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  • Apple Still Trying to Curb In-Store Jailbreaking Phenomenon

    Almost everyone I know wants to jailbreak an iDevice. But there's a catch. Since they've already jailbroken their own iPhones, iPods, and iPads, they would prefer to try something a bit more daring. You know, like jailbreaking a display device inside of an Apple store. Apparently, a lot of folks in our community want the thrill of doing just that. And Apple is aware of it.

    Understandably, Apple isn't fond of folks like us jailbreaking iPhones and such inside of Apple retail stores. As a result, Apple has effectively blocked Jailbreakme.com from being accessed at the company's retail outlets over its available WiFi networks. Not surprisingly, Apple is anything but a big fan of jailbreakme.com, a one-stop browser-based jailbreak shop for all iOS devices that fully exploits a PDF security hole in the Mobile Safari browser. Apple, however, said this week that its fixin' to serve up a fix for this PDF exploit that will be available via a future iOS update.

    Reports of Apple blocking the jailbreak site first surfaced late in the week and, in all actuality, didn't necessarily come as a big shocker to anyone, although there were scant indications that some customers could still access the site at Apple locations as of Saturday morning. Today, however, I endeavored to access the site at my nearest Apple store (I'm lucky they still let me in) and was promptly prohibited from doing just that. Looks like I won't have my own YouTube video (like everyone else does) of me jailbreaking an iPhone inside the Apple Store. And I was really hoping to show the grandchildren one day. Oh well. But at least some have the distinct honor of being among the few (and proud) who actually managed to jailbreak a floor model iDevice.

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      So set up your JB iPhone with a Wifi hotspot, join that network on the store iPhone and have fun...
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      Quote Originally Posted by iphone4idiots View Post
      Personally I like my video more. I took the time to change the carrier from ATT to Sprint and signed the banner after installing the Royal Deluxe theme on 4 iPHones.

      YouTube - ‪Apple Store Jailbreakme Challenge - Jailbreak iPhones & iPads in Apple Store‬‎

      EDIT: Now that I think about it this does seem kind of wrong. It wouldn't be as bad if they didn't have to restore the iphone to fix it. Doing that to 5 or more iphones would annoy the hell out of me.
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      Balls status
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      Quote Originally Posted by ipod_guy View Post
      Socks5 proxy then (not the web ones, the ones you set in the wifi settings) will most likely work

      that or the dns trust me most of the time they just block the dns

      also on page three i posted info on this already
      Hmmmm... somehow, DDNS blocks you from connecting it you set a proxy up in wifi settings where I have tried it; not at an apple store, though - I don't live near one. Have you tried this yet? As for it being already posted, sorry.

      Quote Originally Posted by ddonuts4 View Post
      sorry for the useless repost. i deleted it
      except i forgot to delete it... lol. I just fixed it.
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      greenchicken120 -
      I still did it to all the iPhones at my local AT&T store..
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Pretty childish IMO.
    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      This is out of line, this is what happens when noobs get involved and think their cool. I liked the jailbreak scene when it wasn't like mainstream. The jailbreak is awesome, I just wish it wasn't so easy. So it would keep people away!
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      This is retarded. It is one thing to mod your own device, but to mod property that is not yours is disrespectful and childish.
    1. jaypcool's Avatar
      jaypcool -
      Bite SMS it's awesome and fully working!!!
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      What would be really funny...jailbreak a demo at worst but of wally world and add iSpanks.HAHA
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      GmAz -
      Wow, look at att the apple fanboys in here. "don't mess with apple, they gonna be mad" "that took a lot of guts". Are you kidding me. He browsed to a website on a publicly open display phone.
    1. Trooper Sam's Avatar
      Trooper Sam -
      As I had a reason to visit an Apple Store today, I decided to jailbreak an iPhone 4 while I was there. Just turned off wifi and did it on 3G.

      I have only one reason that I can think of that's good enough to do it for. JB a display device, and immediately go into Cydia, and "make my life easier".

      I figure that somebody down the road might appreciate finding that their hashes have already been saved for that one device, assuming it makes its way into the refurb pool.
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      lol i think ima jb another iPhone in apple store or att and download isteamy from xsellize free porn lmao at ur local att or apple store =P
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      Wait a minute... If I'm not mistaken the phones in the apple store are all activated so cant you just turn off wifi and use 3g? It looks like you don't even need MyWi because apple can't block stuff on 3g haha. Might be awfully slow though.

      edit: oops looks like someone beat me to it. Thats what I get for being lazy and not reading 7 pages of comments.
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      haha I did this to all the i devices in all the shops in my CBD, was funny as (:
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      donkeykongking -
      bite sms is the ****, give it a try
    1. tremerone's Avatar
      tremerone -
      I use mywi to access jailbreakme as some stores like future shop don't have any wifi connection! Good times!
      I was jailbreaking the i4 while the guy was trying to sell me on it! Good times!
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      Bassface -
      I wish I had thought to do this before it was too late
    1. vikrants's Avatar
      vikrants -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigiphoneinreno View Post
      Look chief,

      Muslenerd was one of the tweets that said he would love to see this done. So here is a great idea. Take your little sobbin butt back to the corner. No one wants to here your whining. Here you go, here is and icookie...now shhhh.
      You're so cool!! Listen I love jailbreak on my phone and I'm forever grateful to the devs. But this is vandalism. You're making changes to someone elses property. It's disrepectful.