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  • Apple Debuts Antenna Site to Belabor Point and Bash Rivals

    Did anyone really think Apple would stop defending itself with the conclusion of today's pity party press conference?

    If you did, you are certainly going to be disappointed with Apple's post-press conference follow up - the launch of a veritable antenna site within Apple.com that not only belabors the arguments made by Apple chief Steve Jobs today, but comprehensively emphasizes the antenna troubles that apparently plague all smartphones - not just the iPhone 4.

    Every smartphone has a cellular antenna. And nearly every smartphone can lose signal strength if you hold it in a certain way. To demonstrate this, we tested iPhone 4 alongside other smartphones.
    They're all there: Samsung, HTC, Blackberry... all vulnerably exposed to the world by Apple - a move that is bound to infuriate Cupertino's biggest competitors while stressing once again that Apple won't have its iPhone 4 dragged through the mud all alone. In addition to the video of today's media event, Apple is also publishing what amounts to a comprehensive study of smartphone antennas. It's pretty obvious that Apple is hoping those complaining about the iPhone 4 will be so enamored of the company's $100 million dollar test labs that you'll be happy just to have a device that was actually tested inside something so cool and shiny

    Already panned by some critics as cheesy, petty, and self-serving, Apple's antenna site is up and running with the clear intention of putting our minds at ease about this overblown "Death Grip" hype with a helpful reminder that Apple's engineers "have logged thousands of hours designing and testing iPhone 4 in these state-of-the-art facilities." In other words: we understand this better than you do, so shut up, take your free case, and we'll see you when the iPhone 5 comes out.

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    1. hmg9194's Avatar
      hmg9194 -
      you are relentless. jesus do you always have to have a problem with everything just because they are superior? They've come up with several fixes for you assholes to be happy so take what you got and deal with it or hey, give it the **** back like they've given you the option to do! I personally don't think they should have done anything because the issue really ins't that big of a deal.
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      Quote Originally Posted by love2drive2fast View Post
      +1 on that !!!

      I've had my phones jailbroken for so long, I can't even remember the last time I used a "normal" one ... I'm starting to feel weak ... I need MY themes and icons back !!!

      GO DEV TEAM GO !!!

      Apple makes it ... all the developers here make it BETTER !!!
      +2 on that
    1. eJunkier's Avatar
      eJunkier -
      Quote Originally Posted by GreenMachine View Post
      This should be fun hearing the "other side" of the story from other manufacturers. Let the mud slinging begin.
      You won't hear any story from other side. If you can hear from other side, it won't be story and it will be LAWSUIT.
    1. jcarroll's Avatar
      jcarroll -
      Jobs is taking this personally. He approved the design and can't/won't accept it's flawed.

      Hanging on the .55% complaints is just whistling past the graveyard. Every iPhone4 has this issue and it's not going away without a hardware fix. If you're lucky enough to not experience the "death grip" because your skin isn't conducting over the gap, good for you.

      And now he's taunting the competition? Whoa! Dumb move. Look for an all-out spoofing onslaught from the competition. Way to give the issue more life, Stevie-boy.
    1. SchmilK's Avatar
      SchmilK -
      The first blackjacks came with a sticker on the battery cover (half xof the size of the phobe) that said "for best phone reception do not cover this area"
    1. nkgneto's Avatar
      nkgneto -
      I Have not heard of ONE single 3GS ever having this issue. This is BULL CRAPOLA. How all of a sudden the 3GS has a antennagate...what the hell is that word anyway. Just stop Negateting the damn issue your phone has. This is really bad publicity from Apple.
    1. 6309phone's Avatar
      6309phone -
      There's a lot of people that have iPhone 4 without problems. If you do, take it back if you don't like it. Just do it.

      > This is really bad publicity from Apple.

