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  • Possible iPhone 4 Recall Growing More Likely By The Day

    Apple has given no indication that it will even entertain the notion of an iPhone 4 product recall, let alone actually implement one. But growing calls from inside the tech world and mounting pressure from consumers and media outlets to repair the "Death Grip" may not leave Apple with much of a choice but to do so... and soon.

    On the heels of the house-rocking Consumer Reports tests that were published to Apple's chagrin, further evidence that the iPhone 4's reception problems are related to hardware flaws, not software bugs may have put the final nail in the coffin for Apple on this issue. And while the jury will be officially out until Cupertino releases their promised and much awaited software update (and supposed fix), few are holding their breath in anticipation of the update actually solving the problem.

    Today, our friends at Cult of Mac presented comments from PR experts who say that a massive recall could be the only way out of this PR nightmare for Apple. Because, while the sales for the iPhone 4 remain staggering, the lingering effects of this debacle - including future sales of future gen iPhones - could be irreparably damaged if the company further botches the handling of the Death Grip and its ultimate repair.

    “Apple will be forced to do a recall of this product,” warns Professor Matthew Seeger, a so-called "expert in crisis communication." He adds: “It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has. This is potentially devastating.” Chiming in on the matter is Dr. Larry Barton, another authority on crisis management and the author of "Crisis Leadership Now." Barton says: “Apple needs to put this fire out now. There has to be a military-like response to this issue. And we have not seen this kind of urgency.”

    So far, Apple's best efforts have been to (1) deny the problem (2) try to make us think it's a software issue (3) delete negative threads about the Death Grip on Apple.com. Hardly seems like the proper way for an organization of this size to manage a crisis. And perhaps for this very reason, Apple will soon take unprecedented steps to undo the damage done by the device's flaws, and the company's own flawed response to the matter.

    Cult of Mac
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    1. dcgore's Avatar
      dcgore -
      Yeah Apple should protect its brand and if they end up doing a recall, this strategy will pay off huge dividends in the future.
    1. kmmxracer's Avatar
      kmmxracer -
      Quote Originally Posted by centriod View Post
      A g1?? Your not serious are you? It doesn't even compare to an iPhone any generation iPhone for that matter.
      thank you. I was hoping some one would say this.
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
      No one said anything about banning , all I'm saying is if u don't like the news , don't bash the writer with ur useless negativuty...what's not news for you might be for someone else...just be easy and keep it to yourself and don't ruin the MMi experience for others....nuff said
      When about 30% of your 'stories' as a 'writer' consist of 'Verizon iPhone coming soon?!?!?!?' I don't see how that could be considered news. All I'm saying is keep the news relative and fresh with new updates. This is neither new, fresh, an update and it contains two huge contradictions. This site posted regular updates about what was happening in the world of jailbreaking not a Verizon iPhone story every three weeks.
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by Vandale View Post
      Im happy with my G1. Dont need an iPhone 4.
      Sorry, but your G1 looks something like this when compared to my iPhone 4:

      Try again.
    1. bigstevep's Avatar
      bigstevep -
      I went to the AT&T store yesterday to get a case for my iPhone 4 and had to wait in line behind 4 people that were bringing back their iPhone 4's. Three were getting their old 3GS back on line and 1 was getting a Blackberry hooked up. All were complaining of dropped calls. None of them got them from the AT&T store and all had ordered them directly from Apple so I'd say they weren't from the same batch.

      If more people start returning Apple will do something. Sales are going to slow way down and the store I was at had 18 32gb and 23 16gb phones in stock so I guess there is no wait now!
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      SO much for all the great support you get when you buy an Apple product. I mean thats why you pay the higher prices , right?
    1. PM5K's Avatar
      PM5K -
      They used words like critical and devastating, but the reality is that even with this issue these phones are still selling faster than they can make them. Worst case scenario is they ship out free bumpers, which run almost thirty dollars retail, but probably cost less than a dollar to manufacture.
    1. skizo's Avatar
      skizo -
      This is just silly. Apple has already made their stance very clear on this issue. Saying a recall is "growing more likely" is just plain false.
    1. defdad's Avatar
      defdad -
      I am really getting disappointed with some of the crap I have been reading lately and I'm NOT talking about the news stories, I'm talking about the replies after the stories. While there are still some very well thought out opinions expressed, both positive and negative, it seems like there are more and more replies that are nothing but ignorant blather. I fully
      support this site, the writers, and the devs. This site let's me come here for free, the writers let me read their stories for free, and the devs let me jailbreak my phone for free. If for some reason I or anyone else doesn't like something here I/they are FREE to go elsewhere.

