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  • Apple Holding iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday

    Apple will finally address the iPhone 4 dilemma in greater detail this Friday in a scheduled press conference. While much is not yet know about the event, it will take place in Cupertino and will focus exclusively on the iPhone 4 and the lingering reception issues related to the "Death Grip" phenomenon. First reported by the Wall Street Journal, late Wednesday Apple informed the media of the press conference which will formally commence on Friday, July 16th at 10:00 am PST.

    Apple offered no further details beyond that, but given the events of the past few weeks, it’s likely we’ll be hearing quite a bit more about the iPhone’s reported reception problems and Apple’s plans to address them.
    In recent days, Apple has endured hellish media treatment born of the company's seeming hubris in the face of growing consumer calls to do something - anything - to more formally and progressively acknowledge the antenna issues that have plagued the device since its release last month. While it isn't yet known for certain that Apple will issue a massive recall of the iPhone 4, some are assuming the the seriousness of a formal press conference is the obvious set-up for such a substantial announcement.

    But don't count on it.

    Yesterday, we reported the calculations of Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi who placed the total cost of a full product recall to Apple at an estimated $1.5 billion, although subsequent estimates have placed that figure just beneath 1 billion.

    Wall Street Journal
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    1. ish8894's Avatar
      ish8894 -
      Maybe a new iphone with the ability to call people without having to hold it in a ziplock bag first.
    1. cultgti's Avatar
      cultgti -
      Maybe steve will do the meeting via face time in the other room to have it not work because of every one else using up the wifi but realy knowing it needs to be held with the other hand.
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      They will just do warranty returns then tell you wait while they build new ones then again apple might just tell you it's all in your head and you have no problems take this white pill and all is well
    1. adrian1480's Avatar
      adrian1480 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cultgti View Post
      Anouncing Canada sale date. He will say nothing about death grip.
      yea...good luck with that.
    1. sgtanimus's Avatar
      sgtanimus -
      Quote Originally Posted by unlaced View Post
      I want the white iPhone Apple when the hell is it coming out!?
      white iphone will probably come out with a Duct Tape. LMAO!

      I don't want the damn BUMPER..ok everyone let's vote..LET'S KEEP THE IPHONE 4 and give me OUR money back and FREE ATT SERVICE FOR 2 YRS.
    1. boxxa's Avatar
      boxxa -
      Really curious about this. This is the only non event/keynote of apple I can think of about a product so waiting to see.

      Honestly tho the bars do drop randomly but over all it's a solid phone and it looks great. Would be upset If the fix is really a bumper to change the way the phone looks.
    1. Os7.1.0's Avatar
      Os7.1.0 -
      Ha ha lol.
    1. shawn o's Avatar
      shawn o -
      Press conference is to announce 4.1 and pre-order for white Iphone 4s.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Maybe I'm being overly reasonable here, but if choosing whether or not to sacrifice 3.5% of my cash on hand meant the difference between doing the right thing or potentially putting a serious dent in the trustworthiness of my company......I would take the loss and learn from it.

      It's not like 1.5 billion is gonna bankrupt Apple. I'm not in the mood to crunch numbers but if 1.5billion dollars is only 3.5% of their cash on hand....then they must have some serious money stockpiled.

      Do it Apple. It will slow ur sales down initially, but once everything is right then the sheep will wander back in.

      Or I could be completely wrong and this entire press conference would be held just to confirm that Apple does not see an issue and to remind all consumers that they do not give two sh*ts about what u have proven or want.

      All you geniuses that keep posting on how you DONT have an issue aren't helping either. You're just convincing those who are stuck in between decisions to go ahead and get the iPhone in hopes that they'll luck out and maybe get one that doesn't have the issue only to find out that they weren't so lucky.
    1. gehjl's Avatar
      gehjl -
      Quote Originally Posted by jadedmonkey28 View Post
      there not going to do anything, a recall is all talk. They will simply say that every cell phone has cell phone issues, the fact remains the phone works fine for most people 99% of the time. They will more than likely just advise people that anyone who is unhappy with their current phone can return it or exchange it within 30days of purchases.
      Honestly that’s all they really should do, people have been crying over this when the fact is if you have a case it's already a moot point. People claim they will sue, over what, so your phone doesn't work if you hold it a certain way, does it work if you don't hold it that way, YES it does. case closed. I side with apple here, my I4 has always worked fine, yeah i have seen people hold it and bars go away, but guess, what it has never dropped a call and it’s never been an issue for me. Yes i have a case, but then again i have a IQ above 5 and think that only an idiot would by a 300.00 phone with no case.
      If you don’t like your IPhone, then STFU and return it already. What you don’t want to, then I guess you really don’t care about said death grip. People who whine about it are all talk, they really want their phone and now they want to get it for free or get some kind of kick back from apple, sorry folks, the reality here is you are free to take it back, that’s all you can do, I hope to god that’s all apple says. I work in IT and not a day goes by where some idiot doesn’t whine because tech wasn’t designed as if they were the only person who would ever use it. Grow up people, stop crying already.
      You sound like the kind of person that works in IT and believes that every consumer that calls is a moron who doesn't know how to use their product.

