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  • Apple Still Trying to Curb In-Store Jailbreaking Phenomenon

    Almost everyone I know wants to jailbreak an iDevice. But there's a catch. Since they've already jailbroken their own iPhones, iPods, and iPads, they would prefer to try something a bit more daring. You know, like jailbreaking a display device inside of an Apple store. Apparently, a lot of folks in our community want the thrill of doing just that. And Apple is aware of it.

    Understandably, Apple isn't fond of folks like us jailbreaking iPhones and such inside of Apple retail stores. As a result, Apple has effectively blocked Jailbreakme.com from being accessed at the company's retail outlets over its available WiFi networks. Not surprisingly, Apple is anything but a big fan of jailbreakme.com, a one-stop browser-based jailbreak shop for all iOS devices that fully exploits a PDF security hole in the Mobile Safari browser. Apple, however, said this week that its fixin' to serve up a fix for this PDF exploit that will be available via a future iOS update.

    Reports of Apple blocking the jailbreak site first surfaced late in the week and, in all actuality, didn't necessarily come as a big shocker to anyone, although there were scant indications that some customers could still access the site at Apple locations as of Saturday morning. Today, however, I endeavored to access the site at my nearest Apple store (I'm lucky they still let me in) and was promptly prohibited from doing just that. Looks like I won't have my own YouTube video (like everyone else does) of me jailbreaking an iPhone inside the Apple Store. And I was really hoping to show the grandchildren one day. Oh well. But at least some have the distinct honor of being among the few (and proud) who actually managed to jailbreak a floor model iDevice.

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      Quote Originally Posted by lll2for3lll View Post
      You guys are stupid. You're messing things up for all of us. Do you think Saurik and the guys at Comex would go into an Apple store and do this? No, because they're smart enough not to piss off Apple. Saurik said they may know all the iPhones that have been jailbroken and this could give them all the more reason to cook up a remote brick for us.

      You guys begged and beggged for a jailbreak and when you got one, you ABUSE it.

      Thanks a lot.
      First off, Comex is a person, not a place.

      Second, it was Musclenerd and Chpwn themselves that said they wanted to see this happen and wanted video of it.

      The remote brick idea is stupid and is totally illegal. Musclenerd has also stated this.

      This isn't abusing a jailbreak, it's screwing with Apple's in store equipment and as stated, just because jailbreaking is legal, doesn't mean altering their in store devices is. Yes, it is immature but to feel threatened by it like you seem to be is crazy.