      Do you have an iPhone 4? Are you having problems with it?
    1. AUSTIN3:16's Avatar
      AUSTIN3:16 -
      Actually when I had my 3GS it would drop a couple of bars when I gripped it but, I thought nothing of it as my Blackberry and Blackjack did the same thing. It only would happen when I was in areas of a weaker signal. My iPhone 4 seems to perform better than my previous 5 phones. The Death Grip only happens in weaker signal areas.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      From now on when kids trying to spread the blame to others when they did something wrong, it should now be called "Doing a Jobs".
    1. metatrox's Avatar
      metatrox -
      Some of you all just need to stop crying and live with what you got or return it. A bunch of cry babies! If i buy something from wall-mart and dont like it i return. Do the same or sell it or whatever... Geeessse!
    1. j_alicea's Avatar
      j_alicea -
      So, I think it's pretty funny how people are such little *******.
      Seriously, always complaining about something....
      Whether it is an antenna issue(which I have not had any problems with), or complaining that the latest jailbreak hasn't been released quick enough.

      Stop being such whiny little *******.

      This issue has been blown way out of proportion.
      Only .55% is reporting this issue? That's miniscule.
      But the fact that it was Apple, the media gets wind of it, and it is suddenly mass hysteria over it.

      How many products have come out with much larger concerns and a larger complaint base that are never really heard about. Seriously, move on people.

      Now, complaining that Steve "outed" the competition?
      Products are compared to each other everyday in ads and what not. Where are the complaints about that? Nobody really cares, because that is part of the business.

      If you bought an iPhone and are not happy with it, return it for a full refund.
      If you don't want to return it, that means you really do think it is a better phone, otherwise you would return and get another brand.
    1. Dizzy714's Avatar
      Dizzy714 -
      So is 3 bars the new 5 bars or some sh-t? Funny how they test the other phones with 5 bars and both iPhones with 3 bars. Honestly, I have 3 bars right now and it's been like that the past hour - 3 bars is what I'm getting 75% of the time with my phone. I think this update screwed us and is showing even weaker signal than what we really have, so that way when we do this death grip it only drops 2 bars or so. Apple can kiss my *** at this point.
    1. ssfirme's Avatar
      ssfirme -
      Dev team please release the jailbreak!!!
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      Steve Jobs/Apple = 5 year old pointing finger at his sibling and saying "....well...he did it too...huh!"
    1. defdad's Avatar
      defdad -
      I am completely satisfied with my iPhone 4. I took my phone out of the case today and followed the live blog on CNET today reporting from the press conference and the whole time, over an hour, I was holding it with "The Death Grip" and although I saw the bars drop(I'm still on 4.0), I stayed on 3G the whole time and never noticed any signal loss. I also never had any calls drop while not in the case. If I was having problems, I would take it back for a full refund and get a 3GS. I'll gladly take another case though because I hardly ever go "naked" in public.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      In poor taste to put the other model phones in a PR stunt to prove a point.
    1. love2drive2fast's Avatar
      love2drive2fast -
      Quote Originally Posted by 6309phone View Post
      There's a lot of people that have iPhone 4 without problems. If you do, take it back if you don't like it. Just do it.

      > This is really bad publicity from Apple.

      Do you have an iPhone 4? Are you having problems with it?
      Just got mine yesterday, and no "death grip" issue ... BUT I can say that my 3Gs has WAY better reception at work (even with the phone just siting one the desk) ... so far today, two of three calls went strait to voice mail ... with NO missed call in the log. But it's day 1, so officially the jury is still out ... I love it so far (it really is an impressive design) , but if it keeps that up ... I won't be keeping it.
    1. ctrobins's Avatar
      ctrobins -
      .... Are we still talking about this?

      Free Case.
      Or Give it back.

      Works for me!

      I have an iPhone 4... and have never had a problem with it. (I'm not mistaken, nor am I hypnotized by Apple hype. I've simply never had a problem.)
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      If your gonna go down, bring the competition with you
    1. PStuLovesCrackk's Avatar
      PStuLovesCrackk -
      The one thing that gets me is that they did't even mention something about a hardware fix or even a newer model to fix the problem... instead they are pushing through with the white ones, knowing that they still hold the hardware problem... Apple should have just owned up because now they got a whole bunch of shi* coming to them.