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  • The Consumer Response to iPhone 4 Problems? Buy More iPhones!

    Generally, when a company's product gets beaten up from virtually every source in almost any direction you turn, there's a good chance that sales would be negatively impacted by such a reality. Well, if you're Apple and your product is the iPhone 4, you're not like the rest of us. In fact, if the results of the latest Changewave survey are correct, the iPhone 4 could do no wrong.

    "First the Apple iPhone: We see a huge leap in demand going forward, with 52 per cent of those planning to buy a smartphone intending to purchase an iPhone in the next 90 days -- up from 31 per cent last year."
    Let's put that information into perspective. Even though Apple's closest competitors in the smartphone marketplace are certainly loving every bit of negative attention the iPhone 4 and its corresponding "Death Grip" are receiving, they are still largely failing to capitalize on this perceived but apparently imagined Apple vulnerability. Only 6 percent of would-be smartphone buyers in the next 90-days are considering buying a BlackBerry.

    The Android-powered HTC smartphone category sees 19 percent interest.
    That's pretty impressive for Apple. But, unfortunately for the folks in Cupertino, added sales probably mean additional iPhone 4s that will either require repair or some degree of attention down the road. On Wednesday, RBC Capital Markets Analyst Mike Abramsky estimated that every additional week that Apple fails to offer a Death Grip fix possibly tacks on another $200 million to the price tag of an eventual solution or product recall in the future.

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      xwinger -
      im still buying one when they hit canada
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      flash66 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Silverado87 View Post
      at my house ive always had bad reception. i do have the so called "reception issue" but only at my house and even then the way i hold my phone i get 3 bars. if im out and about i get all bars and nothing drops no matter which way i hold it. o well im never taking it back and if we get a software update then so be it.
      Exactly! The i4 does not show the problem unless you're in a bad area. If the GSM is strong you're in good shape. Some People will always find something to complain about no matter what. Apple will keep strong sales, since there isn't another company image or product that can compare. If you want to just bash and whine, sell your damn i4 for a healthy profit, have a coke and a smile, and pour yourself a cup of shut the f up!
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      tudtran -
      I like david letterman.
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      San23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kadinh View Post
      you could put it into your trusty iphone 4 and look at the map and even get driections to drive, take the bus, or even walk there!!

      Quote Originally Posted by cssoz View Post

      this store is from Toronto Eaton Center!!!!!
      D: duude that's F-ing paacked! Sucks for the apple ppl bet you they hate their jobs :P

      Dude even with all this apple messing up I'm still planing on getting an iPhone4 pretty soon I'm sell my 3gs and risk it with the ip4 :P
    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      There's a sucker born every minute..... and some like eating bad apples too! Just more potential customers to complain about bad reception due to the attenae issue. LMAO!!!!!!