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  • iPhone Owners Have More Fun

    Well, here's a piece of survey data that will have Apple's marketing people up at night: according to an analysis of online dating profiles, iPhone owners were found to have had (or claimed they had) more sexual partners than Android owners. In particular, by age 30, female iPhone users said they had twice as many partners than their Android-wielding counterparts. It's going to be tough figuring out how to put that in an Apple ad.

    The data geeks at dating site OkCupid decided to do an analysis of what kinds of pictures their customers found attractive. They did one of those "Hot or Not?" type surveys, where users are shown two pictures side by side and asked which they would rather date. They then determined what sorts of pictures people liked the most, tearing into the EXIF metadata of the photos for the kind of camera, time of day the photo was taken, shutter speed, etc. They also discovered, as they crunched the numbers, that they had "data on the number of sexual partners for 9,785 people with smart phones."

    So they did what any data geek would do and began making graphs.

    According to the cross-referenced data in OkCupid's analysis, the average 30 year-old male iPhone user has had sex with ten people, while BlackBerry owners have been with eight. Android owners had only managed six partners by the end of their third decade. Numbers for women were similar, with iPhone-owning females the most sexually successful, racking up an average twelve partners by age 30. The advantage for iPhone owners held up for younger users, too, with BlackBerry and Android owners taking second and third position, respectively, at every age surveyed.

    OkCupid's report on this is unclear about how they figured out who owned which phone. Since the survey was about photos, it's quite possible that what we are looking at here is the numbers for people whose picture was taken by an iPhone, rather than necessarily the owner. It's reasonable to think that many of those are the old arms-length-self-photo shots, but a fair amount have to be pictures taken on someone else's phone. Either way it's kind of a win for iPhone OkCupid people: either they're doing well, or they know someone who is well enough to take their picture.

    Source: Daring Fireball, image via OkCupid
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    1. DonnaSIM's Avatar
      DonnaSIM -
      Nice survey! it really fascinates my imagination.
    1. yahhcold's Avatar
      yahhcold -
      Just lol phone have nothing to do with sex.
    1. Nielsenius's Avatar
      Nielsenius -
      Quote Originally Posted by iLoveWindows&iPhone View Post
      To sum it up, this article IS CONCRETE PROOF that iPhone 4 users r generally better looking, more intelligent, more interesting, have better genetics, more charasmatic, and just generally more appealing then non iPhone 4 users! There's no question about it!

      Thread closed....
      Well said my friend.
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      endwaro -
      Quote Originally Posted by westerman View Post
      Apparently you haven't the bulge my iPhone puts in my pocket? The ladies love playing with my slide to unlike zipper
      Lmao awesome dude

      Quote Originally Posted by westerman View Post
      And for girls who don't have an IPhone use this pick up line. Is that a new shiny iphone 4 in your pants? She responds no? Oh because I can see my self in them

      Quote Originally Posted by Joseph_Prophet View Post
      I can just imagine a pc nerd walking into the apple store and trying to decide whether or not he should buy the iPhone 4, and then the apple rep whispers to him "it'll help you get laid." and the guy says "I'LL BUY IT!!"
      Yeah your right
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      mckcap -
      I have 5 Iphones 2 Ipods I must be a raving sex maniac
    1. Devilish4eveR's Avatar
      Devilish4eveR -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      (In a stupid blonde voice) "So... do iPhone owners.. like... really have more fun? *bobs head back and forth*
      haha... You guys crack me up.

      Everyone knows iPhone is the best thing that ever happened to "the phone". Now this seems to also show that iPhone owners have more sex then other "smart phone" owners. Whahaha.

      I switched from an iPhone 2G to a Blackberry Javelin at one point for the soul reason that my gf had a Blackberry and it was cheaper to communicate via BB messenger then calling or sms'ing. My sex life didn't go as well as when I had the iPhone. So, with that said, I would agree with what was said in this add.

      More iPhones = More SEX!!!
    1. BBR123's Avatar
      BBR123 -
      av iphone user = dirty hipster that lives off there parents money and go to coke parties were anyone can get laid. yeap survey makes sense .... not saying all seeing how i am an iphone user lol.

      side note, confidence does get you laid, and lets be honest, iphone users are cocky SOB's lol