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  • Apple Holding iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday

    Apple will finally address the iPhone 4 dilemma in greater detail this Friday in a scheduled press conference. While much is not yet know about the event, it will take place in Cupertino and will focus exclusively on the iPhone 4 and the lingering reception issues related to the "Death Grip" phenomenon. First reported by the Wall Street Journal, late Wednesday Apple informed the media of the press conference which will formally commence on Friday, July 16th at 10:00 am PST.

    Apple offered no further details beyond that, but given the events of the past few weeks, itís likely weíll be hearing quite a bit more about the iPhoneís reported reception problems and Appleís plans to address them.
    In recent days, Apple has endured hellish media treatment born of the company's seeming hubris in the face of growing consumer calls to do something - anything - to more formally and progressively acknowledge the antenna issues that have plagued the device since its release last month. While it isn't yet known for certain that Apple will issue a massive recall of the iPhone 4, some are assuming the the seriousness of a formal press conference is the obvious set-up for such a substantial announcement.

    But don't count on it.

    Yesterday, we reported the calculations of Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi who placed the total cost of a full product recall to Apple at an estimated $1.5 billion, although subsequent estimates have placed that figure just beneath 1 billion.

    Wall Street Journal
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    1. jwalkd9's Avatar
      jwalkd9 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cerote View Post
      How about we skip past what that person was talking about and stay on topic.
      ok, just playing around.

      back to the topic
      i hope that apple does something to address this issue more than just saying hold it a different way or it is a cell phone issue in general.
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      Steve Jobs is gonna troll everybody and teach the world a new method of holding your smarthphone at this conference
    1. CaNt Be FaD3d's Avatar
      CaNt Be FaD3d -
      Why would ppl be happy with dumb *** bumpers?? Seriously
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      Quote Originally Posted by cerote View Post
      White iPhone finally coming?!

      Never hhhaha
    1. XFaega's Avatar
      XFaega -
      I have a feeling that Apple will come out and say that all the test that has been presented was done incorrectly according to their enginners and their results are accurate. And tell us if you don't like your i4 return it. I will be impressed if Apple came out and said yes there was a problem and we can fix it. Or maybe have us who had the first batch return and exchange for the new batch of iPhones that was talk about in this forum of people getting newer batch of i4 that don't have the same problem. Who knows?
    1. deadfire55's Avatar
      deadfire55 -
      please lower price!!
    1. chrisrotolo's Avatar
      chrisrotolo -
      Tip for press conference: don't hold the conference in the left corner, you may not recieve a good reception.
      just made that up myself,
      sounds like another one of steve jobs tweets....
    1. CMOSlabs's Avatar
      CMOSlabs -
      Free bumpers!!! Hmm, now what color? I bet you that's one of their fixes
    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikethomson View Post
      its a press conference to announce the new head of there new anti-jailbreak team... George hotz!!!
    1. alirz's Avatar
      alirz -
      You know what they are going to announce!
      Further international release delayed till september and a full on replacement for everyone else
    1. skizo's Avatar
      skizo -
      Apple has already made their stance on this issue very clear. I highly doubt they are going to do any backtracking of any kind, much less free bumpers, or even more, a recall. That simply isn't going to happen. No way, Jose.

      My prediction is that they will go into more depth with the excuse they've already given. 'That's their story and they're stickin' to it', and all that.
    1. ish8894's Avatar
      ish8894 -
      They will supply a free box of crayons to coat the antenna with
    1. iphone925's Avatar
      iphone925 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ish8894 View Post
      They will supply a free box of crayons to coat the antenna with

      hahahahahahahah LMAO =))
    1. allanes5's Avatar
      allanes5 -
      Can't wait till Friday!!!!
    1. domanads2k4's Avatar
      domanads2k4 -
      ^^^ to be let down
    1. ty22's Avatar
      ty22 -
      So glad I bought my EVO instead. AT&T was bad enough as it was, I could not have dealt with an antenna issue. I love Sprint, and I'll be happy to buy another iPhone as soon as it's on Sprint and this is fixed.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      Five bucks says they find a way to tell everyone they are crazy in a way the Mac zealots actually believe.
    1. twitchthecat's Avatar
      twitchthecat -
      Quote Originally Posted by jadedmonkey28 View Post
      there not going to do anything, a recall is all talk.... Yes i have a case, but then again i have a IQ above 5 and think that only an idiot would by a 300.00 phone with no case.
      If you donít like your IPhone, then STFU and return it already. What you donít want to, then I guess you really donít care about said death grip. People who whine about it are all talk, they really want their phone and now they want to get it for free or get some kind of kick back from apple, sorry folks, the reality here is you are free to take it back, thatís all you can do, I hope to god thatís all apple says. I work in IT and not a day goes by where some idiot doesnít whine because tech wasnít designed as if they were the only person who would ever use it. Grow up people, stop crying already.
      You STFU. Everyone knows their available options. Do you really think people bought the phone to complain about it? We want a sweet f..... phone that works. It's great for what it does, but it stinks for what it doesn't.

      And about the $300 buck and having an IQ above 5, maybe buying a replacement isn't an option for you, however, having a case is an option. As in choice.

      I planned to not use a case because of the super strong glass ("30 times stronger than normal glass!" they said - although people report cracked screens and chipped glass occurring from small falls and putting on cases) and because of the supposed better antenna.

      I never cracked a screen on my 3G or 3GS and I'm careful with my phone, but if it is damaged, necessity will require me to repair it or replace it and a smartphone has become a tool for me. The iphone 4 (without the bulky case) is (was?) the sexiest of the smartphones.

      You sound like a tech geek who has poor people skills and you are not thinking from the perspective of a consumer. There are many people that don't want a case or even think about them, let alone see using one as a measure of intellect generally.
    1. roodisdagr8's Avatar
      roodisdagr8 -
      i think this might be what i have been waiting for. they are going to tell the world the arrival date of the iphone 4 in white and they will announce that it has already been redesigned and there will be no issues with the white one. that is all.
    1. cultgti's Avatar
      cultgti -
      Anouncing Canada sale date. He will say nothing about death grip.