      If I paid 300 for a phone, while still paying monthly to use it, you better believe that I would complain that I must hold it in a special way to use it. Yes, my calls drop or the other person can't hear me if I'm doing the death grip. It's one of the most common ways to hold a phone. Maybe if it was in the top left or right corner, this issue wouldn't be as big. But if Apple tells me that I have to look like I'm throwing up gang signs while I'm holding my phone in order for me not to lose reception, that's just ridiculous. I've owned about 4-5 Metro phones, a SLVR, RIZR, t-mobile wing, G1, 3g, 3gs, and the iphone 4; and none of those phones ever had an issue when being held in a certain way, except the iPhone4. Even the G1, it had a horrible battery life, and what did T-mobile do? They offered us a bigger battery free of charge.

      I have a case on mine, but by force. I did not feel like paying 30 dollars for an overpriced rubber band from apple. I planned on waiting out for switcheasy to make a case I like, but unfortunately if I wanted to actually use my phone like a normal person, I was forced to buy a bumper.

      I believe that this iPhone was launched with design flaws that should have been caught by Apple, and the way they are handling it, is just unacceptable. We'll just have to wait till Friday to hear the official "You're holding it the wrong way!"

      Edit: for the guy above me

      According to Apple's balance sheet as of 9/26/09, they have on hand 5.2B in cash and cash equivalent and 18B in short term investment. They also incurred a 6B loss in cash flow last year, so we'll see if a recall is in the cards.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Quote Originally Posted by shawn o View Post
      Press conference is to announce 4.1 and pre-order for white Iphone 4s.
      (a) 4.1 is already released.

      (b) they don't need a press conference to announce a different-colored version of the exact same phone.

      (c) I hope their white iPhone 4 sales and ALL iPhone 4 sales for that matter are in the toilet if they do not address their design flaw AND fix it.

      (d) I just farted
    1. thanksman's Avatar
      thanksman -
      Maybe apple will give us a new case called icase that has a built in antenna that fixes our iphone4 signal issues
    1. phoenixfire425's Avatar
      phoenixfire425 -
      better hope its about this..
      This is what i put on the support form on apple. see how long that last.

      I am also having this problem! I called apple support about this and they said it was an issue with my phone and that they have only had one similar call about the issue. An on top of that it did while i was on the phone with them.... TWICE! and the second time i some how managed to three-way a call.
      This is really irritating and apple knows that they are in the wrong.
      They said that i could replace my phone for a new one... oh but wait i would first have to ship my phone into apple to get my new one. Or the can cross ship the phone but have to put a $599.00 credit hole on my card!!! My last options going to an apple store or att retail. but none of them are going to have the iphone for 14day!

      Apple I have been a very long and loyal friend. I have to say I am really disappointed in what you are doing. You know the consumers that feed your company.
      And on my last note. I am back to having my reception issue.. you know what they said... your holding it wrong.... Not acceptable.. second thing that they said. buy a case. All the current ones that i can get a hold of suck. And were in the commitments of buy this phone say that "you must also buy a case if you want it to work the way it should." And what if i like it just the way it is and i have two screen protectors on it? Then looks like I have to make a sacrifice for a product that i paid for to get to work 100%.


      Thank You,
      Corey "
    1. creasy425's Avatar
      creasy425 -
      no way are they going to announce a recall. Me thinks that ATT would have gotten a heads up about a recall by now, and none of mmi's super secret ATT ninjas have reported anything like that (as far as i've seen anyhow)
    1. macfan406's Avatar
      macfan406 -
      Jobs thanks everyone for being there
      -Talks about how iPhone 4 is the most successful iPhone to date, and announces day 1 sales figures
      -Announces AT&T will let any iPhone customer up to Jan 2010 upgrade
      -Announces there was a problem afterall, and they have some options
      -Free bumpers, New phone, Gift card, return, exchange for 3GS in same GB (all customers get bumpers, gift card, and new phone. 3GS and return are optional)
      -International launch July 28
      -White iPhone launches July 28 for all countries in the Jun/July launch window
    1. 24trepid's Avatar
      24trepid -
      Screw the bumpers, this is what they're gonna give us Friday .....

    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      When I step back from all the controversy and arguments, and just look at this for
      What it is.... It's pretty amazing what apple has done.

      Telling people to hold their phone in a different, akward way, is the equivalent to toyota telling people they were driving their car wrong when they had their infamous recall problems..... It's really unbelievable.

      Don't get me wrong, I have an iphone4, love my iphone4, and have no problems...but I have a case. The fact that apple somehow missed this problem in development is absolutley amazing. But what is more absurdly amazing is how apple has dealt with this problem, just unbelievable if u ask me. I hope they will admit their wrongs, but I don't know if their pride will allow it.
    1. 14u2nv's Avatar
      14u2nv -
      You know, I've been one of the ones saying the whole time that I haven't had the death grip, but alas it has happened. While on the side of the road with two blown out tires, I called AAA and in the 10ish mins I was talking to them, I could hear the other person fine but they could not hear me at all. Kept coming in and out, but eventually dropped the call. I was in the middle of town, standing next to a cell phone tower, sad. My signal bars were full and 3g was fine the whole time. They called me back and the issue was not there again. I love my iphone, and won't get rid of it for this little issue, but if I would have been in the middle of nowhere trying to get help and my phone wouldn't work,, I'd be pretty ticked!
    1. creasy425's Avatar
      creasy425 -
      Quote Originally Posted by 24trepid View Post
      Screw the bumpers, this is what they're gonna give us Friday .....

      who new nextel would be next to get the iphone...
    1. sucram6791's Avatar
      sucram6791 -