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  • iPhone 4 Cracks Emerge
    Apple compares the iPhone 4 glass to a helicopter windshield, and say its 30 times harder than plastic and less prone to breakage.

    On its website, Apple talks up the "aluminosilicate glass" used in the iPhone 4, which it says is the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains.

    "Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever," Apple says.

    A Sydney iPhone repair shop has seen different after the first broken model came through their door.

    According to the Sydney repair shop, one must be careful not to drop their iPhone 4 because the cost to repair the glass is significantly higher than the 3G[S]. (I feel no matter what iPhone one owns one must be careful not to drop)

    The young gentlemen that dropped his phone off at the Sydney repair shop states that it will cost $199.00 to repair and states that he feels the iPhone 4 was just as, if not more fragile as the previous models. For the 3G and 3Gs models a screen repair was around $129.00

    Remember - Apple does not cover it if you drop it. The phone slipped out of his hands because he was carrying too many things. He also provided photos showing the damage on dropped iPhone 4 models follows a similar pattern of previous versions.

    EDIT: The gentlemen stated "I kind of regret not putting the cover on straight away but I didn't think it would shatter like that, I just thought it would be a small scratch," he said.

    "It's not even as durable as a BlackBerry - I drop the BlackBerry all the time but i've never seen something that's shattered this quick."

    'I'm shattered': cracks emerge in iPhone 4
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    1. ugshotgun's Avatar
      ugshotgun -
      Well on the first day I had my iPhone 4, in fact, within the first hour...I dropped it from my hands while walking across a hard tile floor; it skidded across the room at Mach 3. I just knew for sure that my "hour old iphone 4" was toast; but, not a scratch on it. So with that said, I guess the glass is tough when dropped a certain angles, but not so tough at other angles.

      I bought a cheap case later that day, and I now have an Otterbox Defender case, I'm resting pretty easy now!

    1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
      1shuttle1 -
      I don't get why apple goes to such great lengths to make a product pretty. To me it's all about the OS. That's why I buy the iPhone. When you think about what you want in a phone it's always OS and battery life. Apple has done a really good job on those two things. I am just not sure why there is so much focus on looks. Everyone always puts a case on it anyway. If you do like the looks and go the route of a clear case, a week later all you see is scratch marks in your clear case. i would definitely buy the phone still if the case was built for more durability and not so much for looks. Selling a phone on the fact that it keeps getting thinner is silly. Especially when you are forced to put a case on it that makes it twice a thick(otterbox) to get the protection that you feel safe with.

      I doubt anyone really feels like the bumper is the safest case to use. Again apple went for looks over protection.

      I would really rather Steve use the word durable over magical in his next speech for the iPhone 5.
    1. nkgneto's Avatar
      nkgneto -
      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      I haven't bought the iPhone4 yet was waiting for the white one... what kind of case would you suggest to protect both sides of the phone?
      I'd suggest the Otterbox, I don't have the iPhone4 yet but if it's as good as the 3Gs cases it will be GREAT! I've dropped my 3Gs many time on concrete and asphalt and the phone is still brand new when taken out of the case. BEST cas. IMO.
    1. Arabprince's Avatar
      Arabprince -
      Quote Originally Posted by saltyfishy123 View Post
      Im buying a cracked iPhone 4 off someone tomorrow. on ebay replacement digitizers like 65 bucks.. dont know if its as good at the original but hope it works.. im payin 500 for it
      Why don't you just get a new one
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      the glass is very hard, but hard doesn't mean shatter proof. People need to understand that. Also, putting an invisible shield on is pointless with this phone... the glass doesn't scratch and the shield won't provide any protection against it cracking. The biggest reason why they crack is that the glass is not surrounded like the older models. It's possible to drop it and have the corner of the glass hit before the stainless band. A case or bumper would help a lot with this.
    1. Xtremeiphone's Avatar
      Xtremeiphone -
      wow that sucks
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      I immediatly put mine in a case right out of the box...
      i'm sure the case would have helped a lot in absorbing shock...
      although they don't make specific screen protectors for the iphone4 at apple i just picked up the old 3gs screen protectors and applied both of them to the front and the back... for the front i just used a hole punch to make the hole for the front camera... i'm sure a screen protector will also absorb some of the shock from the phone being dropped...

      when i asked for a screen protector at the apple store the guy said "you don't need one. the glass can't be scratch"... yeah whatever is what i was thinking
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      How are the screens $129.00?
      When i drive down the street from me, the guy charges $25 3g, $60 3gs. Not only are the prices reasonable but they change the screen in front of your eyes which i find is cool to. Takes only about 30mins took me like 20, and i was out using my once cracked iphone perfectly fine. Soo...$129.00? is outrageous maybe your paying for some next thing?? and I know the 3g and 3gs screens are different with the sensors on the front.
    1. Rob_Quads's Avatar
      Rob_Quads -
      Forgot to put the other major factor against a case... virtually every accessory then does not work. With a case on my iPhone4 does not fit...

