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  • Five WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7 That Are Worth Checking Out August 17th Edition [Video]

    If you feel like it's time to spice up your iOS 7 device with a new theme, then we've got a few neat new themes to show you. On August 10th, we showed you five cool WinterBoard themes to check out, and we're always looking for more awesome themes to show you!

    For now, here are five more awesome WinterBoard themes that are worth checking out for your iOS 7 device. These aren't in any specific order, but they're all worthy of recognition. Check them out!

    1. iesight $3.99

    First on our theme list this week is iesight by iPhoneiHelper (Paarth). This theme takes the flatness out of iOS 7 by enriching it with three-dimensional icons that have been packed with high amounts of vivid detail. The theme includes more than 280 themed application icons with dark and light masking options, a system-wide user interface theme, 25 brand new wallpapers to compliment the theme, GroovyLock support, SBHTML support, iWidgets suppoer, IconOmatic support, and more. Overall, it feels like a very complete theme and it's definitely eye-candy. Check it out!

    2. Sette $1.50

    Next up, we thought we'd recommend a nice clean-looking theme called Sette by bart172. Sette is a very colorful theme with flat aspects to it the creator notes that it includes white-point glyphs, which means they have a transparency effect to make the under color show through the white glyph icons. It includes support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad right out of the box and supports more than 100 application icons. There are also many themed elements across the iOS 7 user interface, as well as a new wallpaper to compliment the new application icons. It's a really beautiful theme, so check it out!

    3. Mandolino FREE

    This one goes out to those minimalists out there that like free stuff check out Mandolino by jacopoiuytr. This theme gives your iOS 7 flat application icon experience a more mellowed-out color scheme with more simplistic application icon colors and glyphs. More than 120 application icons come themed in Mandolino, and plenty of user interface elements are also themed, like Settings icons, the Lock Screen chevron, and messages. The creator recommends downloading 'Custom Clock Icon' for the white lancets to be added. Check it out!

    4. Harlequin $2.99

    Another theme worth taking a look at is Harlequin by Paz. This is a relatively rich and vibrant theme for your iPhone with consistent design technique all around. With all of the application icons that come themed with it, and the new wallpapers that come with it, you're sure to find a look that you really like. The Settings application icons have also been tweaked to go with the rest of the theme, but overall it's a very simple theme with a nice look to it, so check it out!

    5. Aromy Theme for iOS 7 $2.00

    Last, but definitely not least, we'd like to show you Aromy Theme for iOS 7 by TimeLoop. This fine-grained theme gives you a beautiful icon set with more than 180 themed application icons. There are Settings icons included, as well as boot logos, JellyLock support, locking sounds, and more. Aromy Theme for iOS 7 gives you a very moody feel with its flat, but lit-up icons. It's definitely a nice new look and feel for your iOS 7 device, so check it out!

    All of these themes do require WinterBoard, which is a free download from Cydia if you don't already have it. You will need to enable each of these themes from WinterBoard and then respring your device for them to take effect.

    These themes have all been tested to work on the Pangu 1.1.0 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x.

    If you've got a theme you want us to check out, please keep the suggestions coming in the comments the feedback is much appreciated! If you're a theme developer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!
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    1. TonyVee73's Avatar
      TonyVee73 -
      I tried Harlequin. It looks really nice but for $3, I expected every app icon to be themed. I've been using Soft Remix for iOS7 (free) and no other theme has matched it, yet.