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  • [Video] Planetbeing's iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41rm8MCdoh8]YouTube - iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock[/ame]


    I have nothing to say except watch the ENTIRE VIDEO! Planetbeing will explain to you the current state of unlocking and what to expect! WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO!

    Don't forget to follow these guys on Twitter.

    iphone_dev (iphone_dev) on Twitter
    planetbeing (planetbeing) on Twitter
    MuscleNerd (MuscleNerd) on Twitter
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    1. Turb02's Avatar
      Turb02 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kuhndsn View Post
      Can't say I have ever heard of this problem. The only apps I can't do over cell network is the larg apps like navigon. Even then I still do it over wifi. Can't say I have ever updated a app thru my computer. Try reseting your network settings in your iPhone. Also make sure you are logged into iTunes on your phone.
      I have reset the network settings, ensured ive been logged into my itunes account on both my phone and computer. Its happened 2 times since Ive had the i4...never once before I got it...

      This is an issue for all apps I have on the device.
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Apple. View Post
      @Teddy very simple. Why waste the exploit on 4.0 when 4.0.1 will be out in the next week or so. Jailbreaks don't come by easily anymore. And quit hijacking the thread

      On another note, great job to the dev team, my iPhone 4 is currently an overrated camera and expensive glass itouch right now but soon I will be able to use it. But I'm in no rush. I'm good with my factory unlocked 3GS right now

      Finally someone with some intellect and patients that don't feel it's owed to them. Good post!

      Quote Originally Posted by Turb02 View Post
      I have reset the network settings, ensured ive been logged into my itunes account on both my phone and computer. Its happened 2 times since Ive had the i4...never once before I got it...

      This is an issue for all apps I have on the device.
      Try resetting all settings... Lastly if that don't work restore your iPhone in iTunes. Let me know how it goes...In the mean time I'll search around for ya to see if this is a reported problem with a fix. However I am sure once you do the restore it will work. Note once you restore don't update from your last restore settings. Just do a ios restore. Could be something that is conflicting with your old iPhone if you had one. Expecially if that one was JB.

      Quote Originally Posted by Turb02 View Post
      so how is this going to work for some that are getting issues with trying to update apps on the go? Every 1.5-2 weeks Ive had to log into itunes (and plug my I4 in) on my computer to get updates for apps. Is that Apple checking if the I4 is JB or unlocked?

      Has anyone else had this issue?
      Ok try this.

      Sign out of iTunes on your iPhone. Turn off 3G then sign back into iTunes. Reset your phone. Turn of then on. This should work.
    1. allanes5's Avatar
      allanes5 -
      Awesome! Thanks Planet Being!!!!!
    1. chessyang's Avatar
      chessyang -
      Quote Originally Posted by Neo0019 View Post
      Great job, I can't wait to get my hands on the new iphone 4.
      before or after the recall? j/k

      but the unlock is comming!
    1. ohthatguyagain's Avatar
      ohthatguyagain -
      Great job on the jailbreak!!
    1. gtag's Avatar
      gtag -
      WTG guys congrats on finding a way around this puzzle! Looking forward to the release of a user friendly JB!
    1. g12007's Avatar
      g12007 -
      Now was that so hard to give a update on how the **** is going ??
      Thanks man, you put A LOT of people at ease ... Keep up the GREAT work !!!!!

      What kind of micro sim adapter
      did you use ??
    1. greekking23's Avatar
      greekking23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Halten77 View Post
      This Is Great For i4 Users. An Unlock Already On The Verge Of Being Released, And A Good One From A Trusted Developer. I Feel Happy For i4 Owners. Enjoy
      Just wondering, but why do some people capitalize every word in their post?

      Amazing work. Northeast has great service with AT&T, so I'm fine. Many will be pleased.
    1. mastuul's Avatar
      mastuul -
      Great job once again! I wish I had computing skills.
    1. MarkF_AC700's Avatar
      MarkF_AC700 -
      very good work.. these are the kind of people who need to win the noble peace prize for freeing the iphone! btw im am sitting here waiting but its like this.. if u cant control it coming out dont worry about it and dont worry anyone else about it
    1. Zooth's Avatar
      Zooth -
      Good news! Hope I can update within the next days.
    1. weazle23's Avatar
      weazle23 -
      Ok planetbeing and comex my i4 was just delivered today. Since thats all you guys were waiting on you can go ahead and release now. Just kidding guys wait for the update first. I can use my 3gs until then.
    1. nicoand's Avatar
      nicoand -
      here we go again whos going to be the first cat and mouse time
    1. KBains's Avatar
      KBains -
      Once again great news and congrats to Planetbeing pretty good of him to make a video and show everyone what he has done. id love to help out if i could lol
    1. ninthchamber99's Avatar
      ninthchamber99 -
      I guess I will add another "great job" post to the many already in this thread. I really love the response video planetbeing posted. The hits keep coming!!!!!!!!
    1. Neo0019's Avatar
      Neo0019 -
      Great Job, just got my iphone 4G today, can't wait for the Jailbreak and Unlock to come out..
    1. Dj Meltdown's Avatar
      Dj Meltdown -
      I can't believe he had to post another video, top work again mate, you guys are in control of the 'cat & mouse' game.
    1. QuinnNebula's Avatar
      QuinnNebula -
      sweet I didn't see the part 2 when i first saw this... this guy is a genius!
    1. chizzle187's Avatar
      chizzle187 -
      can you guys just emagine how great its gonna feel when we r finally able to jailbreak these bad boys, hell yeah baby !! the dev team are the **** point blank !!! aint no phone out there that can touch the iphone lol......