      My cradle on my desk at work
      My cradle in my car
      My AirCurve I use on holidays for some music
      My cradle in the living room for charging/connecting to the hifi.
      My cradle in the bedroom for charging
      .... the list goes on and on.
    1. ComputerGeek96's Avatar
      ComputerGeek96 -
      Its pretty simple. if I'm going to wait 6 hours in line and spend $200-300 on a phone, I am going to protect it...i don't care if the glass is bulletproof. I got a speck clamshell case first and the morning the otterbox case came out, i had it on order with overnight shipping. if you are going to mess around and gamble with your devices, then you deserve for them to break. yes, they are pretty but when it breaks, its not pretty anymore.

      I didn't even order my iPad until i had my otterbox case for it in hand.

      I bought iphones for my wife, mom, and niece and refused to give it to them without an otterbox case. My wife ran over hers with the minivan....not a scratch and she is still using it.

      Now granted, no matter what case you have, there is always a chance that if you drop it just right, it will break but if you take precautions with how you carry it (not talking about death grip) during everyday life, you stand a much better chance for the case lasting a long time.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      The i4 glass simply protrudes out around the edge where as in the other models it is protected by a metal frame. It's not rocket science. Take away the metal frame, and all you have is bare glass. It breaks easier.
    1. sensown's Avatar
      sensown -
      Quote Originally Posted by xwinger View Post
      seeing that i just got my iphone 4 today this kinda scares me. they dont even have cases in canada yet!
      That's so not true. The FutureShop I bought mine from on launch had cases, which I found ironic since you'll be getting a free one from Apple.
    1. joe97's Avatar
      joe97 -
      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      I haven't bought the iPhone4 yet was waiting for the white one... what kind of case would you suggest to protect both sides of the phone?
      I recommend the Otterbox (Defender Series) for iPhone 4- best case hands down--
    1. brian5s's Avatar
      brian5s -
      This stuff isn't anything new. iFixit did this test when the iPhone4 was released, showing that a waist high drop could shatter the glass. This is true on the 3GS and others as well...
    1. ComputerGeek96's Avatar
      ComputerGeek96 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rob_Quads View Post
      Forgot to put the other major factor against a case... virtually every accessory then does not work. With a case on my iPhone4 does not fit...

      My cradle on my desk at work
      My cradle in my car
      My AirCurve I use on holidays for some music
      My cradle in the living room for charging/connecting to the hifi.
      My cradle in the bedroom for charging
      .... the list goes on and on.
      someone should invent a cable that goes ipod 30 pin mail to ipod 30 pin female...just a little 6 inch extension would solve that. to me its still worth it to have my otterbox so i don't break it as easy.
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      I know that a lot of the responses to people dropping fones -- for whatever reason -- is 'you should be more careful with something so expensive', but that does take some of the responsibility off Apple. It's irresponsible to design something that isn't suited for it's given purpose.


      Remember this guy? Circa 1996. Small and nearly indestructible -- I can't count the number of times I sent one down stairwells or skidding across a car rental lot. However, Motorola new that phones get dropped -- it's a fact of life -- and they designed theirs so that would not be a problem. It was also not very attractive by today's standards.

      Apple, needs to do a better job of designing phones to be used in the real world. If they want to make them super-pretty, great. They still need to be usable in the real world. And if dropping it -- at all, let alone 3 times -- causes it to break, it's a bad design.

      If they had made it from Sugar Crystals, where both moisture and fragility would be a problem --- but it looked gorgeous --- would people still be saying that it's the user's fault when the phone dissolves or cracks? Or would they be saying that they never should have bought it in the first place?

      There is something called 'the implied warranty of merchantability' and it's very reasonable to expect that if Apple makes a phone out of glass, and says not to be worried because the glass is super-strong it's implying that the phone should be just as durable as the old StarTac or any other phone produced today since that's the 'industry standard'. And that's the standard against which they would be judged for the 'warranty of merchantability' standards.

      I really like my iPhone 4, however, had I known that there would be antenna problems, or that it would be this fragile, I may have waited or not have gotten it all.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      When I get mine, I'm getting a free case and a screen protector
    1. youngbrammer's Avatar
      youngbrammer -
      My friend broke the back of his phone within 3 days... Apple fixed it for free
    1. g12007's Avatar
      g12007 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      You cannot replace only the digitizer. The LCD and Digitizer are fused together. If one breaks, you need to replace the entire display. We have been forced into charging $179 for rplacements. The parts cost $100-110

      Damn that's a new phone
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by g12007 View Post
      Damn that's a new phone
      No, it's not. At no point, in any dimension, under any leader, is any iPhone new under $599-699. if you do not understand your subsidized plan, re-read it.