      Back on topic, I am fortunate to have an iPhone 4 that has not given me any problems yet, but with so many others having major problems, I believe Apple should design a real fix and recall if necessary, or at least offer a real fix for free(not a free bumper).
    1. mmurphmsu's Avatar
      mmurphmsu -
      If there was a recall, what fixes on the phone could Apple do? Would they have to make the case of the phone bigger to cover the antenna's? I have a case on mine and still have slow 3G speeds in parts of my town, so there has to be something going on.

      I love mine, but wish the speeds were better or same as my old 3G.
    1. melto007's Avatar
      melto007 -
      I agree skizo, a recall would be a complete cluster fxxx.
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      Sorry to beat the horse half to death but G1 is like an 8-track player.

      Damn hopefully I'll be 2-0 with my second IP4 32gb in the mail today...so far no issues with mine.
    1. wazjackal's Avatar
      wazjackal -
      Don't belive the hype. I reckon apple would just bring out another version if the Iphone 4 like the 3g and 3gs not that much different at all but next iPhone will/ touch wood be sweet *** a whistle bit hey you know the score apple are the super marketing jokers and take the ."@&
    1. FerrariCUBU's Avatar
      FerrariCUBU -
      I get my iPhone 4 update tomorrow. Hopefully Apple holds off on a recall for a few more days. I don't want to be stuck with my piece of **** Sony Ericsson for any longer.

      BTW, does anyone know if the piece of tape on the micro-SIM fix actually works?
    1. kwickone's Avatar
      kwickone -
      Would love to see Apple step-up and do SOMETHING!

      Recall...fix kit (not bumpers)...partial refund....SOMETHING!

      That being said, I always use a case, and love my iPhone 4
    1. bzpilot's Avatar
      bzpilot -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wilbourn View Post
      I'm no software programmer or tech guru but, the iPhone 4 has 3 separate yet identical antenna's (see pic)... now (again Im no software programmer or anything so if Im off base or wrong my bad) If the antenna used for phone call signal was programmed to the bottom left, why cant they reprogram the location feed for the signal to the antenna slot on the top of the phone instead and eliminating the death grip? If all of the antenna's are separate and independent, yet the same I don't see why this wouldn't work, unless there's a lot of other aspect Im unaware of.....

      The iPhone has just 2 antennas, as easily seen in this pic above. The antenna issue happens when a bridge is made between the two of them (usually by your hand or finger). This could happen in two places the bottom left side (which has been the most published issue spot) and at the top next to the 3.5mm connector (less likely to be touched here).

      ...after rereading your post, I believe your concept of how antennas work is wrong. An antenna does not transmit and receive just at it's tip/end - it does it all along the body also. The issue is caused by creating a conductive (allowing signal to pass) from one antenna directly to the other, which can be done by human skin. This issue has never occurred before in the iPhone because they were internal in previous models. Antennas are tuned for a certain length and have a certain polarity - connecting the two (as with your finger) causes attenuation and can have detrimental effects - like a 20db loss of signal. I am also not an engineer and may not have explained it exactly correctly but that is basically what is going on.
    1. FireMedic92's Avatar
      FireMedic92 -
      I've had every iPhone since it's initial release as well as every MacBook. The iPhone 4 will be last Apple product ever purchased or recommended. Thanks for making it easy, Stevey. Enjoy the last of my hard-earned money you scumbag.
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by FireMedic92 View Post
      I've had every iPhone since it's initial release as well as every MacBook. The iPhone 4 will be last Apple product ever purchased or recommended. Thanks for making it easy, Stevey. Enjoy the last of my hard-earned money you scumbag.
      I agree, although the only Apple products I've purchased are 2 phones and 1 ipod...Lol I guess you oughta add the Apple sign to your avatar.
    1. ramicio's Avatar
      ramicio -
      The only thing they could do is make a new batch of antennae and coat them with something non-conductive that will last. I doubt there is anything like that that's clear, but if I could actually get my hands on a phone I would probably take it apart and powder-coat the antennae black.
    1. ctstiffler's Avatar
      ctstiffler -
      I can honestly say that I do not have reception problems with my i4. Yes the bars do drop but it does not mess with my call itself. I purchased two i4s and have not had a problem with either of them other then having to wait for a new jailbreak. I doubt that I just got lucky and purchased the only two working i4s but I do know that if its out there and 95 percent of the owners are reporting problems then Apple should definently recall the i4 and let the customers send there phones in at there own choice. If Apple does not come up and out with a problem fix soon or even at all this will damage not only the sales for apple but there credibility its self. I have purchased every iphone that has been released and I know even though every phone I have purchased has been great, that if I had purchased an i4 and had the problems that I have read for the past month, I would def. think twice about purchasing another iphone, especially if apple chooses to ignore this problem.