View Post
      Hahaha, that's hilarious!! They must of removed the pic along with the post, as I don't see it anymore! So funny, woops!! Probably on the top 5 list but censored!
    1. stlcaddie's Avatar
      stlcaddie -
      Quick reply SMS , infinidock, ifile ( a must have ), vwallpaper ( works great on iPhone 4 ), mywi 4.0 and 3G unrestrictor.
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      Wow bitesms is looking rather nice with the features! , still i like my irealsms , gonna checks out vwallpaper
    1. AngelOfHavoc's Avatar
      AngelOfHavoc -
      Are any of you having battery issues with sbsettings? Ive been having battery issues on my 3gs and I think I've to sbsettings. I got 5 hours of usage + 1 day and 20 hours of standby on a single charge with sbsettings uninstalled. I installed sbsettings and now my battery life is about half that. Anyone else getting this?
    1. axb500's Avatar
      axb500 -
      I am not sure what caused this problem, but didn't really have it before Safari Download Manager / Ifile / Terminal / dTunes installation, but when I play videos in MiTube and Hulu+, they are black, with audio. I've also tried playing video clips in the Photo Album and they don't always work. Sometimes it'll just show a still frame, but play the audio. Any thoughts on this, how to reverse it (other than restore/re-jailbreak) would be appreciative. Thanks.

      UPDATE: I think part of the problem is TVOut2 can toggle on and off randomly. I still don't know why the video was buggy in Photo Albums, but seems fixed.
    1. jpetreanu's Avatar
      jpetreanu -
      For me definetly Lockinfo which allows to have a constant control of incoming mails, SMS, MMS, voice messages, calendar, weather, notifications , etc. An open only what is urgent. My main reason for JB. App Store offers nothing similar
    1. Jomann's Avatar
      Jomann -
      When I have money in my account, I usually have no problem with buying some of the cydia apps.

      But when I have no money, it starts making me think just how much time they really put into an that app, and why I should even be paying for it in the first place.
    1. Nielsenius's Avatar
      Nielsenius -
      Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
      Once again, paying 20 bucks one time to tether is great then paying a monthly...if you didn't care much for tethering then you wouldn't complain about it's price nor come up with theories of how things get pirated due to price...I payed my 20 for mywi and I'm enjoying typing this on my iPad , which I don't have to pay monthly for on neither device....
      I'm not sure where you got that from. I wasn't complaining and I certainly was not coming up with theories. It has been shown in numerous studies that expensive products are more likely to be pirated than cheap products. Here is a link to one such study: Study: Piracy Impacted By Price, Punishment and Morality

      Quote Originally Posted by Blufox View Post
      This is where I have to say you are 100% wrong. Being in the software industry, and communities like this for a long time now, I have seen how it pans out. No matter what the price tag, if it is going to be pirated, it will be. You should never cut your price tag short because you feel it will be pirated. A person that gets cracked applications, games, movies, etc... will do just that no matter what. Look at the price on AppStore apps, mostly under $5, but we have more cracked apps out there than you could possibly count. Pirating illegal wares is a mentality. It's like putting a lock on a gate ... It is only going to keep an honest man out.
      So you don't think that price has any correlation to piracy? This study says otherwise: Study: Piracy Impacted By Price, Punishment and Morality
    1. k.nitsua's Avatar
      k.nitsua -
      App Store

      1. Osfoora (for Twitter)
      2. Boxcar (for push notifications)
      3. Air Mouse (for my HTPC)
      4. Madden NFL (for my boredom)
      5. Shoutcast (for internet radio)

      Jailbroken Apps

      1. My3G (for YouTube HD and FaceTime)
      2. MyWi (for Wi-fi Hotspot)
      3. SBSettings (for laziness)
      4. Infinifolders (for awesomeness)
      5. WinterBoard (for IN-YOUR-FACE awesomeness)
    1. mereeves's Avatar
      mereeves -
      My favorites:

      MyWi 4.0

      I'm new to the iPhone, but I've found the phone and the apps to be incredible and well worth the price. The only app I've had problems with is Elert. Love what it's trying to do, but it seems very buggy.
    1. energiesource's Avatar
      energiesource -
      i use bite sms over tlert. previously used quicksms but bite sms' layout for quick reply is AMAZING, tlert looks like ****.
    1. edge777's Avatar
      edge777 -
      Decent list, with two warnings. MyWi is great, however, there is not a non-Rock version as there was for 3.x. Rock, in my opinion, is a piece of garbage which really hurts the phone.

