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  • Is Geohot Ready With Jailbreak Release?

    A very curious post on Twitter is leading some to believe that a jailbreak release is imminent from Geohot. If so, the move would come as quite a surprise given the great fanfare that recently surrounded Geohot's alleged and self-proclaimed "retirement" from the jailbreak community - a move that saw Geohot cancel his Twitter account, set his blog to private, and assign good friend Mike Cohenn as his proxy, noting that all future messages would come through Mike.

    Today, one such message from Mike was received and it has the jailbreak community on a tentative high alert. The message: What's a good time to make it ra1n? Naturally, one could be reading way too much into this particular tweet, but Cohenn's relationship with Geohot is solid and it stands to reason that the jailbreak master may have simply thrown everyone off his scent to toil in private for the last few days of the jailbreak release prep. Of course, this is entirely speculation, but if we are, as advised by Geohot, to follow Cohenn for the latest jailbreak update, then perhaps this tweet is actually both meaningful and newsworthy.

    Needless to say, time will only tell what (if anything) this curious message actually alludes to. But keep your eye on Geohot's proxy today... as the question of "What's a good time to make it ra1n?" could very well be answered by Geohot very, very soon.
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    1. jdiaz923's Avatar
      jdiaz923 -
      What's a good time to make it ra1n?
      Answer: Right the hell now!!!
    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      Quote Originally Posted by awesomeiPod View Post
      Oh my god...

      Sometimes, I wished that jailbreaking didn't exist...Too much trolls, too much drama queens.
      I totally agree with this, it's gotten old fast. With all these damn noobs, you can't blame Geo for getting out (if he did) nonstop harassment from cry babies. The Devs work benefit us all, and it's there choice if they want to share the wealth. If I were them I'd tell 95% of these people to f*** off!
    1. aidanski's Avatar
      aidanski -
      Quote Originally Posted by soulthoughts View Post
      Actually he's been a massive influence since the first iPhone.
      Whops I know, I should of rephrased that to "recently" as it
      was he that first unlocked the iPhone. So he kinda goes back a bit.
    1. nliszka's Avatar
      nliszka -
      I'm ready for a downpour!! All hail King Geohot!!!
    1. smooth22's Avatar
      smooth22 -
      Is Geo hot more advanced then the Dev team i dont get it? if geo has already jailbroken the iphone does that make him better then the Dev team at jailbreaking?
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by smooth22 View Post
      Is Geo hot more advanced then the Dev team i dont get it? if geo has already jailbroken the iphone does that make him better then the Dev team at jailbreaking?
      They share info between each other. Sometimes it is not always the same exploit.
    1. thekid05's Avatar
      thekid05 -
      Quote Originally Posted by PSYC0TIC ONE View Post
      dude, you do not DRIVE a maybach, you RIDE IN a maybach... you DRIVE a Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Gumpert, Radical, etc... lol
      Taken too literal, but ur right lol.
    1. jds1469's Avatar
      jds1469 -
      I hope this gets released just to watch everyone who complains about Geohot still use his software. Why cant everyone just STFU until you are able to release a jailbreak yourself.
    1. Tamkis's Avatar
      Tamkis -
      Quote Originally Posted by ronfin44 View Post
      Really? You saw a movie where some genius decided to brick an unbrickable device? Must've gone straight to DVD.

      I personally would LOVE to see George release a JB just so everyone in here that's been talking smack about him starts jumping all over his pole again.
      Coming to theaters near you! Killera1n: Revenge of Geohot! rofl. I do sure hope Geohotz does indeed release a JB which also works for ipt3 ios4 untethered. I can wait, like others have suggested, Geohotz "retired" just so he could have nobody to bug him.

      It would be a shame if he left. 1st baseband unlocker, 1st 3gs JB, 1st iPad JB, prominent hacker of the PS3 comT
    1. stfudvs's Avatar
      stfudvs -
      who cares, there are other people who will release better exploits
    1. Mr. Quackers's Avatar
      Mr. Quackers -
    1. Trooper Sam's Avatar
      Trooper Sam -
      Dev Team, Geohot...makes no difference to me. I as a user benefit regardless of which of them is first. They all work hard so that people like me can enjoy a good jailbreak.
    1. TheGrandFinale2001's Avatar
      TheGrandFinale2001 -
      It's actually been raining in Ga a lot lately lol. But I would certainly welcome this ra1n lol.
    1. sendertimes's Avatar
      sendertimes -
      Quote Originally Posted by romeoz View Post
      _Geohot is another jb faker...

      Fyi -- @_Geohot is a fake
      4:14 PM Jul 19th via UberTwitter
      Dont get me wrong, but its normal for people to show this type of emotion and ridicule against Geohot, I too donated in the past, to help him out, and the last thread I saw was him retiring, so if he is retireing, and then comes out with a jailbreak for the Iphone 4 , that would be great, but if this is just another, thread, just so he wants attention, I can bet that if he had any credibility , he will lose it all
    1. turdsmoka's Avatar
      turdsmoka -
      Who's ready for a cure for canc3r?
    1. dazzer1983's Avatar
      dazzer1983 -
      Past caring now
    1. skiptowncat's Avatar
      skiptowncat -
      Quote Originally Posted by turdsmoka View Post
      Who's ready for a cure for canc3r?
      Roy castle?
    1. atrophee's Avatar
      atrophee -
      Wish it would ra1n today.
    1. Halten77's Avatar
      Halten77 -
      Looks like it might Ra1n, but guaranteed it will Sn0w red Go Dev Team!
    1. tekwiz's Avatar
      tekwiz -
      Quote Originally Posted by shirwan72 View Post
      Not everyone here speaks native English as a first language, try typing your post in my native first language..... Nepalese ??
      Haha, reminds me of that movie The Golden Child!


      I said a I, I I a I, want the knife......pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee.