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  • Reports: Apple Executives Unsure of Plan, Announcement Through Late Thursday

    Although we are only minutes away from learning what course of action Apple will take in addressing and, hopefully, repairing the iPhone 4 reception issues that have plagued the device since its release late last month, there are mixed expectations among many Wall Street analysts and industry observers regarding what specific steps the company will take to finally put this corporate and consumer nightmare to rest.

    Not only are analysts confounded by what Apple can or should do, there are reports that executives at the company wrestled with the exact course of action and careful wording of the announcement through late Thursday. As a result of this after-hours deliberation (perhaps a process that will continue right until the press conference actually begins), the Wall Street Journal is quoting one analyst who sees a “higher probability” than ever of a voluntary recall or in-store repair of the phone.

    An across the board recall of the iPhone 4 is no longer on the "highly anticipated" list of most analysts. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky says Apple will use the media today to not only address the current model's antenna flaws but also to acknowledge design improvements that will eliminate the problem for those purchasing the handset from this point forward. In other words, expect the looming spotlight consumption to be as self-serving for Apple as possible.

    Gleacher & Company analyst Brian Marshall has much simpler expectations from Apple. Marshall predicts that Apple will bluntly apologize for the frustrations born of the glitch, mitigate the severity of the problem, and roll out a free bumper program (via Apple gift card) to iPhone 4 customers experiencing the "Death Grip."

    Apple's much-anticipated press conference begins today at 10:00 am PST, 1:00 pm EST.

    Wall Street Journal
    Apple Insider
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    1. Wilbourn's Avatar
      Wilbourn -
      Quote Originally Posted by globol View Post
      Question.... The picture used in the beginning of this thread. Is it wrapped in vinyl? It looks awesome with the matte black sides and a thin part of the metal showing all the way around.
      I dont think there is a black band on there and its merely the lighting playing tricks on the camera. Look at the left corner and how it is shining with the light. I too thought there was something on there until I looked at it again.
    1. soldoutluck's Avatar
      soldoutluck -
      Quote Originally Posted by aimetti View Post
      ill take a free bumper , considering my phone is just fine.
      What they said
    1. TheOnlyest's Avatar
      TheOnlyest -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdonn2009 View Post
      oh yea, cause apple always makes themselfs look bad right... ?!?!?! why do you buy their products if you don't like the company?
      I dont and WONT own any of crApple's products EXCEPT the iPhone... I will freely admit that once its jailbroken, nothing can touch it!!!
      I'll also admit that I dont even have the "death grip" problem with my 4... But I think its despicable how they have addressed the problem thus far!
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      If it's free bumpers then the next iPhone 4 will be called "iPhone 4S" "S" stands for Signal..
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by waroftyr View Post
      Ya pretty sweet except the problems when it's on of hard to use the headphone jack(again), silent switch is hard to reach, and can't really use third party USB dock connector cables, other than that they are great
      haha. That's why I said it looks sweet. Yea it doesn't fit in any of my docks so it's pretty fail for practical use.
    1. waroftyr's Avatar
      waroftyr -
      Stealth are you just going to keep it in the packaging or are you gonna put it on and admire it that way too lol
    1. GreenMachine's Avatar
      GreenMachine -
      Quote Originally Posted by justinwinter View Post
      seriously?! i dont want a free rubber band!! i want a friggin $300 phone that works!
      Agreed. No rubber band should be required. I didn't want to have to use a case. Fix it or replace it. Looking forward to the spin from Cupertino.
    1. dq13's Avatar
      dq13 -
      free bumper doesn't solve anything to me. I buy the producl for the design and like to keep it WITHOUT any casing what so ever. if I want a rubber phone, I'll buy something cheaper. I like the phone not only for what it does, but for how it looks... this has to be solved in a different way than a free bumper, otherwise, keep the phone and I'll buy something that doesn't need an ugly rubber to work
    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      Sweets for the sweet!!!!

      Soon to be some memorable quotes:
      "iPhone 4 doesn't fall to far from the (Apple) tree."
      "I think this will be a good year for the DROID market."
      "Do you think I can still sell my iPhone on Ebay?"

      And my favorite:
      "Why do I need to buy a rubber for my iPhone? Hasn't Apple screwed me enough...."
    1. ramicio's Avatar
      ramicio -
      I don't care for Apple's products much, other than the iPhone. If they would have stayed on the path of openness, it would be a better company, but a much much smaller one, and there would not be iPods or iPhones. Their computers I have always hated, for styling and the UI. I feel I can do more with my phone that I can with an Apple computer.

      I really don't think much of anything will be done about this issue. If they do shield the transceiver better, I really don't see that as a fix. I thought the issue was with a signal getting grounded.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -

    1. romeoz's Avatar
      romeoz -
      I hope everyone returns their iphone 4...as for me, Im keeping mine, but maybe my data will be faster if everyone returns theirs :-)
    1. InDashMP3's Avatar
      InDashMP3 -
    1. Chityuulay's Avatar
      Chityuulay -
      i am returning mine,they can't even solve the issue for death grip, and there are others problems with iphone 4 but not as big issue as death grip. i have seem some problems that my other iphone did not have like sensor issues, some kind of werid freezing problems speciall making call and not getting thru and can't even cancel call and freeze. etc.
    1. gbarielmoreno's Avatar
      gbarielmoreno -
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      Quote Originally Posted by khiphone3g View Post
      I don't expect them to do anything beside telling people that there is nothing wrong with the phone. There "software" fix was released yesterday and there is no more reception drop. However, they won't say anything about people who used to have 5 bars now have 3 or 2 bars.
      Incorrect sir. I have updated and still can replicate the deathgrip without even trying!
    1. Chase817's Avatar
      Chase817 -
      If they do issue a voluntary recall, I'm going to be pissed that I will lose my $30 invisibleSHIELD
    1. wickedfx's Avatar
      wickedfx -
      Not to be pushy, but my wife accidentally put her t-mobile phone through the wash. I pretty much need an unlock for the iphone 4 now. haha. When is it coming out again??
    1. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
      Bleeditout2130 -
      Quote Originally Posted by veliksam View Post
      I don't care about the death grip, anyone foolish enough to carry their beautiful i4 without a case or skin is already an idiot in my book! So if you want to avoid death grip and scratches, keep ur phone in a case! If u r rich and can afford to buy a new phone every 1-2 months then you should screw using a case and forget about buying an i4 and just use a 3GS for now! It's true though, u should not need 2 use a case or skin just 2 make a call from ur phone. Anyways let's see what happens.
      You are ridiculous.

      For the first 3 iPhones, I never had a case and never needed to repeatedly buy new ones. It's called taking care of your ****. I have an Invisible Shield to protect my phone and I still get the death grip.

      Part of the beauty of the design of the i4 is actually being able to see it. That's why I'm using the Invisible Shield. I like the phone as it is and I don't want a ghey "bumper" on it.

      We agree that a case shouldn't be needed, but someone not wanting/using a case doesn't make them an idiot.
    1. Doran's Avatar
      Doran -
      Quote Originally Posted by wickedfx View Post
      Not to be pushy, but my wife accidentally put her t-mobile phone through the wash. I pretty much need an unlock for the iphone 4 now. haha. When is it coming out again??
      Talk about off topic.... I have the issue only in certain areas in the Southeast region. I too do not believe that a rubber band is a fix. I guess my wife's white iP4 will have no issue. Hmmm, I wonder if that's why they delayed that one?