      Wi-fi Sync works for some, but is crazy buggy for others (I, and others, had to restore our phones due to the mess that this app created). The dev has since turned tail and run, ignoring all support request, and pretty much left the planet. Don't expect it to be fixed or get better, he knows it's a bad app and has totally run away from it. Fortunately, I was able to get a refund through Amazon payments.
    1. jbellis74's Avatar
      jbellis74 -
      How to you use torentula? I installed the app but not sure where to go from there...
    1. Imahottguy's Avatar
      Imahottguy -
      Sorry, but MyWi is a freaking rip off. I will be glad to see when another dev steps in and offers a similar feature set for a lot less. Lets be honest here, in a market where apps are going for $10 tops, you got this guys hawking his for $20. I don't mean to bash him, but I don't like how he does business, and also how he is currently gouging. Whoever has the talent should release their own version for half the price, you'd be amazed at how much more that guy would make, and how much less his app would be pirated.

      @Nielsenius I agree with you. For example, if PhotoShop was sold for $50, I think that more people would actually buy it. Of course, there will always be piracy, some people won't even pay $0.99 for anything.
    1. robertr1's Avatar
      robertr1 -
      How is mobileairmouse not in this? It's pretty awesome just because the touch pad on my laptop is annoying and sometimes there isn't enough room to move a mouse around.
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      Still MyWi is a must for me. I didn't agree with paying for it twice so I didn't but still works good on 4.0 for me.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      Paul Acciavatti

      -Mywi ++++
      -Twitter for iPhone @rhekt
      -iFile ++++
      -Pandora ++++
      -Terminal (prior to iP4) update update update
      -FirewalliP ++++
      -tLert ++++
      -3G Unrestrictor
      -CNET News
    1. anekin007's Avatar
      anekin007 -
      heres my top jailbreak apps which i think are must have for any jailbroken phones. some apps that apple should have done but didnt. it seems mmi promotes a lot of rock apps but there are cydia apps that are not on rock that are not even mentioned.

      QuickReply for SMS - looks more natural and way better then tlert
      Cyntact - shows the pictures of the contacts when you pull up your contact list and in favorites. something apple should have done.
      CyDelete - deletes apps installed by cydia or rock just like apple apps. hold down and click the x to delete.
      MyStrings - changing strings made easy when i mean easy. its easy.
      SBSettings - quick swipe of your status bar and you got a world of shortcuts a must have!
      Safari Download Manager - from pictures, files, to movies. integrated icon to easily access and monitor your downloads from safari.
      YourTube - integrated into youtube an easy download and view of youtube videos.
      Winterboard - everyone knows winterboard if you dont got it you must be under a rock.
      3G Unrestrictor - easy to use better then my3g
      iBlacklist - theres always someone you want to ignore this app does that and does it well.


      Backgrounder + Proswitcher + 5 icon dock = WIN
    1. Hypertek99's Avatar
      Hypertek99 -
      How do you get mywi4.0? My free trail expired and now when I open it it just say checking for license update but nothing happens and I can only click on exit. If I go to rock website I can buy it for $19.99. How do I get the upgraded price of 9.99 as I already bought mywi3 before?
    1. angel_92701's Avatar
      angel_92701 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sal_osx View Post
      MyWi 4.0 is the most used app on my IPhone 4. It's also the main reason that my friends have chosen to have me jailbreak they're iPhones.
      Yeah, it cool..but can att charge you for tetheering using MIWI. even if you have unlimited data plan. or they don't know that you are using a tether app.How This works..????