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  • Water Damaged iPhone? Grab Some Rice!

    The good people at iFixYouri have published an interesting how-to guide for helping curb water damage to your iPhone after being accidentally submerged in water. According to the makers of the above video, water damaged iDevices are incredibly commonplace. But even if your iPhone takes the plunge, there's still a chance you can fix the soggy mess yourself.

    Common sense, of course, dictates that if your iPhone falls into the toilet, a lake, or any other pool of liquid, the first step is to retrieve the device as quickly as possible. The next steps, however, may not be so familiar. Once you've retrieved your handset and powered it off, pop out the SIM card. Last but not least, stick your iPhone into a bag of uncooked rice. If you have a bag with ziplock functionality, you're in good shape, as any air in the bag of rice will reduce the effectiveness of this technique.

    According to the team at iFixYouri, "if you follow the above steps and mail the water damaged iPhone we can fix it as good as new." Then again, you may not even need to send the device in. Simply wait 48 to 72 hours after your rice-drying experiment. There's a good chance that your iPhone will be back to normal and showing few signs of internal water damage. If, however, your iPhone isn't working properly, simply put the device back in the bag of rice and send it to the people at iFixYouri, a business that specializes in repairing damaged iDevices.

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    1. AUZambo's Avatar
      AUZambo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post


      I see people everyday who put their phones in rice. All the rice does is make a mess. It will never absorb the liquid and corrosion from the logic board of an iPhone.
      Everyday?!! Man...you have some accident prone friends/acquaintances. You might want to keep your distance!

      FWIW, I know people who have used the rice technique with much success.
    1. santatution's Avatar
      santatution -
      I accidentally had my iPod Classic fall in to a puddle of water one time and my dad took out the iPod immediately and it still works perfectly. I also left it out to dry.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      I wonder if Wild Rice would work better!?! LOL
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      The phone never fully died on the video. But my wife went into the pool last year with her iPhone 3GS and killed it. I took it all apart dried all parts and replace the LCD, put it all together and the phone worked like new.
    1. BradTrinh24's Avatar
      BradTrinh24 -
      I have a good story. I bought my iphone 4 and out of the box it didn't vibrate. Long story short is that I was leaving in 2 days for Canada and closest time I could schedule with the apple store was 3 days so I had to keep it for a while till I got back. Anyways couple days in my grandma puts my phone in the washing machine...and since I was still in shock I tried to power on the phone knowing in my head I should leave it off. Last, I put it in rice and it worked and guess what, the vibrate even worked...for a few days lol. Now it's back to now working and I think my sticker in my headphone port is semi-red so I really don't know what to do. Everything works except vibrate and I just hope the apple store lets me exchange when I get back to the U.S in a couple days...I'm open to any suggestions.
    1. fklentz's Avatar
      fklentz -
      Four days after getting my iphone4 it was knocked off my belt clip into a hard-to-reach bilge pocket on a ship I was working on. Submurged in a combination of saltwater, fuel, oil and jacket water chemicals.
      It took 15 minutes just to get it out. I blew the liquid out with a can of dust out, still dead I washed it by dipping it in 90% isopropyl and blowing it out and drying (no rice). Still dead I cleaned it with more alcohol and swab and dried it with a blow drier. Success, it powered on but the screen had a strange washed out 3D look but it was working so I tried to sync it, it went dead again, never to rise again. I took it to the apple store to see about warranty coverage. After returning fron the back of the store the apple rep kind of snickered telling me it looked like it got wet so no free replacement. $199+tax and I was back up with a new one, had to go to ATT for a new micro sim as that was dead too.
      I now have a squaretrade warranty that will cover anything apple won't. Beats doing the rice thing hands down.
    1. macsoldier's Avatar
      macsoldier -
      whos carrying a bag of rice in there pocket?
    1. skblut's Avatar
      skblut -
      My husband had his iphone in his pocket when he went into the water (river).We put it into a bag of rice and also used a blow dryer on it and the phone started working again so this does work.The sim card was removed it took a couple of days.