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  • Report: iPhone 4 Sales Hindered by Verizon Rumors

    On Friday, Paul stated what we all feel regarding rumors surrounding the iPhone coming to Verizon. No, rumors are not news. But "when enough reports come together, all pointing in the same direction, then at a given point it's worth stopping and taking a look at what it all adds up to."

    For customers on the fence about a possible upgrade to the iPhone 4, "what it all adds up to" are hindered iPhone 4 sales. That is, according to a new Morpace Omnibus report, approximately one-third of all AT&T iPhone owners who have not yet upgraded to the iPhone 4 say they are "waiting for the iPhone to become available through another mobile carrier before upgrading."

    Rumors of a Verizon iPhone have now taken on a tone of "eventuality." Given the culmination of "hints" referenced by credible sources in Paul's piece, all signs do in fact appear to suggest a forthcoming Verizon iPhone. This report, however, isn't meant to add further hype to the rumor mill. It exists to illustrate a staggering fact - the huge and almost inconceivable sales success of the iPhone 4 could very be a muted case study of the device's ultimate sales potential. If and when the iPhone reaches the Verizon network, the second round of buying could prove far more mind-blowing than anything we've seen so far. And perhaps that prospect alone is reason enough to believe that Apple will soon forge an alliance with Verizon to tap this enormous "waiting" market.

    Morpace Omnibus Report
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    1. Noyster's Avatar
      Noyster -
      I WANT the iPhone on Verizon soo bad
    1. sharrack's Avatar
      sharrack -
      You may be in a different area but I did a test run on the 4 and the droid X before the new OS and there was no comparison.
      In AZ.........the verizon network smoked the ATT network.
      Try downloading the the wundermap off of the wunderground.com weather
      site. ........Verizon did it in 20 seconds..........I waited for minutes
      and then the iphone 4 just locked up. Thats how I judge a networks speed.
      Pages were loading with such ease on the Verizon network.
      ATT chugs along!
      And I love my iphone!!!!

      Gbmoreno..........well Ca. is not AZ.......I'm in Az .......tested both my self and those were my findings.
      In AZ......only Verizon will get you reception in the remote parts of the state. All of my buddies travel AZ like nuts and never have I heard the letters ATT.......only Verizon.
      Most of my friends who have iphones have a verizon phone as well.
      Got to be a reason.

      The only reason I went from verizon to an iphone is because I decided I'd rather enjoy my iphone and all it's toys than worry about who needs to talk to me.
      But if given the choice...verizon iphone ......bring it!

      Funny......my iphone struggles for 2 min to get that screen up then the page flickers reloads........never actually loading.